medicare, health reform, and you. dont worry! the benefits that medicare guarantees will not change

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Download Medicare, Health Reform, and You. Dont Worry! The benefits that Medicare guarantees will not change

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Medicare, Health Reform, and You Slide 2 Dont Worry! The benefits that Medicare guarantees will not change. Slide 3 What Will Reform Do? Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs Increase Access to Your Doctor Increase Medicare Security Slide 4 Health reform decreases out-of-pocket costs. Slide 5 3 Ways Reform Decreases Your Costs 1.Gives relief in the doughnut hole 2.Makes preventive care more affordable 3.Offers more help to low- income beneficiaries Slide 6 Medicare Part D and the Doughnut Hole Slide 7 Growth of Doughnut Hole without Reform $3,610 in 2009 $6,000 in 2016 Slide 8 Reform Will Reduce or Close the Doughnut Hole Slide 9 Reform Makes Preventive Care Affordable No more deductibles No more coinsurance In other words... free preventive care Slide 10 Reform Helps People with Limited Incomes Makes it easier to enroll and stay in: Medicare Savings Programs Part D low-income subsidy House Bill increases asset limits Helps low-income beneficiaries with premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance Slide 11 Health reform increases access to your doctor and improves quality of care. Slide 12 Dont Worry! No one in between you and your doctor Slide 13 Reform Does Not Authorize Death Panels Death panels are a fabrication Reimbursement to doctors to talk to patients about end-of- life decisions Voluntary discussions Slide 14 Reform Improves Payments to Doctors Blocks cuts in physician payments Long-term additional reforms change payment plan for doctors Should encourage doctors to stay in the Medicare program. Slide 15 Reform Promotes Quality and Coordination of Care Promotes primary care Promotes coordinated payments among doctors and hospitals Encourages providers to work together Slide 16 Slide 17 Slide 18 Health reform increases Medicare security. Lifetime Guarantee Slide 19 Reform Eliminates Overpayments Levels the playing field between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage No cuts to guaranteed Medicare benefits Reduces overpayments to insurance companies in Medicare advantage Helps sustain Medicare for future generations of Americans Slide 20 How Elimination of Overpayments Affects You Most people with Medicare will be unaffected Medicare Advantage plans choose how to deal with cuts in overpayments They CANNOT cut guaranteed Medicare benefits Slide 21 Reform Extends Medicares Solvency Keeps Medicare Trust Fund in the black an additional 5 years Creates a center to test payment and service delivery models Allows Medicare to be around for future generations of Americans Slide 22 Wrap-up Lower out-of-pocket costs Better access to your doctor Increase Medicare security Slide 23 Questions? Slide 24 Field Group Add org name and info For more information, go to

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