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Man & Wildlife Co-existenceBy Farid khan

Man & Wildlife coexistence Kokkare bellure is a place situated in Karnataka. Migratory birds like spot billed pelicans, painted storks and ibis visits this place each year in the month of December for breeding purpose.

Spot billed pelican

Painted stork

Glossy ibis

Pelicans make their nest on tamarind trees. Pelicans are fish eating birds and their droppings is called as Guano which is rich in nitrates.


Pelicans on tamarind tree


Asian open billed storks

Villagers digs a pit around the tamarind trees so as to collect nitrate rich guano which is then mixed with silt from nearby river or pond. This is used as natural fertilizer in agriculture field as well as sold in market for income. Villagers started planting more tamarind trees so that pelicans can make their nest.

Thus man & wildlife coexistence works for the mutual benefit.

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