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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 1/8</p><p>MarshamVillage News39th Edition December 2015</p><p>The deadline for the next edition is Monday 18thJanuary 2016. Any articles, letters or adverts should</p><p>be sent or, if anything needs typing, to Linda and Eric at 3 Cranes Lane.</p><p>Please note that this edition will be the last one before February.</p><p>A reminder that you can view the Newsletter online at</p><p>Village-News/521859914553706or by Googling Marsham Village News and follow the link to our</p><p>Facebook page.</p><p>to all our readersfrom the editorial team of Hazel, Jennie, Linda, Polly, Phil and Adrian</p><p>A belated thank you to those people who took part in our online survey a few months ago. If you</p><p>remember we were trying to find out how many people would be happy to read their copy of the</p><p>newsletter online, rather than receiving a paper copy. As we secured continued funding for the</p><p>newsletter we dont need to take it any further for the moment but it is undoubtedly something we</p><p>will consider in the future.</p><p>Part of the survey had asked people for ways in which we could improve the newsletter and it would</p><p>be interesting to hear other peoples views. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the</p><p>Newsletter please let us know, either by e mail ( ), telephone (734488) orby delivering to 12 Old Norwich Road. Please take a few moments to let us know what you think.</p>mailto:adrianscargill@talktalk.netmailto:adrianscargill@talktalk.netmailto:adrianscargill@talktalk.net</li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 2/8</p><p>Dont forget to let us have details of any up and coming events which we will include on this page.</p><p>Send toadrianscargill@talktalk.netor deliver to 12 Old Norwich Road.</p><p>0.</p><p>Mobile library in Marsham</p><p>The Norfolk County Council mobile library van</p><p>will be in Marsham on Mondays 21stDecember</p><p>and 18thJanuary.</p><p>The stop-off points are</p><p>Le Neve Road -15.30 to 15.45</p><p>Wathen Way- 15.50 to 16.05</p><p>Marsham Belleswill be holding justone rehearsal this month on Wednesday 2nd</p><p>December. Everyone welcome to listen to the</p><p>bells, have a cup of tea and a chat.</p><p>Marsham Meet and Mardle</p><p>Our next meet up will be on Friday 4thDecemberfrom 10am till 12. We will be having a Christmas</p><p>themed event. We would love to welcome any younger Marsham residents so if you would like a cuppa</p><p>and some interesting conversation do pop in. Babies and toddlers (with an adult and some toys) are very</p><p>welcome.</p><p>Next year Friday January 8th10 till 12- How to avoidscamming We will be joined by PCSO Bill Kerr</p><p>who will share some important advice on avoiding scamming on the phone or through email.</p><p>Friday February 5thone of the health trainersfrom Aylsham will be coming along with lots of tips on</p><p>keeping fit and active.</p><p>If you have any ideas for future Fridays; for example activities you would like to try or organisations you</p><p>would like to invite let us know when we meet, or contact Nicola Hibberd on 01263 733557 or by</p><p>email at</p><p>Everyone is very welcome. If you need any help with transport please let us know.</p><p>Marsham SchoolChristmas Fayre</p><p>Friday 4th December3.30 until 5.30</p><p>at the village hall</p><p>raffle tombola gift stalls</p><p>games toys refreshments</p><p>Father Christmas visitingEveryone welcome</p><p>Carol singing in Marsham</p><p>A group of children and adults from Marsham will be Carol singing by</p><p>lanterns around the village on Saturday 12th December from 4-7pm.We will</p><p>be raising funds for the church tower project.If you would like to get involved please contact Karina at</p><p> or on 07723388782. Thank you for your support.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 3/8</p><p>Letters to the Editor</p><p>The letters in this section are published unedited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the</p><p>editing committee. We see the Village Newsletter as a channel for people in the village to air their</p><p>viewspositive and negative.