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Athletes for Human Rights: Making Case for Scholar-Athlete-Activist Mary Hums University of Louisville & Eli Wolff Brown University

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  • 1. Athletes for Human Rights: Making Case for Scholar-Athlete-ActivistMary Hums University of Louisville& Eli Wolff Brown University

2. The sport, recreation and playdomain, far from being trivial, isessential for fully realizing thehuman rights promise.-Hubbard, 2004 3. Athletes for Human Rights Lawyers for Human Rights Physicians for Human Rights 4. Current Environment? Academic Culture (Nerds) Athletics Culture (Jocks) Community Engagement Culture (Hippies) 5. More Alike than Different? Scholar Athlete ActivistWhat are shared skills/knowledge? What is inter-relationship? 6. ActivismActivism is as vast as the human imagination,as deep as the human mind, as bold as thehuman heart.- William Ayers, Teaching Toward Freedom,2004 7. Dimensions of Sport & Social ChangeWe identify four embedded dimensions of sport that have strongimplications for a progressive and activist political orientation. Thesedimensions are social consciousness, meritocracy, responsiblecitizenship, and interdependency. In conclusion, we make the case thatsports can and should be a vehicle for progressive social change.It is our belief that there are inherent qualities of sport and the athleticexperience that do indeed suggest an orientation toward progressivesocial change. - Kaufman and Wolff (2010) Playing and Protesting: Sport as a Vehicle for Social Change 8. Supportive Environment?Paradigm ShiftNew MindsetBecomes the Norm Becomes ValuedViewed as Opportunity Viewed as Asset 9. Louisville Sports AdministrationTeaching- Courses- Research- Articles- Book chapters- Service- Cards Care- SPAD Club 10. Sport and Development FellowshipBrown UniversityThe Sport and Development Fellowshiprecognizes Brown University undergraduateswho have a record of excellence in academicsand sport, supporting these student-athletes toembark on innovative research or appliedprojects, exploring the intersection of sport andhuman rights within a particular context. 11. SportsCorpsSportsCorps harnesses the passion anddedication of youth leaders who embrace theideals of service and community activism, whileutilizing the vehicle of sport to make lastingimpact in communities around the globe. Student Initiatives Leadership Initiatives 12. Embracing theScholar-Athlete-Activist Give Voice Give a Home and a Platform Give Support and Encouragement Athletes for Human Rights Muhammad Ali Center 13. Athletes for Human Rights: Making Case for Scholar-Athlete-ActivistMary Hums University of Louisville& Eli Wolff Brown University