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A special edition of the Meerkat Sentinel for the 2013 MMCI and school elections.


  • EXTRA! EXTRA! THE ELECTION GUIDE IS HERE!!! School election time is upon us and we have everything you need to know in one place! Here are some basic facts:

    When: Our Annual Meeting will be November 20th, 2013 at 7 pm. Where: MVMPCS Sanctuary Who votes: All MVMPCS and CCMPCS families and staff. What: Various positions are open on both the MMCI Board of Trustees and the MVMPCS Governing Council. At this meeting the nominees will be elected. Also, proposed MMCI bylaw changes will be voted on.

    Who is MMCI and why do they matter to our school? MMCI is the non-profit that holds our charter documents and ensures we are in compliance with Frederick county and state laws and guidelines. They ensure our budgets are in order and that we are able to accomplish our original plans set forth by our charter documents. They do the same for CCMPCS. With the exception of 2 outside members, MMCI is completely run by our parent volunteers.

    What is the GC then? The Governing Councils of both schools are committees of MMCI. The school GCs work specifically and intimately with their own school staff and families to ensure that the every day workings of the school run smoothly.

    Check out how they all relate on Page 2!!!!

    S C H O O L A C R O N Y M S

    D E C I P H E R E D

    MMCI - Monocacy Montessori Communities Incorporated MVMPCS - Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School

    CCMPCS - Carroll Creek Montessori Public Charter School

    BOT - Board of Trustees GC - Governing Council

    Special Elect ion Edit ion


    Distr ibuted by your MVMPCS Volunteer Committee

    The Meerkat

    Sentinel ELECTION GUIDE 2013

  • PAGE 2 The Meerkat Sentinel

    Figure 1. MMCI Organization


    Figure 2. The MVMPCS Governing Council. The council is made of parent and staff volunteers. There are 4 Parent Reps, 1 of which is also the Chair and 2 Friends of Education. Staff Members are chosen by the staff. Open Positions

    are marked by a star.

    MVMPCS Governing


    Chair/ Parent


    Principal Staff




    Friend of Education

    Friend of Education

    Parent Rep

    Parent Rep

    Parent Rep

    Figure 1. Above describes how MMCI works with various subcommittees to keep our schools running smoothly. MMCI is made of 6 different committees, one of the committees is our own MVMPCS Governing Council. Each MMCI committee and the BOT is made of volunteer parents and staff. BOT Positions marked with an * are currently open for election this week. Those BOT positions that are not open at this election have their current volunteer listed.


    Board of


    MVMPCS Governing


    CCMPCS Governing Council





    Programs Committee


    Legislative Committee


    Facilities Committee

    BOT Positions -President (Mustafa Karakus) -MVM Vice President * -CCM Vice President * -Treasurer * -Secretary (Daniele Wittenberg) - 6 Parent Trustees (3 from MVM) * (Diane Ullman) - 2 Friends of Education *

    (Pilar Olivio)

  • The Meerkat Sentinel Page 3

    What positions are open for election on November 20th at MVMPCS?


    Vice President for MVMPCS

    GC Parent Representative (2 year term)


    GC Parent Representative (2 year term)

    Parent Trustee

    GC Parent Representative/ GC Chair (1 year term)

    Parent Trustee

    GC Friend of Education

    Friend of Education

    Who can run for these positions?

    YOU! We need all MVMPCS family members to consider a position on your MMCI and MVMPCS

    boards. Below is a description of all OPEN Positions.

    MMCI BOT MVMPCS VICE PRESIDENT - Is an Officer of the corporation, two term limit, odd year election, est 20 hrs/month - BOT level oversight of a school - Attends various BOT, GC, FCPS, and school community meetings as the interface between MMCI and their school - Is the voice of their school to the BOT - Is the face, along with the GC Chair, of their school to FCPS mid-level leadership - Oversight of implementing MMCI and School strategic visions

    MMCI TREASURER - Is an Officer of the corporation, two term limit, odd year election, est 15 hrs/month - Primary Fiscal responsibility and accountability for the corporation - Maintains MMC budget, reviews school budgets - Oversight of MMCI Office staff - Balances & prepares financial statements - Oversees large scale capital campaigns and annual fund

    Are you in need of volunteers or items for your MVMPCS Committee,

    Club or classroom? Email Jennifer at by

    Monday, September 23rd, to be included in October's newsletter.

  • PAGE 4 The Meerkat Sentinel

    PARENT TRUSTEES- Are NOT an Officer of the corporation, two term limit, est 10 hrs/month

    - Focus on MMCI as a whole - maintain the corporation - Develops / leads enrichment activities - Supports MMCI Officers as requested - Active in areas of expertise or passion

    FRIEND OF EDUCATION - Is NOT an Officer of the corporation, no term limit, est 10 hrs/month - Focus on MMCI as a whole - maintain the corporation - Provides external perspective into all BOT activity - Supports MMCI Officers as requested - Facilitates discussion / interaction with external organizations

    MVMPCS GC CHAIR- Is a Parent Representative on the Governing Council, one year term, elected by GC each year, est 35 hrs/month - Leads GC meetings and oversees GC standard operating procedures and strategic plans - With the BOT VP, serves as the interface between the school, BOT, and FCPS

    MVMPCS PARENT REPRESENTATIVES - Is NOT an Officer of the corporation, two term limit, est 10 hrs/month - Develops & maintains understanding of Montessori and educational principles - Leads in one or more areas of GC activity (committees, planning, focus groups) - One Parent Representative serves as the GC Chair

    FRIEND OF EDUCATION Is NOT an Officer of the corporation, no term limit, est 5 hrs/month - Provides outside expertise and insight to the school community - Provides an outside perspective to parents and staff on the GC

    OK, I am Interested in getting involved!!! How do I run for a position in this election? Contact your MMCI Nominating Committee by November 15th! Nominating Forms were distributed via Google Groups on Nov. 13. They are also available outside the school office. The nominating committee consists of Anthony Rood;, Martina Adkins;, Anna Spencer; or Jonel Haley;

  • The Meerkat Sentinel Page 5


    Voting takes place at the MMCI Annual Meeting November 20th, 2013 at 7 PM.


    I can't be there on November 20th. What should I do? All families are encouraged to use a proxy to vote for them in the event that they cannot be there on the date of the election. Proxy? What is a proxy?

    By definition a proxy is "a person who is given the power or authority to do something (such as to vote) for someone else." For this election you are given the option of allowing a friend, board member or other MVM staff member the right to vote for you. Who should I chose for my proxy? Since your proxy is voting for you, be sure this person is someone you can trust to make a sound decision on your behalf. How do I make my proxy official?

    In order for a proxy to officially vote on your behalf you must fill out the proxy designation form and have it in the hands of MMCI prior to 7 pm on November 20th. Proxy forms were sent out via email on Nov. 13th and will be available outside the office. Proxy designation forms should be returned to the MMCI mailbox outside the school office or your designee may bring it to the meeting on Nov. 20th.

    Current Nominees as of November 13th, 2013 MMCI Treasurer None Vice President MVMPCS None Parent Trustee for MVMPCS Nicole Mitchell, Erin Frank Friends of Education Megan Scanco, Rachel Kavanagh Assistant Treasurer (contingent upon by-law change) Liz Seal MVMPCS GC Parent Reps Molly Spence, Deb Korth, Melissa Najera, Nichol Dailey Friend of Education None