MRY's SXSW 2015 Recap: Brands, Tech, Meerkat, Trends, and Meerkat

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<p>Marketing Team Career Path</p> <p>OverviewWhat well cover todayOverviewBrandsMeerkatTechMeerkatObservations from MRYs teamFurther reading / contact info</p> <p>Source: National Geographic</p> <p>Correlation implies causationSessions attended vs breakfast tacos eaten4Meerkating Busta Rhymes with Gen Z is IN!</p> <p>Source: Digiday (much longer list there)</p> <p>5Not everyones there for marketing ideas and tech innovation</p> <p>Source: Beats by Dre on Twitter out in #SXSW for one reason only, that's to light these clubs up. -@funkflex #BeatsSXSW 6Mazda, CBS, Capital One go for the tried and true value-add: offering free rides </p> <p>Source: SXSW. CBS, Capital One on Twitter</p> <p> a free ride at #SXSW? Here are details on how you can catch the #MazdaExpress! @MazdaUSA one of these @ #SXSW? Hop in &amp; you could score a free ride thanks to @CapitalOne! #BankOnUX 7The real value of SXSW: CollisionsThis remains the best part of SXSW. The collision of ideas and people make SXSW the closest thing to a weekend of enlightenment we have in this new digital age. People from all over the world, at all levels in their organizations, with all backgrounds, are getting together to share their perspectives, and are generally all accessible.- Ian Schafer, Deep FocusSource: Ian Schafer on Medium</p> <p> come out of hibernation for SXSW</p> <p>Source: Business Insidernot meerkats Where transmedia meets trans fatsWe are not where we need to be when it comes to being seen as a digitally innovative company. Everyone expects two guys in a garage to come up with ideas. We want to be part of that flow of ideas, McDonalds senior vice president of digital, Atif Rafiq said.</p> <p>Source: TechCrunch</p> <p></p> <p>Use some kind of pun:McDonalds Hamburgles SXSWWhere transmedia meets trans fatMcSelloutization of SXSW Complete!4 McNuggets of Info about what brands should learn from McDs</p> <p>11Simpsons Kiwk-E-Mart truck serves 2.6 Squishees per minute (&gt;3,000 total)</p> <p>Source: Eater in doubt, offer free donuts</p> <p>Source: Esurance on Twitter Bill launches a pop-up shop made of shipping containers</p> <p>Source: Fast Company value: AT&amp;T doubles cell capacity with giant eyeball</p> <p>Source: Fast Company rescues the powerless with Saint Bernards bearing batteries</p> <p>Source: Mashable / Chris Taylor</p> <p>16Pedicabs are coming</p> <p>Source: Business InsiderGame of Thrones HBO pedicabs bolsters commitment to Austin at its Everywhere LoungeTheres something thats in the well water of Austin that makes it a very kinetic environment, physically and culturally.-Visa Chief Brand and Innovation Marketing Officer Chris Curtin in Forbes</p> <p>Source: Forbes bot preying on Austin dating scene actually a bot promoting movie Ex Machina</p> <p>Source: VentureBeat gives SXSWers hands-on experience designing bags, sterilizing phones, and posting notes</p> <p>Source: 3M / Engadget / Jenny Stoltenow al on Twitter </p> <p> is GE smoking? With a 12-foot-tall smoker, it optimized cue and got brainwave scans of eaters</p> <p>Source: Business Insider (left) / CraveOnline (right)</p> <p></p> <p>21NASAs SXSW universe included 11 sessions, a meetup, an IMAX screening, and an exhibit</p> <p>Source: NASA / Chris Gunn</p> <p>22Global showcase had Brazil doubling presence to 59 companies exhibiting, hosted Casa Brasil venue</p> <p>Source: Variety / Gretel Perera on Twitter</p> <p> (ahem) are among brands taking over SXSWSXSW is about marketers marketing their marketing efforts to other marketers And of course, agencies have their own branding to do. Take, for example, the agency MRYs house in downtown Austin, where rapper Nas appeared Saturday night.-The Wall Street Journal: Brands, Web Video Creators Take over SXSW</p> <p>Source: The Wall Street Journal</p> <p> combines two essential needs of SXSW: beer and transportation</p> <p>Source: Hootsuite on Twitter Windex theory: brand touts break the internet meme but wont allow use of word gluteus</p> <p>Source: @dberkowitzTechMeerkat is everywhere including MRY Manor(it didnt launch at SXSW but did capture all the buzz)</p> <p>Source: TechCrunch/ Anthony Quintano success for Meerkat questionable, but its a feat that a tiny, new startup dominated SXSWI dont really care about being a hit at South by Southwest. What was important for us coming here was to acknowledge the fact that we came from nothing just two weeks ago. -Meerkat founder Ben Rubin in The New York Times</p> <p>Source: New York Times / Ben Rubin</p> <p>;emc=edit_th_20150316</p> <p>29Beacons, often invisible, power SXSW meetups</p> <p>Source: Ad Age;utm_medium=newsletter&amp;utm_campaign=adage&amp;ttl=142687975130Mobile shifts to integration focusMobile marketing professionals on a panel discussing meaningful mobile experiences pleaded to remove mobile from their titles, saying its about integrated marketing, of which mobile is a critical piece. Mobile cant be thought of separately anymore, and brands must bring mobile, digital, traditional branding teams together to solve problems.