</p><p>Marsham Parish Council News</p><p>The last meeting of the Parish Council took place on Monday 9thNovember, where it was revealed</p><p>that the Summer Show had raised 6000 to be given to various charities such as the East Anglian Air</p><p>Ambulance, Holding Hands with Courageous Children, Marsham Parish Church, and Buxton Scouts</p><p>amongst others. It was recognised by the Parish Council and others present that this was a fantastic</p><p>achievement.</p><p>Maintenance around the village had been completed such as trees trimmed on the A140 to allow</p><p>easier exit from Fengate, reflective posts have been put into the grass triangle at the top of the High</p><p>Street and rubbish had been cleared from various places around the village where it had been</p><p>dumped. It was reported that there had been increase around the Village of dog fouling. Parishionerswere asked to consider others in the Village and to make sure that dog mess was cleared and put in</p><p>the appropriate bins. The Council do have the power to prosecute if the offenders are caught. Thanks</p><p>to everyone for their cooperation.</p><p>The County Councillor reported that there had been an extraordinary Council meeting to agree the</p><p>funding for the Northern Distributor Route, and the budget savings proposals had been released for</p><p>public consultation. Parishioners were encouraged to express their views on the proposals by using</p><p>the Norfolk County Council</p><p>Nicola LeDain, Clerk to Parish Council, 07855947797,</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 4/8</p><p>Upwards for Marsham</p><p>Part of looking up in Marsham has - for hundreds of years -</p><p>been symbolically expressed and helped by Marsham`s</p><p>amazing church tower - significant even by Norfolkstandards. The tower now needs our help. And so</p><p>"Upwards for Marsham" is our name for the cooperation of</p><p>the church, school and village to help strengthen both local</p><p>spirits and ancient structures, very much including the</p><p>church tower which badly needs attention.</p><p>The work to repair the tower and porch will cost in the</p><p>region of 320,000. We have just applied for a Heritage</p><p>Lottery Grant which could bring up to 250,000. As part of</p><p>the work we also hope to install a water supply to the</p><p>Church. At the moment water has to be carried to the Church in lots of containers- not aneasy task for the Church Wardens. Once this is installed we can then explore the possibility</p><p>of a permanent disabled toilet in the Church-currently we only have a portable toilet - and</p><p>also installing a new kitchen so that the Church can be become a venue for many more</p><p>community events.</p><p>In due course we will be asking people about what sort of fundraising may help - but</p><p>meanwhile we are looking at the possibility of doing more together in enjoying our church</p><p>for wider village events - such as possible...</p><p>* Easter Craft FayreEaster Monday</p><p>* Summer music concert* Talent show</p><p>* Flower festival</p><p>* Quiz</p><p>More information around the village from Jean George, Brenda Warman, Nicola Hibberd or</p><p>Ray Bourn or phone Revd Fergus on 01603 279 630.</p><p>We would appreciate your ideas and/or your comments on the ones above.</p><p>Prayers and best</p><p>Revd Fergus</p><p>An update on the Starting Handle Club Summer Show Following a committee meeting of the Starting Handle Club it has been decided to donate the</p><p>following amounts to local charities and organisations </p><p>East Anglian Air Ambulance 2500</p><p>Holding Hands with Courageous Children 1500</p><p>Buxton Sea Scouts 500</p><p>Stroke Club, Beccles 300</p><p>Marsham Parish Church 300</p><p>Marsham Primary School 300</p><p>Marsham Pre-school Tots 300MACAW Club 300</p><p>Total of 6000</p><p>Cheques will be presented at the Starting Handle Club meeting at Bawburgh Village on the 2nd of</p><p>December at 7. 30. Thanks for your support.