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<ul><li><p>Martins timetable</p><p> , . , </p></li><li><p>Listen and say what time each lesson starts and finishes</p><p>timeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday9. 00 9.45FrenchHistoryEnglish LanguagePhysical Education (P.E.)Nature Studiies9.55 10.40Nature StudiesEnglish LiteratureFrenchNature StudiesInformation Technology(I.T.)10.5011.35ArtMathsPhysical Education (P.E.)MathsFrench</p><p>11.3511.50 Break11.5012.35English LanguageArtNature StudiesHistoryPhysical Education (P.E.)12.4513.30Physical Education (P.E.)Music History </p></li><li><p>Find the odd word English, History, Maths, Russian, Month day, week, language, month, minute second, last, first, third, fifth sleep, write, count, discuss, learn </p></li><li><p>Make up wordsC,s,i,m,uE,t,a,u,r,i,r,I,e,tS,a,t,h,mH,g,e,n,s,i,lS,o,t,y,h,r,IB,j,t,e,u,s,cO,p,j,r,c,e,t MusicLiteratureMathsEnglishHistorySubjectProject </p></li><li><p>Read the names of the subjects and choose </p><p>English Literature, Physical Education, Maths, Information Technology, Art, Science, History, Russian Language, Drama, Russian Literature, French, Drawing, German, Geography </p><p>At a British schoolAt a Russian schoolEnglish Literature Physical EducationMathsInformation TechnologyArtScienceHistory Russian LanguageDramaFrenchGerman </p><p>Physical EducationMathsInformation TechnologyHistory Russian LanguageRussian LiteratureFrenchDrawingGerman Geography</p></li><li><p>Complete the text Use: break, subjects, Music, timetable, marks, desks.Weve got a new at school. There are a lot of interesting this year. I like History and best of all. Usually I get only good and excellent in Maths and Literature. During the I like to run between the with friends. I think will be a good student this year too. timetablesubjects Musicmarksbreak desks</p></li><li><p>Match the subjects and the activities</p><p>Subjects What we do at the lessonsMaths English P.E.I.T.History Literature Music sing songslearn how to use computerstranslate new wordslearn poems by heartrun, jump, play spot gamesdo sums (solve different problems)work hardread interesting textbooksstudy events in the past</p></li><li><p>What do you imagine when you think about schoolSchool</p></li></ul>