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The Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) program at the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science prepares individuals for leadership positions in information governance and corporate archives. The program is 100% online with no required in-person events or on-campus orientations. Students can complete the program at their own pace from anywhere. Learn more about the MARA program at:


  • FORECAST: CLOUDYPrepare for the future of electronic records management in the cloud by earning a MastersDegree in Archives and Records Administration. With our convenient and fully onlineprogram, you can live anywhere while you earn a graduate degree focused on leadershipopportunities in the rapidly expanding elds of information governance and corporate archives.I believe the MARA program will giveme a competitive edge in the records andinformation management eld.Spring 2012 graduateMasters Degree inArchives and Records Administration (MARA)
  • Explosive Data GrowthOur Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) program is specicallydesigned to prepare future information governance professionals to solve increasinglycomplex management challenges.As the volume of digital data increases exponentially, expanding into the petabyte andextabyte range, many organizations existing platforms are no longer efcient, and they aretaking steps to simplify their content management infrastructures.With a MARA degree, you will have the knowledge and skills required to steer theinformation governance strategies of corporate, government, and nonprot institutions.Youll learn to build and execute plans for preserving, managing, and providing access togrowing amounts and expanding varieties of digital content from audio and video, tosocial media and email, to proprietary information.Be prepared to work in a rapidly expanding eld that plays an important role in todaysdigital world. Imagine an exciting career as a Digital Asset Manager, Risk ManagementConsultant, Technical Information Specialist, or Knowledge Manager just to name a fewof the emerging career titles that could be on your business card.EnterpriseContent ManagementRecords ManagementBigDataDataCurationCyber CorporateArchivesSecurityPreservationInformation GovernanceAccessibilityDigital AssetsCloudArchivingMetadataRobertMcLauchlin (MARA 2011)received a promotion after earning his MARA degree. He now works as a records and informationgovernance lead for an oil and gas company based in Canada.
  • Masters Degree in Archives and Records Administration (MARA)at San Jos State University School of Library and Information Science42 unitsto earn your degree14 total courses11 required courses + 3 electivesE-portfoliofor culminating experienceProgram SnapshotSpecialized LearningThe MARA curriculum is designed to provide students with asound background in the theory and practice of archives andrecords and information management while focusing on thechallenges students will face in their future careers. The corecompetencies were developed referencing several professionalorganizations, including ARMA International, the Societyof American Archivists, the Institute of Certied RecordsManagers, and the Academy of Certied Archivists.MARA students can tailor the program to meet their interestsand career goals, selecting three electives from our Schoolsfully online Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)program. Students have a wide range of choices in their MLISelectives, including courses in Archives and Manuscripts,Preservation Management, Digitization, and Curation of NewDigital Media.MARA students gain real-world experience, explore careeroptions, and expand their professional network by choosingto complete either an Organizational Consulting Project ora combination of a professional project and an internship aspart of their coursework. Their culminating course focuses ondeveloping an e-portfolio, where students reect on all theyhave learned, highlight key accomplishments, and organizeartifacts that demonstrate their competencies.InternshipsHow do internships work in our fully online MARA program?Students have the option to complete an on-site internshiplocated near their home. Or they can complete a virtualinternship, where they interact with a host organization thatmay be located nearby or across the continent. Our expansivevirtual internship program gives students the opportunity toengage in exciting learning opportunities that t their careeraspirations, regardless of where they live.Ember Krumwied(MARA 2012) already worked in records management whenshe started the MARA program. But she wanted to expandher future career options with a degree that includes bothrecords management and archival coursework, so she choseour MARA program.Professional NetworkingNetworking opportunities abound at the SJSU School of Libraryand Information Science. All new MARA students receive acomplimentary one-year membership in ARMA International.Our School also offers an online MARA Colloquium Series,featuring guest speakers who are leading experts in the eld.Plus, students can attend virtual events in VCARA, the VirtualCenter for Archives & Records Administration on SLIS Island inSecond Life.MARA students benet from the opportunity to participate inour Schools active professional association student chapters, suchas the Society of American Archivists and the American Societyfor Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T). Studentsinteract with their peers and professional leaders through virtualnetworking events, workshops, and conferences, as well asblogs and online discussion forums. Our student chapters havewon numerous awards recognizing their excellence and theirinnovative approach to serving online students, including the2012 ASIS&T Student Chapter of the Year.Get Involved Professional Association Student Chapters Student Research Journal Research Assistantships Professional Conferences
