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The 33rd Edition of the re-launched Marsham Village News.


  • Marsham

    Village News

    May 2015 33rd Edition

    The deadline for the next edition is Monday 18th May 2015. Any articles, letters or adverts should be sent to or, if anything needs typing, to Linda and Eric at 3 Cranes Lane.

    Queenie Deane celebrated her 100th birthday with a party in the village hall. What do you think life was like in 1915 when Queenie was born? See page 3.

  • Dont forget to let us have details of any up and coming events which we will include on this page.

    Send to or deliver to 12 Old Norwich Road.

    Mobile library in Marsham

    The Norfolk County Council mobile library van

    will be in Marsham on Monday 11th May.

    The stop-off points are

    Le Neve Road - 15.30 to 15.45

    Wathen Way - 15.50 to 16.05

    Garage and Garden Sale

    in Marsham

    Saturday 30th May

    10.00 until 4.00 p.m.

    Maps of the venues (50p) will be

    available from the village hall on the day.

    Refreshments will also available in the hall

    along with further table top stalls.

    Funds for this event will be shared between

    the village hall and the Defibrillator Group.

    Marsham Belles will be holding rehearsals on the afternoons of 13th and 27th

    May. Everyone welcome to listen to the bells,

    have a cup of tea and a chat.

  • Letters to the Editor

    The letters in this section are published unedited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the

    editing committee. We see the Village Newsletter as a channel for people in the village to air their

    views positive and negative.

    The family of Queenie Deane want to

    thank all the village folk who came to

    help celebrate her 100th

    birthday and all

    the lovely cards and gifts which she very

    much appreciated. Queenie was

    overwhelmed that she knew so many

    friends and didn't want the day to end.

    Marsham has a wonderful community

    spirit, we are grateful that she is part of

    that, long may it last thank you one and all.

    We thought you might be interested to find out what life was like when Queenie

    was born in 1915.

    *German zeppelins bombed the towns of Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn for the first time,

    killing more than twenty people.

    *Photographs were required in British passports for the first time.

    *The FA Cup was won by Sheffield United F.C., who defeated Chelsea 3-0 in the final at Old

    Trafford, Manchester.

    *The last purely Liberal government ended when Prime Minister Herbert Asquith decided to

    form an all-party coalition.

    *The British Women's Institute was founded.

    *British nurse Edith Cavell was executed by a German firing squad for helping Allied soldiers

    escape from Belgium.

    *Women were officially permitted to act as bus and tram conductors for the duration of the


    *King George V was king.

    *Charlie Chaplin's film masterpiece, The Tramp, was released.

    *The first demonstration of a 3D film was in 1915 at the Astor Theatre in New York City (now

    theres a surprise!)

    *A Farm Labourer's average weekly wage was about 1.70 : A top class footballer 4.50!

    *Cottage prices rose to about 250 and houses up to about 500.

    Is it time for a change? As you are aware, the General Election takes place on

    May 7th, as does the District Council election, but were

    you aware that the Marsham Parish Council election is

    also on that day? If you wish for a more pro-active council, we the

    undersigned ask that you vote for us. Colin Thomas, High street, Marsham

    Shirley Marshall, High street, Marsham

    Lesley Willcocks, Allison street, Marsham

    Hazel Kingswood, Fengate, Marsham.

    Thank you

    What a sad reflection of the times we are living in, that someone has dug up and stolen several clumps of daffodils that were planted by the footpath to Aylsham on the spot where Pauline Gilmour and her dog were killed by a car, some years ago. I spoke to a policeman, on that day, who was trying to find out who she was, as it happened at 6.30 in the morning, and she had no identification on her. Luckily, I knew her by the description of her dog, as well as the coat she was wearing. How low can some people stoop! Hazel Kingswood

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    Aylsham, NR11 6BN

    G.C.BOND est. 1920 01263 732259

    Butcher - Fishmonger

    Best quality local meat - Crabs & fresh fish

    Free delivery to Marsham - Tuesdays and Fridays


    6th October 10.45am Harvest Festival

    13th October 10.45am Holy Communion

    20th October 10.45am Family Service

    27th October 10.45am Family Service


    FOR MAY 24th May 10.30am Holy Communion

    31st May 10.30am Benefice Holy Communion


    As made by the Chancellor of the Diocese of Norwich.

    These items are not allowed on graves, glass vases, plastic materials,

    pictures, ornaments, laminated card and wooden crosses are allowed for

    1 year only.

    Nothing should be put between memorials. The only item allowed on

    graves are natural stone vases for flowers. Should any of the above items be

    on the grave you attend we would request they be removed. The full text of

    churchyard regulations hang in the church porch if more needs to be known.


    16th February in remembrance of MURIEL COOPER

    3rd March in remembrance of JANET GIBLETT.


    The Environment Agency has re-

    emphasised the importance of reporting

    distress or nuisance caused by odour from

    the site through the usual channels:-

    Freephone: 0800 80 70 60 (anytime day

    or night - and at any location)


    Marsham Parish Council has vacancies for anyone wishing to rent an allotment. If you are interested,

    please contact Nicola, clerk to Marsham Parish Council on 07855 947797 or

  • Marsham WI

    Our speaker at the April meeting was Mr Robert Easton who came to talk to us about Eastons

    Holidays. The company was started in1953 by his father Alfred who also ran the Ratcatchers in

    Cawston, he bought an old coach to take his regular customers on outings, no doubt many people in

    Marsham will remember him. Robert gave us a slide presentation and talked about how the company

    had developed since the 1950s and the start of Eastons Holidays in 1977. They were proud to be

    contracted to provide executive coach transport at the London Olympic Games in 2012. Interesting to

    hear how a local mans business has turned into such a huge international success.

    Invitations for forthcoming events include a talk by a member of the Norfolk Beekeepers Association

    at Cawston WI and an Arts Fair at Stody. And I look forward to the Group Meeting at Buxton Village

    Hall with speaker cartoonist Mark Reynolds. As part of the WI Centenary celebrations the National

    Federation will be hosting a special Garden Party in the presence of The Duchess of Cambridge at

    Buckingham Palace in June