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Download Mark Alban Lotz - Birgit Lotz Mark Alban Lotz Capsule Biography: German flutist, composer and band leader Mark Alban Lotz was born in Tbingen, Germany, 12 June 1963. He grew up in

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    Mark Alban Lotz Capsule Biography:

    German flutist, composer and band leader Mark Alban Lotz was born in Tbingen, Germany, 12 June 1963. He grew up in Germany,

    Thailand and Uganda, then studied ethnology, flute, jazz and classical music in Germany and the Netherlands and received tuition

    from Ellery Eskelin, Lew Tabakin, Dave Valentin, Mahanda Ken McIntyre and Bobby Watson in the US. At age 17 he started to play

    flute and formed his own Albanism Quartet (1988-91).

    In 1991 he began an association with Dutch bassist Tjitze Vogel which resulted in recordings (1994, CD GLM-Edition Collage EC

    470-2 T(w)o Do - Mostly Harmless) and the multi-media video project noisiVision, incorporating the moving sculptures of

    Elseline van der Graaf (1995). Also in 1991 he became leader of Lotz Of Music (1994, CD Laika LK94-054 Puasong Daffriek).

    In 1994 he teamed up with drummer and percussionist Michael Baird from Zambia (1997, CD Sharp Wood Productions SWP004

    On Remote Control), and appeared with Utrecht DeepArtment, a free jazz tentet led by Baird. He repeatedly recorded with Afro-

    Caribbean drummers in Havana, Cuba: Yoruba-Il, Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes, Lotz of Music Meets Bat Drums

    (1997, 2CD Via Records 9920122 Le Coq Rouge), Lotz of Music in Havana (1998, CD Via Records 9920592 Blues For


    His work as composer is supported by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst; in 2001 he was commissioned to compose

    experimental string quartet music, some of which was premiered by the Zapp Stringquartet. During 2004 and 2005, in collaboration

    with director Eric de Vroedt, he realized the Pendant la nuit soapera as composer, actor and musician. In collaboration with actor

    Nel Lakompessy he contributed to the music theatre show Magic Stories In Music as a member of the Global Village Orchestra. In

    the field of classical music he performed Danisovs Concert for contra bass, flute and double orchestra as the featured contra bass

    flutist with the Nederlandsch Fluitorchester.

    In different settings he also experimented with DJs (such as Graham B, or Eric Cycle), VJs (e.g. Soundshadow), dancers (e.g. John

    Kayongo), recorded soundtracks for documentary films and did various studio work on flutes and bansuri..

    Over the past years Mark performed at concerts and jazz festivals his tours as soloist or band leader were broadcast by radio and TV

    stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the US, Cuba, Turkey, France, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine, and Egypt.

    Sandwiched between Gianluigi Trovesi, Dave Douglas and Chico Freeman his performances with Lotz of Music were a highlight of

    the 2005 International SJU festival.

    Equally at home in jazz, salsa, and improvised music as well as serious music, Mark is also heavily involved in world music and

    ethnic jazz of African, Indian, and Afro Cuban origin: He has performed and recorded with such as Najma Akhtar, the Conjunto

    Folklorico National de Cuba, Clav y Guaganco, Amelia Pedroso, Miguel Anga Diaz, David Tronzo, Eddy Martnez, Martha

    Gallarraga, Denise Jannah, Sandip Battacharya, Lucumi, Jos Santiago, Nicky Marrero, Wolter Wiebos, Petar Ralchev (the

    Rumanian accordeonist), Molla Sylla, Michael Vatcher, Zuco 103, Sfeq 3000, Omar Ka, Ken Kutai, and many others.

    He teaches flute, ensemble and improvisation in the Netherlands,. Since 2005 Mark Lotz regularly designs the CD layouts for the

    Maxanter record company.

    He was the subject of various exclusive interviews, essays and reviews in magazines such as Global Rhythm (US), All About Jazz

    (US), Fly (UK), Straight No Chaser (UK), Latin Beat Magazine (US), as well as newspapers and jazz magazines the world over.

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    Lenny + Bolela + Mark: Live At The Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium, Bonn

    Mark Alban Lotz (flute); Lenny Schatzschneider (solo guitar); Bolela (guitar)

    Germany, Bonn, Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium, live concert, 03 Oktober 1981 Agua De Beber (I) Stereo MC (no Nr.)

    Agua De Beber (II) -

    Scarborough Fair (Traditional.) -

    Au Privave (Parker) -

    Duididadug (Bolela) -

    Jam Session

    Mark Alban Lotz (flute), Christoph Titow Griem (guitar-1, bass-2); Dietmar Fuhr (bass-1, guitar-2); Martin (drums)

    Germany, Bonn, ca 1981 Blue Bossa (Dorham) -1 Stereo MC (no Nr.)

    A-Blues -2 -

    Autumn Leaves (Cosma) -1 -

    SUPAX: Live At The Bonn Center

    Mark Alban Lotz (flutes, front man); Motte Scholz (guitar), Christoph Titow Griem (guitar); Wendel Biskup (bass); Francis

    Holzapfel (drums)

    Germany, Bonn, Bonn Center, live in concert, 19 December 1983

    Samba dOlli (Oliver Leue) Stereo MC (no Nr.)

    Supax (Supax) -

    Small Piece (comp ?) -

    Spain (Corea) -

    Seychelles Mellow (Scholz) -

    Saphhire (Scholz) -

    Pink Balloon (Holzapfel) -

    Satin (Griem) -

    Superintelligent Shade Of The Colour Blue (comp ?) -

    Suck You (comp ?) -

    It (Supax) -

    Cool Jool (Griem) -

    One Track Mind (Griem) -