a marxist reading of jurassic park marxist literary criticism is based on the works of karl marx

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  • A Marxist reading of Jurassic Park Marxist literary criticism is based on the works of Karl Marx.
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  • The Marxist Theory Marxism condemns society based on capitalism Capitalism is the economic system in which individuals pay wages to other people to work in their businesses The individual in control, does little work and receives most of the profits.
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  • Marx believed People who labor do so for inadequate wages Creating economic inequality He envisioned an economic society in which profits shared and poverty eliminated
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  • Jurassic Park This concern with the power of scientists motivated by greed instead of the nobility of their profession suggests a Marxist reading if the novel. J.P. presents an ideal situation for a Marxist reading because it depicts a small but complete capitalistic society on Isla Nublar
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  • Isla Nublar Everything is based on economic motivation No considerations for ethical or environmental issues
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  • Hammond The islands owner/governor admits that his intent was to use the newly emerging technology of genetic engineering to make money. A lot of money (200)
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  • Gennaro He loses sight of his assignment to determine the islands safety when he sees the first dino. He only thinks of how much money they will make.
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  • Technology goes to money Rose- Technology goes where there is a financial reservoir to support it Isla Nublar is where capitalism dominates Silicon Valley
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  • Abuse of wealth leads to abuse of people Biosyn Nedry A field driven by venture capital Money-mad scientists Hammonds customers will pay $5000 a day Dehumanizes the consumer masses
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  • Dehumanization Abuse of workers Workers do not enjoy the products they make They get only wages Grant and Sattler take timeaway from the labor they love to follow the whim of Hammond
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  • Dinosaurs Represent the lowest, most exploited form of laborers They receive no enjoyment from what they produce They refuse to submit to power
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  • Malcolm Broken from traditional ways Does not hesitate to say what he thinks Compliments Sattler Dresses one color Insults the scientists and tells them they cant control nature He remains connected to what he produces and shares it with all other humans, hoping for the improvement of the species.
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  • The Collapse The exploited class seizes power. The problem lies in the concept of inherited wealth rather than earned wealth Scientific power is like inherited wealth: attained without discipline
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  • Nedry Loses humanity and life in pursuit of money His behavior destroys his ability to interact with people Tapes conversations for blackmail Sacrifices others to make his escape He obtained his power without obtaining the discipline to know how to use it.
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  • Wu, Hammond, Nedry Each dies just as he is about to get power and money Their goodness is destroyed Conceit makes them overconfident and dangerous
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  • The ending The destruction of the island is complete The remaining dinos escape The gothic nature of the novel is terrifying because the government engages only in a massive cover-up. No provision is made to stop a similar situation from developing again or to contain the dinos, which still live in the jungles.
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