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MCPS Google Apps for Education Orientation!

MCPS Google Apps for Education Orientation! Google Apps for Education For Montgomery County Public SchoolsClick Next to BeginMCPS Google Apps for Education Orientation! Google Apps for Education For Montgomery County Public SchoolsWelcome to the MCPS Google Apps for Education Orientation! Were glad youve decided to learn the basics! This quick course will acclimate you to the Chromebooks features and capabilities so that you can get started using this powerful teaching tool!

2Power Up

Welcome to your Chromebook!2

AcerHewlett PackardSamsungGoogleLenovoThere are lots of different types of chromebooks, made by different companies. Despite the different makers most models have a lot in common. Starting with how you turn them on!3Power Up

Turn on your Chromebook

Open the lidPress the power button122

Lets start with turning it on!There are two ways to turn on a Chromebook:First, open the lid and the power should come on automatically.If for some reason the power does not turn on you can use the power button, located in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard.4LoginLogin to the ChromeBook

How to Login

How to share a file

To log into your Chromebook, type your .net email address in the email box then enter your password into the password box. Either click sign-in or press enter on the keyboard.

5Your Desktop

Your Desktop

Your Chromebook desktop is for the most part, empty. This is because there are no programs or applications installed on the device itself.

Regular laptops you are probably familiar with have hard drives and programs get installed on them. A Chromebook, on the other hand, does not have a hard drive. It is simply a device with access to the internet. All the programs are hosted in the cloud. This design makes them Wi-Fi dependent, but in a tradeoff makes them light, fast to load and extremely fast!

6OptionsChromebook Options

SoundBattery LifeTimeWifiShut DownOptions on your computer include items like Sound, time and battery life!

To find these items and icons, look at the bottom right corner desktop icons.Click on the bar at the bottom right of the desktop to see additional information.

Most important on additional information is Power Off!

You must Shut down to power down your chromebook shutting the lid does not shut down the device and the battery ends up drained!

7Chromebook: Software, Saving and SearchingGetting to Work!

App LauncherDriveChrome

Now it is time to start putting your chromebook to work! Look in the lower left hand corner.

Youll find the links to the app launcher, {pause a little ] Drive, and {pause} Chrome. 8Drive linkApp Launcher

How to Login Contains Google Apps for Education AppsContains all apps installed from the Chrome storeContains links to websitesThe app picker looks like these nine squares. And when clicked on, looks like this.

While your regular laptop has programs installed on it, all the programs on a chromebook are stored in the cloud and run via the wifi. You can install lots of these programs, called apps or applications to run on your chromebook. They appear in this pop out menu once installed and you open them but clicking on them!


Drive linkDrive

Googles version of myDocumentsAll files are stored in the cloud This is the drive logo. It is found here on your desktop. Google drive is basically your Google my documents and where you will store everything you do on your Chromebook. And where you can see other files made by your peers and students that are shared with you.

10Chrome BrowserChrome Browser

Googles Internet BrowserAnd this colorful circle icon is a link to the Chrome Browser. This opens Google Chrome, the browser that works best with Google Apps for Education.

A key feature of the browser is the Omnibox. This box serves double duty as the URL address area and a search field.

11TrackpadTrack Pad

The Chromebook has a trackpad. The trackpad serves as the mouse for your Chromebook. Everything you can do with a mouse you can accomplish with the trackpadand more.

12Trackpad tricks

Do you want learn some trackpad skills?YES


If this is tricky for you, we recommend practice your track pad skills. Want some Tricks? Yes - No

13Opening a LinkOpening a Link

To open a link- place the cursor over the desired link and press down on the lower part of the trackpad OR quickly tap the trackpad.


Scroll up and downScroll up and down

To scroll up and down or side to side on a page, place two fingers on the track pad and move them up and down or left and right.

16Highlight text

Highlight text

To highlight text, click on the first letter of the text to highlight. Using a second finger, drag the cursor to the end of the text. You may also decide that using two hands works well!


Right ClickRight Click

To right-click, which will open the command menu, lightly touch the touchpad once with two fingers that are slightly separated (so that touchpad does not read it as one finger). Think feather-fingers!! Practice this until you can successfully open the command menu look at the command menu, what interesting options do you see? We will take a closer look at some of these in the next few slides!

18Volume ControlAdjust Volume

To adjust the volume on a chromebook, use the volume control buttons located at the upper right portion of the keyboard. You can mute, or make the volume louder or softer.

19Hidden KeysHidden Keys

Hidden Keyboard Map

Take a screen shotDeleteCopy Text to ClipboardZoom in on a pagePrint current pageThe keypad on a chromebook is not fully visible. Take a look, can you tell what is missing? In order to find some regularly used keys, such as caps lock, screen shot or delete, you will need to use the hidden chromebook keyboard map-search hidden keyboard map for chromebooks on google to see different ones. You may or may not use any of these additional keys, but we wanted to make sure you were aware of this secret keyboard option! Play around with the hidden keys and try to do some of these tricks.


Can you find and open the article 26 tips for teaching with Google Apps on the internet?Open Chrome12Type 26 tips for teaching with Google Apps in the omnibar3Press EnterOpen up the Chrome browser and type the title of the article in the Omnibox.Need a hint?Can you find and open the article 26 tips for teaching with Google Apps on the internet?

22Double click on a challenging word in the article. The dictionary feature should pop up and provide a definition of the word selected!DefineWhen you read the article, can you find definitions of challenging words?

Need a hint?When you read the article, can you find definitions of challenging words?

23Click on the Red sofa-chair in the upper right hand side of the screen. This will remove all ads and distractions on web pages.

Hide AdvertisementsCan you remove all the distraction, like ads, from the webpage?Need a hint?

Can you remove all the distractions, like ads, from the webpage?24Highlight a text selection from the article, right click (use your feather fingers!) on the textfrom the command menu select either Read the selected text OR speak text you may need to adjust your volume!! HighlightingCan you highlight your favorite tip from the article?Can you highlight your favorite tip from the article?

25Wrap UpThank YouVisit our Support SiteContact your Instructional specialistGoogle it! Try another course!Thank you for joining us! We hope you have learned some valuable skills and are now more comfortable using your chromebook. If you have additional questions, you can always email the Instructional Specialists assigned to your school for GAFE/chromebook support!

26CreditsSubject Matter Experts:Lynn WiegandLisa FullerDepartment of Instructional TechnologyOffice of the Chief Technology Officer Course CreditsInstructional DesignCarrie DAmour BoothDepartment of Instructional TechnologyOffice of the Chief Technology Officer Voice ActingWilma RichardsonHelp DeskOffice of the Chief Technology Officer