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  1. 1. Manufacturing Industry Dedicated Products and System Solutions
  2. 2. Parker an experienced partner at your service Dedicated Products and Solutions for Inmanufacturing,thestandardsof functionalityandperformanceexpectedof machinerygethigherandhighereveryyear. Parkerhasawealthofexperience,makingus areliableexpertpartnertohelpyoudevelop custom-madecomponentsandsystemsfor everyconceivableapplication.Thereare manygoodreasonstochooseParkeras asupplier: Yougetexperthelpdesigning,building, installingandcommissioningtheoverall hydraulicsystem. Youhaveachoiceofproductrangesoffering thehighestqualityandperformanceand meetinginternationalstandardsincluding industrystandards. Yougetthemostcomprehensiveproduct mix,allfromasinglesupplier.Parker provideseverythingtodowithhydraulics, pneumatics,electromechanics,filtration, hosesandcouplingsincludingspecial valvesforsteam,waterandothermedia, createdspeciallytomeettheneedsof industry. Yougetleakagefreetechnologybacked byafouryearwarrantyonallhosesand couplingsinthesystem. Youbenefitfromourinternational presencewith263productionfacilities, 8200distributorsandin-housesalesoffices throughouttheworldofferingsupport, serviceandsparepartswhereveryouare. 2 t Integrated functionality Customized system blocks simplify installation and servicing. Pre- assembled and tested, they offer great value in reducing assembly and installation costs. Save on after- market purchases and servicing! t Rotary Actuators delivering torque Rack and pinion rotary actuators deliver constant tor- que in both directions of rotation. Standard rotations of up to 360 can be increased to up to five rotations or more on custom models. Fully enclosed, high- capacity bearings support radial and thrust loads, while compact dimensions make mounting easy.
  3. 3. the Manufacturing Industry 3 t Cylinders the moving force Tie rod, mill type and welded roundline cylinders, available with sophisticated electronic feedback, provide high productivity, low maintenance and a long service life in some of the toughest industrial environments around. t tHydraulic Proportional Valves For directional, pressure and flow control, open and closed loop systems, onboard electronics optional. Various frame sizes up to 350 bar, flow up to 13,500 l/min for cartridge valves. t Ingeniously simple simply ingenious All hydraulic Parker proportional valves can be operated with digital control modules series P*D. The multifunctional electro- hydraulic axis controller Compax3F completes the range at the high end. A revolution in dynamics and force The series DFplus with VCD drive technology is a new generation of proportional DC control valves. With a frequency response of -3dB@350 Hz (5% command signal), it is particularly suited for all applications with exact positioning and accurate pressure and speed control. The DFplus is an efficient alternative to genuine servovalves and other high-dynamics pro- portional closed-loop control valves. For all processes with focus on highest accuracy, repeatability and quality, a combination of the electro-hydraulic axis controller Compax3F and DFplus valves is the best choice, as several applications show. This combination creates additional cost savings for the end customer. Hydraulic Control Valves For direction, flow and pressure control. Five sizes D03 to D10, NG6 to NG32. Up to 350 bar, flow up to 2,000 l/min. ISO/CETOP/ NFPA standards. t t Hydraulic Units Central hydraulic units for curing press streets one HPU for 5 curing presses 2 x 45kW, 2 x 210l/min, system pressure 120 bar noise level 75 dBA humidity protection of oil through ParVent. t Fluidstations Fluid management for machine tool center with hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics. t t
  4. 4. t t Added life by adding Parker Filtration solutions Parker Filtrations innovative product manufacturing and technology extends the life and increases reliability of industrial and mobile machinery and systems. In addition to a wide range of hydraulic lter solutions, fuel lters and reservoir accessories, Parker offers over 50,000 Par Fit interchange hydraulic filter elements and advanced uid condition monitoring solutions with the icountOS oil sampler. Also, the DF40 Duplex Lube Filter and EPF iprotect HP filter series. A comprehensive range of quality products to cover all your filtration and contamination monitoring needs. 4 t Store energy Our complete range of CE-approved bladder, diaphragm and piston accumulators maintains high pressure for safe and smooth manuvring. Greater system efficiency and reduced pump sizes give longer life, lower costs and reduced noise levels. t Pressure measurement The ServiceJunior Digital Pressure Gauge enables high precision measurement and display of pressures with one instrument. 4-digit display. Pressure peaks are securely captured at a scanning rate of 10 ms. The PressureController SCPSD integrates pressure switch, pressure sensor and display in a compact package, perfect for monitoring and control of pressure in production systems. The PressureController SCPSDi can be installed and positioned as needed, since the housing can be smoothly rotated over the entire 360.
