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  • 1. DePaul TimeTable Group 8 Stephanie Tatoiu ...and thats it. :(
  • 2. The Design Challenge Create a website that encourages students to become more organized with their schedules. The website should also encourage students to communicate more effectively with peers.
  • 3. User Problems Personal Planning 1. Lack of color variety makes using websites boring. 2. Current DePaul websites are overly complicated / Difficult to navigate. 3. Missing important deadlines even after having written it down. 4. Difficulty organizing time for both school work and personal events. Group Coordinating 1. Groups are not on the same page with projects. 2. Difficulty gathering separate work from each group member. 3. It is burdensome to gather groups contact info
  • 4. 1.Lackofcolorvarietymakesusingwebsitesboring. 2.CurrentDePaulwebsitesaredifficulttonavigate. Different colors to distinguish different tasks ^
  • 5. To remember deadlines
  • 6. 3.Missingimportantdeadlines evenafterhavingwritten it down.
  • 7. 4.Difficultyorganizingtimeforbothschoolworkand personalevents. Color coding options
  • 8. 1. Groupsarenotonthesamepagewithprojects. 2.Difficultygatheringseparateworkfromeachgroup member.
  • 9. Custom Group Dropboxes
  • 10. 3.Itisburdensometogathergroupscontactinfo
  • 11. Whats compelling? Design is simple and incorporates color Minimum amount of pages to click through Clearly titled sections Clear and Concise Customizable!