- Wundermans Alyse Craun, Know for Sure</p> <p>Source: Alyse Craun, WundermanMessaging app YikYak downplays cyberbullying usage; founder notes Kids are kind of stupid</p> <p>Source: founder Aaron Patzer showed off his new company, Fountain, sourcing experts for a small fee</p> <p>Source: Fountainhttps://www.fountain.com33Transhumanist Martine Rothblatt envisions future of human immortality thanks to mind clonesTranshumanism is a movement with the eventual goal extending human life past natural death through the use of technology. In Rothblatts case, her belief that we are close to cyber consciousness is represented byBINA48,the robot, cyber conscious version of her real-life wife, Bina Rothblatt. BINA48, is the first step in creating an artificial intelligent mind clone, expressing a real persons mannerisms, personality, recollections, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and values. Rothblatt believes that BINA48 will likely reach full cyber consciousness in the future.</p> <p>Source: / LifeNaut on YouTube protests at SXSW? Boycotting robotsWhat did they have against robots you might ask? Well, they are (apparently, seriously) concerned that robots could one day surpass human intelligence and they were genuinely anxious about this.- TechCrunch</p> <p>Source: TechCrunch is bigger than Oculus: Google Cardboard + Beyond Sports features soccer match simulations</p> <p>Source: USA Today A woman tries a Beyond Sports virtual reality simulation from Real Soccer Matches using Google cardboard and cellphone and Beyond Sports technology.Jack Gruber, USA TODAYLast SlideNext Slide</p> <p>36Did we mention Meerkat yet? Just in case Meerkat!Source: Meerkat</p> <p> it count as a wearable if youre terrified to wear it? </p> <p>Source: USA Today woman tries a Beyond Sports virtual reality simulation from Real Soccer Matches using Google cardboard and cellphone and Beyond Sports technology.Jack Gruber, USA TODAYLast SlideNext Slide</p> <p>38Launching Next Week is the new Launching at SXSWBetter to wait, according toChris Heuer, CEO of Alynd, who believes launching after SXSW is the new launching at SXSW. Why compete with the social crowds when you can use the week of SXSW to build buzz and then follow up after with a full fledged launch designed to work for your audience? He believes in the benefits of this cadence so strongly that hes created a platform to support it: A simple mailing list that will keep all early adopters in the loop about whats, well, launching next week. - Sprinklr</p> <p>Source: Sprinklr</p> <p> institutes drone-free zoneFly a drone, risk arrest: SXSW has a strict no drones policy due to the safety risks drones present to the public, and pursuant to City of Austin Ordinance, Chapter 13-1.- SXSW</p> <p>Source: SXSW;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_term=AWK_AdBrand&amp;utm_campaign=Adweek_Newsletter_201515121540Startup pitch contests trot out wearablesThere were around 80 Shark Tank-styled startup contests this year, and they produced a long parade of wearables pitches. -AdweekSource: Adweek</p> <p> source: SXSW41Wearables to merge with fashionThe next hot wearable might be the one no one knows youre wearing. Experts predict a wave of smart fabrics and e-textiles that do what FitBits and Apple Watches now...I see technology and fashion becoming one, says Billie Whitehouse, co-founder of Wearable Experiments, a company integrating fashion and technology. We're heading in the direction where everything becomes invisible.- Entrepreneur</p> <p>Source: Entrepreneur</p> <p>The Internet of Things Is Becoming an Actual Thing - Adweek</p> <p>Source: Adweek</p> <p>The happiness scorecard for SXSW Music vs InteractiveKate Bryan, MarketingPeople were really into staying healthy. There were a lot of brands on the ground that were sponsoring workout classes or promoting health and wellness in some way Reebok, Equinox, etc. I heard a lot of people taking it easier on the eating/drinking to make it to a class the next day. </p> <p>Source: Adrian Grenier on Twitter Excell, Project Management (MRY West)Wanelo founder Deena Varshavskaya [pictured at right] revealed she never finished college, but then went on to say she wished shed left much earlier. When questioned about this, she explained that she thought there were two types of people, those who strove to make others happy teachers, bosses and those who strove to make themselves happy. She exclusively hires the latter.</p> <p>Source: LinkedIn Flanagan, Client ServiceI kept noticing Millennials and technology's impact on literally everything the music we listen to, how we listen to it or find out about it, human interactions, live events of every sort, and the reality that it's the experience and sharing of said experience that matters most. Its living for the share. As [MRY CEO] Matt Britton says, DIFTI Did It For The Instagram. Absolutely perfect.</p> <p>Source: Youthnation on Facebook Cervati, Talent AcquisitionIt was interesting to hear at a panel I attended that freelancing is going to take over the creative world. Creatives are going to rely less on full-time jobs and more on freelance, based on the fact that they can make a lot more money , build their portfolios with different brands and have the opportunity to work on a multitude of clients and not get bored on one specific brand for an extended period of time.</p> <p>Source: TechZulu on Twitter Udin, LegalThis year, more so than others, saw a melding of all three components of SXSW (music, film, and interactive) during the SXSWi portion. There were large music acts and high(ish) profile films being featured, all before the music and film portions of the festival even started.</p> <p>Source: MRY on Twitter, featuring Busta Rhymes Gauchat, ProductThe ability to develop apps and other technol...</p>