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 5/8</p><p>MARSHAM CHURCH SERVICES FOR OCTOBER 2013</p><p>6th October 10.45am Harvest Festival</p><p>13th October 10.45am Holy Communion</p><p>20th October 10.45am Family Service</p><p>27th October 10.45am Family Service</p><p>Marsham Church Services for</p><p>December and January</p><p>DECEMBER SERVICES6th December 10.30am Group Service at BRAMPTON</p><p>13th December 2.30pm MARSHAM CAROL SERVICE</p><p>20th December 10.30am Group Service at BUXTON</p><p>27th December 10.30am Group Service at BURGH</p><p>Unfortunately there will not be a Christingle this year.</p><p>It is with regret that 20th December will be the last service with Rev Fergus Capie. He is going to</p><p>New Zealand to live. He was married to a lady from New Zealand in 2014 and she hasn't been able</p><p>to get a permit to live here. While we are upset with this news we do understand and they have the</p><p>blessings of all of us. In the meantime any queries you may have please contact Mrs George 735383or Mrs Warman 733241.</p><p>FLOODLIGHTS1st November - 8th Sponsored by Mr and Mrs HENSBY and family in memory of COLLEEN.</p><p>8th November - 15th Sponsored by Mrs STEWART in memory of RON</p><p>15th November - 22nd Sponsored by Mr RAY BOURNE and family.</p><p>JANUARY SERVICES 20163rd January 10.30am Group Service at LAMMAS</p><p>17th January 10.30 am Group Service at BUXTON</p><p>24th January 10.30am Holy Communion MARSHAM</p><p>31st January 10.30am Group Service BADERSFIELD</p><p>SIMON EMMS</p><p>MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIRSHIGH STREET</p><p>LITTLE LONDON</p><p>MARSHAM NR10 5QG</p><p>FOR ALL YOUR</p><p>M.O.T., REPAIRS, SERVICING,</p><p>AIR-CONDITIONING SERVICING,</p><p>WHEEL ALIGNMENT, VEHICLE</p><p>DIAGNOSTICS ETC.</p><p>01263 731555 Mobile 07780604279</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 6/8</p><p>Marsham WI</p><p>Twenty members of Erpingham with Thwaite WI joined us at Marsham for our annual</p><p>joint meeting in October. Rachel Duffield came to entertain us; she is a historian</p><p>working at Gressenhall Rural Life Museum and is an experienced costumier and actor</p><p>as well as an educator in the Museum Service. Rachel arrived in costume dressed as</p><p>famous Marie Lloyd, Queen of the Music Halls in late Victorian and early Edwardian</p><p>times. She told us about Maries life on and off the stage and sang some of her well</p><p>known songsThe Boy I Love is up in the Gallery, Oh! Mr Porter, A Little of</p><p>What You Fancy and the like. Marie Lloyd appeared at The Hippodrome in Norwich</p><p>in 1913.</p><p>In December we will be having our Christmas Supper meeting at the BanninghamCrown. Our first meeting of 2016 will be on Wednesday 27thJanuary at 7.30pm in the</p><p>Village Hall when we hope we will be able to welcome some new members so that we</p><p>can ensure the continuation of Marsham WI as we head towards our 100 thBirthday in</p><p>2019. Perhaps you have some ideas for activities we could add to our programme, we</p><p>are always open to suggestions, so if you are a woman interested in joining us pleasecome along. Best wishes for a healthy and peaceful festive season.</p><p>Dorothy McCall</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 7/8</p><p>Thank you to Stephen Cook of</p><p>Fengate for this poem -</p><p>Not Too Together</p><p>I just feel the signals</p><p>Are in liaison with the weather</p><p>Even when you are not too</p><p>together;</p><p>Is this why Im so down?</p><p>Just a job but I feel like a clown.</p><p>I just wish to scramble my</p><p>thoughts,</p><p>Come out with the bits which fit:</p><p>Like a photo album, Id flit</p><p>Till, with the autumn maple leaf</p><p>Peaceful squit, ol squit</p><p>Someone can make sense of it</p><p>A little singing tit</p><p>Bluebirdthe ingot</p><p>Of colours in my mind</p><p>Keeps us company,</p><p>When we are able;</p><p>Like all these guiding stars</p><p>When the ship is unstable;</p><p>Reaching for home..</p><p>Now we can sit in peace and quiet</p><p>alone.</p><p>Stephen Cook</p><p>October 2015</p><p>Please note that the Village Hall AGMwill be in the village hall at 7.00 p.m. on</p><p>Wednesday 13thJanuary 2016.</p><p>Everyone is welcome.</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 Marsham Village News (39th Edition)</p><p> 8/8</p><p>G.C.BONDest. 192001263 732259</p><p>Butcher - Fishmonger</p><p>Best quality local meat - Crabs &amp; fresh fish</p><p>Free delivery to Marsham - Tuesdays and Fridays</p></li></ul>