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<p>MARXISM</p> <p>Topic MARXIAN CRITICISM</p> <p>KARL MARX. Karl Marx (1818-1883) developed a theory of society, politics, and economics called dialectical materialism. Writing in the nineteenth century, Marx criticized the exploitation of the working classes, or proletariat, by the capitalist classes who owned the mines, factories, and other resources of national economies. Marx believed that history was the story of class struggles and that the goal of history was a classless society in which all people would share the wealth equally. This classless society could only come about as a result of a revolution that would overthrow the capitalist domination of the economy.</p> <p> (Karl Heinrich Marx, - 5,1818, 14,1883,) . . , , , , . , . . .</p> <p>He defined........</p> <p>MARXISM Marxismis a worldview and method of societal analysis that focuses on class relations and societal conflict, that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, and a dialectical view of social transformation.</p> <p> (Marxism) </p> <p> , , ., , , . , .</p> <p> BASIC CONCEPT OF MARXISM Economic structure is the main driven force to Behind all social conditions and changes.</p> <p> Marx consider human history as a series of struggle between classes between the oppressed and the oppressing</p> <p>Capitalism based on exploitation of labours</p> <p>The workers revolution is the inevitable result of exploitation and means of emancipation.</p> <p>The aim of Marxism bring about a class-less society Based on the common ownership of a production, distribution and exchange of all.</p> <p>MARXIST CRITICISMMarxist criticism is based on the political and economic theories of Karl Marx(1818-1883)</p> <p>Some representative of this school are Christopher Caudwell,George Lucas, Walter Benjamin, Lucience Goldmann</p> <p>MARXIST CRITICISMMarxist criticism seems to explicate the manifest and latent or coded reflections of modes of material production, ideological value, class relation and structure of social powerBasic assumptions of Marxist Criticism</p> <p> RELEVANT CRITCISMSIn all countries, economic relations shapes the super structure institution such as cast, religion, and education that shapes peoples consciousness.Consumer culture reinforce privatisation and the sense of community and social classes.</p> <p>Three classes of Bourgeoisies Ruling classPetty bourgeoisiesWorking class</p> <p>GLOBALIZATION SCENARIO.Globalization make cultural imperialism.The way of wealth is able to set political agenda.The extent to which political media are becoming more and more centralized and function as tools of ruling class. Inequality in the United states .all problems are stand above it</p> <p>Bibliography &amp; Webography</p> <p>1)Communication Research Methods2)</p> <p>Thanks To reference................. Dr. J. Balasubramaniam Associate prof.,dept.of Journalism and Science Communication.</p> <p> Sri.Preejith Raj Chief editor at online magazine Comr. Sarath C. Pazhassi Writer, Activist, Member, DYFI(Kannur), Msc. Geography at MKU</p> <p> Comr. Seethal Davis State committee member ,SFI (Kerala) All friends and comrades...............................</p> <p>Lets discuss..Inviting ?</p> <p>Thanks Again.................</p>