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Integrated marketing communications agency profile that specialises in IT and Semiconductor marketing and works as their outsourced marketing department.


<ul><li> 1. A MEDIA ORACLE &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment - Aijaz Qaisar Director </li> <li> 2. Introduction &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment Who is MEDIA ORACLE? MEDIA ORACLE is an integrated marketing and communications services provider. We provide consultancy and implementation services to start-ups and small and medium IT companies. We function as your outsourced marketing department. MEDIA ORACLE creates and leads effective marketing campaigns that will intelligently promote your brand and grow leads and sales with maximum ROI. We are a team of professionals from varied media backgrounds, having expertise in marketing on both online and offline media, including, social media and digital media. Some of our consultants have more than 14 years of full time work experience in marketing and communications roles with large IT and semiconductor MNCs. We invite you to visit us at to know us better. </li> <li> 3. Our USP &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment Our differentiator is our technical and marketing knowledge in semiconductor and IT domain, global experience, professionalism and best service, at unbelievably low cost. We offer integrated marketing and communications We are one stop shop - can arrange anything and services - we plan and execute strategies across media everything that you may require for a marketing program. channels. We are cost effective, we help you work out We have strong backing of highly experienced solutions within your limited resources and professionals with background in semiconductor domain budget. in the areas of technical writing, technical marketing, We dont work as a mere contractor, but a public relations, content writing and graphic design, web partner, a stakeholder in your marketing efforts. design, web marketing, etc. We help you make informed decisions. We believe in business ethics and mutual respect. We manage end to end process from planning to delivery I have over 14 years of IT and semiconductor to avoid any glitches. This helps my clients keep their domain experience and have worked as marketing mind off the technical aspects of execution, time lines communications head with Microchip and and quality etc., hence helping them keep their focus on Open-Silicon for more than 5 years. their business. </li> <li> 4. Services we offer &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment We have expertise inWe help you design following MarCom collaterals: following areas: Print brochure, leaflets, posters, direct mailers, banners, ads. developing go-to-market strategy Web website, web ads., e-mailers. designing marketing collaterals for both Radio ads. traditional and new media Social media face book, you tube, etc. brand identity creation Digital media sms ads., power point presentations, Videos. brand standards and guidelines creation PR press conference, one-on-ones, articles, media relations management, media internal branding content management. event management Events end to end internal and external events management like ESC, etc., which developing marketing and public relations plan includes collaterals and fabrication of set, etc. public relations management Outdoor billboards, signages in all formats. </li> <li> 5. My partners help me meet my commitments &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment I have following trusted production vendors to ensure good quality at low cost (15% lower than the market rate):).An experienced PR agency named Red CommunicationsA print services company named SAKSHIandAn exhibitions and set design and fabrication companyWeb development company </li> <li> 6. Our business model &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment Client MEDIA ORACLE One point contact for all your needs Working arrangements: Retainer ship as consultant (6 monthly or yearly) VENDORS Project basis (as n when need arise) Print One point contact for all MarCom needs Events Web Radio Digital Social </li> <li> 7. Customer testimonials &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment Aijaz Qaisar is a highly qualified and We hired Aijaz to solve a couple of experienced marketing andspecific MarCom related problems. He communications professional. Hisdelivered results beyond his brief and knowledge on planning and executing marketing programswith minimum direction - exactly what a across channels is remarkable.young firm needed. He has consistently deliveredHis understanding straddles multiple programs and solutions beyond our Aijaz Qaisars knowledge and expectation. Aijazs dedication tochannels - in our case Web, Enterprise experience on marketing quality customer service is bar none.and Consumer. Great to work with. He is a great person to partner with. communications along with his approach to customer service makes - Srinidhi G Belligundu- Manish Sharma him an ideal partner for our Delivery Head at ThoughtFocusCEO, Printo business. We are very happy to Technologies entrust our companys branding responsibility to him. - Nand Nallusamy Director - RENEW Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. </li> <li> 8. MEDIA ORACLE consultant profile &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment www.mediaoracle.comAijaz Qaisar,FounderThe company is led by founder Aijaz Qaisar. Aijaz completed his post-graduation diploma in MassCommunications from Symbiosis Institute of Media &amp; Communication, Pune, India and Professional Diplomain Advanced Computer Arts, from C-DAC (Center for Development of Advance Computing), Pune, India.He has over 14 years of experience in Marketing and Communications.Prior to starting MEDIA ORACLE, he worked as Marketing Communications Manager forMicrochip Technology.Artist by birth contemporary impressionist painting style medium; oil on canvas; three solo exhibitions anda number of group shows. View a few of his artworks can reach him at: aijaz@mediaoracle.comOr call him on his cell number: +91 9886787198LinkedIn: Some of Aijazs artworks &gt;&gt;&gt; </li> <li> 9. Please give me an opportunity to serve you &gt;&gt;&gt; Maximizing your return on investment For your time. Aijaz Qaisar Director </li> </ul>


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