  • ----5Benetsofour2. Technology is at the forefront ofeverything we do, with dedicated4. All of our Schools resourcesare focused on supporting onlineSchoolsFullyOnlineDeliveryModelresources to support adoption of newtechnologies that advance our onlinelearning environment.students, including our careercounseling, academic advising,and technology support team.3. All of our students are online 5. Our faculty can focus all their time,1. Coursework and instruction are students, who may live across energy, and creativity on meeting thedesigned for online learning. town or on the other side of the needs of our online students. OurOur instructors are experts in globe, providing a diversity of programs are only offered teaching and only teach perspectives that enrich eachonline courses. students learning journey.Outstanding FacultyMARA instructors are award-winning scholars and leadersin their academic and professional communities around theglobe, bringing an international perspective on emergingtrends in information governance and corporate archives.They are members of professional associations such as theSociety of American Archivists and ARMA International,and they actively contribute their expertise through speakingengagements, publications, and webinars. Many are alsopracticing records managers, with CRM credentials, bringing areal-world perspective to their instruction.Innovative Online EnvironmentEvery MARA course at our School is taught fully online.Our instructors are experts in online teaching and receiveongoing training and mentoring to stay up-to-date with thelatest developments in online education. They use emergingtechnology in their courses to enrich student learning in ourengaging and interactive online environment.Our instructors and students exchange ideas and perspectivesvia live web conferences, recorded audio lectures, screencasts,emails, online discussion forums, blogs, instant messaging, andsocial networks. The multimedia format enlivens the learningexperience while introducing students to the same types oftools theyll use in their future careers.The greatest strengths of the MARAprogram are the instructors.Spring 2012 graduateAs a MARA student at our School, youll interact with yourinstructors frequently and conveniently. Our instructorswill facilitate your learning and engage with you throughouteach course. They are also committed to responding to yourquestions quickly, using a variety of communication tools,including instant messaging, emails, phone calls, and onlinediscussion forums. The small class sizes create a close-knitcommunity where students success is top priority.Our students get the preparation and technical assistancethey need to be successful in our online program. Beforenew MARA students dive into their rst courses, they areintroduced to our Schools technology in a guided learningexperience. This new technology workshop ensures studentsare ready to hit the ground running and be successful in ourSchools online learning environment.Our Online MARA Program Fits into Your Life Earn your MARA degree from SanJos State University without steppingfoot on the Silicon Valley campus.There are no on campus orientationsor other required in-person events. Begin the program when mostconvenient for you. You can apply foradmission in the fall or spring semester. Complete the program at your ownpace. You can attend as a full timeor part time student, choosing thenumber of courses you want to takeeach semester. Fit coursework around your schedule.Most course content is deliveredasynchronously. Intern at government, business,archives, and non prot organizationslocated across the country through ourvirtual internship program. Access the resources you need virtually,including academic advising, facultyofce hours, library resources, careercounseling, technical support, and more.
  • MARA instructors provide anurturing environment to learn aboutrecords management and curation.Spring 2012 graduate123Fill out the online application formThree StepPay the $55 application feeApplication Process:Send your transcriptsApplying to the MARA ProgramWere excited that you are considering earning your MARAdegree from the San Jos State University School of Libraryand Information Science. You can apply for admissionin the fall or spring semester. Please check our websitefor current application deadlines: Requirements: A Bachelors degree from any regionally accredited institutionin any discipline with an overall GPA of at least 3.0 A general understanding of computers and technology Access to a computer with Internet connection International applicants must have a TOEFL scoreof 600 (paper version) or 250 (computer version)or 100 (Internet-based)We do not require a GMAT or GRE test, letters of recommendation,a statement of purpose, or a rsum.TuitionFees for MARA courses are $474 per unit, with a total cost of$19,908 for the degree (42 units).ScholarshipsEach spring, our School awards several scholarships to currentstudents who have demonstrated academic excellence. Inaddition, San Jos State University has over 900 scholarshipsavailable to students, ranging from $100 to $2,500 per year.AssistantshipsMARA students can gain hands-on experience with research andprofessional projects through our student assistantship program.Student assistants work with SJSU SLIS faculty and staff, andstudent assistantship opportunities vary each semester. Studentassistantships are paid part-time positions.
  • Welcome to theMARA program!Scan this code with your smartphone to watch a brief videofrom Dr. Patricia C. Franks, MARA program coordinator.About SJSU SLISThe San Jos State University School of Library and InformationScience is a recognized leader in online learning and is a memberof the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) and Quality Matters. In2012, the Schools online programs received a score in theexemplary range according to the Sloan-C Quality Scorecard forthe Administration of Online Education Programs.In addition to the fully online Master of Archives and RecordsAdministration (MARA) program, SJSU SLIS offers thefollowing programs: Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Teacher Librarian Program Post-Masters Certicate in Library and Information Science San Jos Gateway PhD ProgramLet the learning begin:slisweb.sjsu.eduAccreditationSan Jos State University is accredited bythe Western Association of Schools andColleges (WASC).Contact UsFor more information about our MARAprogram, please contact:Patricia C. Franks, PhD, CRMAssociate Professorand MARA ProgramCoordinatorEmail: