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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 1/8</p><p>A Happy New Year to all our readers</p><p>The new year begins with great news on theDefibrillator Project. The telephone box is now</p><p>owned by the Village Hall Committee, the</p><p>defibrillator has been purchased and the secure</p><p>box in which it will be stored inside the</p><p>telephone box has just arrived. Within the next</p><p>couple of weeks the village should have its own</p><p>defibrillator available for use. There have been</p><p>a number of cases in recent months where lives</p><p>have been saved by the use of community</p><p>defibrillators. Let us hope that ours never has</p><p>to be used but, just in case..</p><p>This has been a real community project which</p><p>began 2014 searching for funds and now, one</p><p>year later, is about to come to a successful</p><p>conclusion. Congratulations and thanks to</p><p>Nicola Hibberd for leading this initiative.Help</p><p>on how to access the defibrillator will be in the</p><p>next edition.</p><p>Marsham</p><p>Village News30th Edition February 2015</p><p>The deadline for the next edition is Monday 23rd</p><p>February 2015. Any articles, letters or adverts should be sent</p><p> or, if anything needs typing, to Linda and Eric at 3Cranes Lane.</p><p>Following our World War One supplement last year, this month we remember a time when</p><p>Marsham had its own airfield!Thank you to Brian Willcocks for researching and writing this article and his</p><p>other piece on two of the names on the village war memorial. Next month, we will be including an article by</p><p>Richard Knight about his visits to the war graves where many of our Marsham soldiers are buried.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 2/8</p><p>Dont forget to let us have details of any up and coming events which we will include on this page.</p><p>Send toadrianscargill@talktalk.netor deliver to 12 Old Norwich Road.</p><p>Mobile library in Marsham</p><p>The Norfolk County Council mobile library van</p><p>will be in Marsham on Monday 17thFebruary. The</p><p>stop-off points are</p><p>Le Neve Road -15.30 to 15.45</p><p>Wathen Way- 15.50 to 16.05</p><p>Fancy holding a</p><p>Garage Sale?</p><p>See article on page 7</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 3/8</p><p>Letters to the Editor</p><p>The letters in this section are published unedited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the</p><p>editing committee. We see the Village Newsletter as a channel for people in the village to air their</p><p>viewspositive and negative.</p><p>Phil and Polly Pitt (Wathen Way), most deeply</p><p>appreciate all the love, concern, neighbourliness</p><p>and support given so generously by you all</p><p>during Phil's illness. You are contributing to his</p><p>fairly rapid recovery, and he is told to expect to</p><p>be 'around' for just a little longer to cause a bit</p><p>more trouble. Seriously, though, how can we</p><p>thank you enough?</p><p>Phil and Polly Pitt.</p><p>PLANNING UPDATE FOR MARSHAM AND THE WHOLE</p><p>OF BROADLAND FOR THE PERIOD FROM 20152026</p><p>The Secretary of State for Communities and Local</p><p>Government is currently considering proposals for</p><p>future housing development drawn up by Broadland</p><p>District Council.</p><p>These proposals which many residents have taken the</p><p>time and trouble to give their opinion on during the</p><p>opportunities for public consultation.</p><p>By the time this edition of 'Village News' is delivered,</p><p>the independent planning inspector appointed by theSecretary of State will have led an exploratory meeting</p><p>with the Broadland planners on 8th January 2015 to</p><p>clear up any outstanding matters.</p><p>It is expected that the long awaited public hearing will</p><p>then take place later in May/June 2015. The date at</p><p>the time of writing is not yet fixed. The hearing is open</p><p>to all; and all those who have made their views known</p><p>in writing to the planners will receive details of time</p><p>and place. A further 6 week public consultation period</p><p>will follow the public hearing.</p><p>The independent planning inspector (representing the</p><p>Secretary of State), in charge of the 'hearing' is then</p><p>expected to give within the following 12 months a</p><p>detailed written approval to the planning</p><p>policy for Broadland for the period up to 2026.No</p><p>changes are proposed for Marsham. This means no</p><p>change to the village settlement boundaries. Any</p><p>future housing will be only within the existing</p><p>boundaries , and of groups of 1 5 houses maximum</p><p>as infill.</p><p>I think most residents are by now aware that in</p><p>October 2014 an appeal for housing development on</p><p>the Fengate Farm (old chicken houses), site was firmly</p><p>rejected by an independent planning inspector. The</p><p>site is clearly established as 'Greenfield' land.</p><p>Greg Jarvis.</p><p>For SaleTall solid pine bookcase 137cm(h) x78cm(w) x20cm(d)</p><p>4 fixed shelves. Vgc. 25</p><p>Phone 01263 731586 or call at 8 Croft Lane</p><p>Marsham Community Public Access</p><p>Defibrillator Project</p><p>We have just received the defibrillator and</p><p>cabinet from The Community Heartbeat Trust</p><p>and will be installing these very shortly in the</p><p>phone box. Hopefully by the time you receive</p><p>this newsletter everything will be up and</p><p>running. Thank you to the village residentswho attended the defibrillator awareness</p><p>session this evening (19th January) delivered</p><p>by Martin Render from the Community</p><p>Heartbeat Trust. This was very informative</p><p>and has hopefully given everyone more</p><p>confidence in case they ever need to do CPR</p><p>or use the defibrillator.</p><p>Thank you this month to Beryl Deane for her</p><p>donation of 33.95. She has been collectingher spare change over the last year and</p><p>decided to donate it to our project. A good</p><p>idea perhaps for anyone else who would like</p><p>to help with our ongoing fundraising?</p><p>If you were unable to attend the awareness</p><p>session and would like more information</p><p>please contact Nicola Hibberd on 01263</p><p>733557 or</p><p>Thank you</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 4/8</p><p>Independent Funeral Homes Ltd. We</p><p>are a traditional family run funeral directors offering the highest</p><p>standards of personal service at competitive rates.</p><p>* Private Chapel of Rest * Pre-paid plans Available *</p><p>* Floral Tributes, Memorials and Catering Supplied *</p><p>* Home Visits at No Extra Charge *</p><p>We offer a wide and varied range of services and strive to ensure that we</p><p>fulfil and hopefully surpass your expectations whatever they may be.</p><p>Tel: 01263 735161 (24 Hours) The Old Bank, 2-4 Norwich Road,</p><p>Aylsham, NR11 6BN</p><p></p><p>G.C.BONDest. 192001263 732259</p><p>Butcher - Fishmonger</p><p>Best quality local meat - Crabs &amp; fresh fish</p><p>Free delivery to Marsham - Tuesdays and Fridays</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 5/8</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 6/8</p><p>Marsham WI</p><p>Our last meeting at the Village Hall was our Annual Meeting in November when we heard</p><p>Secretary, Treasurer and Presidents reports and reflected on our activities during 2014. We</p><p>already have some dates for our 2015 diary, the WI Centenary Year, and the first event is a</p><p>WI Exhibition at The Forum in Norwich on 14th21stFebruary where you can find out all</p><p>about the organisation. We have also received details of competitions for The Royal Norfolk</p><p>Show on 1st&amp; 2ndJuly and we will be giving thought to those over the next few months.</p><p>There will also be a 5 day WI event at Gressenhall on 22nd26thJuly.</p><p>The formal part of our November Annual Meeting was followed by everyone making a</p><p>Christmas decoration under the supervision of one of our members. In December we had our</p><p>Christmas Dinner meeting, this year at The Banningham Crown, which was enjoyed by all.</p><p>The first meeting of the year is in Marsham Village Hall on Wednesday 28thJanuary, taking</p><p>the form of a social evening. Our February meeting is on Wednesday 25hwhen we will be</p><p>having a slide presentation of Norfolk Churches by David Boulton, so if you are a woman</p><p>interested in joining Marsham WI please come along, new or returning members will be very</p><p>welcome. Meetings are usually held on the 4thWednesday of the month in the Village Hall at</p><p>7.30pm. There is a WI board on the wall at the right of the Village Hall kitchen where you</p><p>can see details of our programme for 2015. Contact me atdorothymccall2@aol.comor on</p><p>01263 732606 if you would like any further information.</p><p>Dorothy McCall</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 7/8</p><p>The Incredible Story of a Remarkable Man</p><p>SIMON EMMS</p><p>MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIRSHIGH STREET</p><p>LITTLE LONDON</p><p>MARSHAM NR10 5QG</p><p>FOR ALL YOUR</p><p>M.O.T., REPAIRS, SERVICING,</p><p>AIR-CONDITIONING SERVICING, WHEEL ALIGNMENT,</p><p>VEHICLE DIAGNOSTICS ETC.</p><p>01263 731555 Mobile 07780604279</p><p>CONTINUING THE STORY ABOUT THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SIR GEORGE EDWARDS Part 3</p><p>Two things stand out for me reading the autobiography of Sir George Edwards: his memory and resentment of</p><p>the unfairness and injustice meted out to his parents and himself during his boyhood, and through</p><p>his religious upbringing the realisation that the appalling social conditions at that time were not what God</p><p>intended and that he would do all that he could to improve them.</p><p>The year 1872 can be remembered as one of the most interesting and important periods for agricultural</p><p>labourers in England. Despite the increase in the purchasing power of their wages largely due to the abolition of</p><p>the wicked corn laws and a prosperous time for agriculture from 1849</p><p>1872; the working hours had notchanged for a 100 years and labourers were not free to bargain with the arrogant and oppressive</p><p>farmers and the gulf between the two was greater than ever. Many of the sons of labourers left the farms and</p><p>went into the town or emigrated.</p><p>A Primitive Methodist lay-preacher a Mr Joseph Arch was asked to form a Union and 2000 workers from all parts</p><p>of the country attended and a Union was formed. The newspapers gave it prominence with headlines such</p><p>as 'Uprising of the Agricultural Labourer'. Meetings were held in many parts and George attended one of them</p><p>on the childrens playground at Alby, at which he spoke a month before his marriage. A branch of the Union was</p><p>formed and he became a member. Trouble soon arose and labourers were discharged in their hundreds losing</p><p>their cottages and turned out on the road by the farmers determined to crush the movement in its infancy.</p><p>Scores of farmers locked their men out when they refused to give up their Union cards. Despite this within 6</p><p>months 150,000 labourers had joined some sort of Union although these were all independent of each other. A</p><p>national Union was formed in Warwickshire but not all branches joined: Kent, Sussex and Lincoln formed strong</p><p>Unions outside the National and unfortunately there was a lot of rivalry and mischief among the different</p><p>Unions.</p><p>Will Ching</p><p>As several homes in the village have changed hands recently may we welcome new parishioners to Marsham.</p><p>With properties changing hands, we thought it might be a good time to organise a garden/garage sale. Instead of</p><p>having to pack boxes of unwanted items into a car to bring for a table top sale, you could displaythem in your</p><p>driveway at home and we will send potential customers to you. We could have a coffee morning with stalls at</p><p>the village hall for our own funds and for say 50p sell a village map showing where garden/garage sales are being</p><p>held. Springtime is a favourite with plants etc also being available for sale. If you prefer the table top sale idea</p><p>please tell us, so we can arrange that instead for April as well as October.</p><p>Comments to any village hall committee member please - list of names is shown in village hall notice board.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)</p><p> 8/8</p><p>Free activities for adults</p><p>If you find it hard to make time to get active,</p><p>weve got a good incentive to help get you into</p><p>gear.</p><p>Starting 23rd</p><p>February, Fun &amp; Fit courses are</p><p>coming to venues around Broadland, where</p><p>youll find a wide choice of fun activities to</p><p>choose fromall for FREE. Brought to you by</p><p>Active Norfolk in partnership with Sport</p><p>England, Public Health and Norfolk County</p><p>Council, Fun &amp; Fit is a programme of free, 10-</p><p>week courses in a variety of activities that are</p><p>aimed at complete beginners which will help</p><p>make you feel healthier, more confident, and</p><p>give you the chance to meet like-minded</p><p>people. Try old favourites like badminton, golf,</p><p>and aerobics, or stretch yourself into something</p><p>new like yoga or dance. And dont let the little</p><p>ones keep you awaythere are also classes in</p><p>select areas that you can bring your kids to, like</p><p>buggy workout.</p><p>Courses will run for one hour, and with</p><p>convenient day and evening classes theres</p><p>something for everyone. You will be supported</p><p>by our team of highly qualified sports coaches</p><p>to ensure you find the activity that suits your</p><p>ability, interests and confidence level.</p><p>So no more excuses. Spaces are limited, so book</p><p>now to get off the sofa and into something</p><p>youll enjoy!</p><p>For more information go to</p><p>,or for an informal</p><p>chat call 01603 732 333.</p></li></ul>