  5. 5. 5 t Compact Hydraulics Delivering rugged, reliable power, right where its needed, free-standing com- pact power units and actuators provide the power density of hydraulics in appli- cations without a conventional hydraulic system. tTorque Motors High torque at low speed allows efficient operation across a wide range of machine operating parameters. Direct drive removing the need for a gearbox reduces footprint, complexity, maintenance, noise and vibration. Bespoke mechanical interface including integrated thrust bearing to suit individual machines. Improved machine efficiencies can lead to energy savings. Options for quick and easy screw removal from the motor simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. t Added pressure or reduced Automatic switching pressure intensifiers are a cost-effective way to achieve the added pressure needed for applications like clamping. Pressures up to 500 bar in a compact unit, mounting patterns NG6, DIN 24 340 Design A, CETOP or ISO. Pressure reducing valves regulate pressure at a determined level below normal system pressure. Available both as direct operated and as pliot operated version. t Pneumatic Automation Products Parker now has the most comprehensive offer of pneumatic automation products available in the market today from valves, actuators and air preparation to push-in fittings, quick connectors, tubing and customized systems. The full Parker range now includes market leading brands such as Origa, Legris, Rectus, KV, Lucifer and Domnick Hunter, presenting an unrivalled choice of products and solutions to suit virtually any application in the manufacturing industry. t Linear Actuators Parkers linear actuators provide modular and extremely flexible solutions. Several mechanical components can be combined to create multi-axis applications and the user can select between different technology versions including linear, vertical and telescopic actuators as well as electric cylinders. In addition, specific drive variants are available including ball screws, toothed belt drive and linear motors. tAir/oil coolers AC powered compact LAC/LOC coolers with or without integrated circulation pump, offering high cooling capacity, low noise levels and easy servicing. Ideal for many industrial applications such as presses, power units, lubrication systems or wind turbines. t Variable Speed Drives for energy savings solutions In many variable industrial processes, such as those involving hydraulic pumps, by using Parkers variable speed drive technology to closely control pressure and flow, users can significantly reduce energy consumption and noise levels. t Servo Motors An extensive range of servo motors with full digital servo control offer control solutions for many applications. Real- time capable bus systems link servo amplifiers and control units. Parker servo motors are suitable for both highly dynamic machines and applications requiring accurate synchronization between axes. t Quiet power from PVplus and PD Pumps From a comprehensive modular kit, users can compose the optimal pump configuration that best meets their own demands. The PVplus and PD adjustable axial piston pumps and gear pumps distinguish themselves in particular by their energy-efficient operation and low noise levels which are based on low- pulsation operation in conjunction with optimised housing stiffness.
  6. 6. 6 t Air Preparation Units A wide range of systems in sizes G1/8 to G2, including state-of-the-art systems with modular design featuring filters, lubricators, regulators, ball valves, soft start & dump valves and active carbon and coalescing elements. Ultra-light plastic units, all metal systems for arduous conditions and electronic proportional regulation is also available. Dry air systems and ultra-fine filtration units for process and breathable air supplies complete this comprehensive range. t Compressed Air Treatment An energy-efficient range of filters and dryers that will purify compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 air quality at pressures up to 20 barg (290 psig) as standard and above if required. tGas Generation Industrial and analytical gas generators for production of nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air and mixed gases. t TEMA MultiLine A multi-coupling system up to 6 in one go provides increased efficiency. An environmentally friendly FlatFace Coupling System available with pressure eliminator, enabling connections even under dynamic/ residual pressure. t tPneumatic Actuators The Parker range of linear actuators encompasses both compact, lightweight and rodless versions as well as lSO/VDMA models. Versions specifically for the food industry both in aluminium and stainless steel and products for arduous applications in harsh environments are all featured. The Parker ra


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