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    "The Coexistence Equation"

    Written by

    Brian Lansangan

    16329 Chase St.North Hills, CA 91343661 607-2465


    FADE IN:


    LEONARD and PENNY are sitting on the couch watching TV. Leonard is watching Pennys reaction as she watches the movie. The movie finishes and Penny leans back.

    LEONARDSo what did you think?

    PENNYUm, it was good I guess. The teddy bears in the forest were cool. Who was the emo ghost at the end?

    LEONARDOh, I should probably explain that. George Lucas made some changes for the re-release. The emo ghost is a young Darth Vader. We see him in the prequel trilogy.

    PENNYOh. Shouldnt we have watched the prequel trilogy first?

    LEONARDWe dont have those. They arent really that good. Imagine a tall annoying creature distracting everyone from the rest of the movie.

    SHELDON runs in the apartment excitedly and slams the door behind him.

    PENNYOh, its not that hard to imagine.

    SHELDONIm glad youre both here. I have some exciting news.

    PENNYYou and Amy are getting married?

    Sheldon looks at her sarcastically as she smiles back at him.

    SHELDONI said exciting, not unbelievable.

  • LEONARDWell, what is your exciting news then?

    SHELDONTheyre finally fixing the elevator. No longer will we have to suffer through those long insufferable walks up those stairs. And I can finally get to spend time with the neighbors again.

    LEONARDWhy would you want to spend time with them? You hate crowds of strangers?

    SHELDONStrangers? Hardly. These are our neighbors. I dont know what things were like where you grew up, but if theres one thing my mother taught me it was to be close to your neighbors.

    PENNYWhat about me?

    SHELDONOh, Penny. I must admit Ive enjoyed your company, but I would like to have some variety from time to time. Did you know that Mr. Lehman on the second floor is a concert pianist? Or that Mrs. Harris upstairs grows her own vegetables? Frankly you dont bring that much to the table.

    LEONARDWell, if you are so close to them, why dont you ever spend time with any of them?

    SHELDONI did until you ruined everything by blowing up the elevator. Havent you noticed how rarely we see anyone else in the building?

    LEONARDCome on. That cant really be my fault. Im sure we just keep different hours.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 2.


  • My blowing up the elevator couldnt have changed thing that much. Could it?

    SHELDONIll have you know that before you moved in I was a regular fixture at the tenants meeting. In fact I was the president.

    PENNYWow, how did you get elected president?

    LEONARDIt was a self appointed title. It was an informal gathering.

    SHELDONWhich is why I appointed myself president. Someone needed to bring some order around here. You wouldnt believe the madhouse it was before I moved in. Did you know people would leave their personal property in the hallways? If I wanted to see that I would have stayed in Texas.

    Leonard and Penny go back to watching TV. Sheldon goes into the other room and returns with some folding chairs.

    LEONARDSheldon, what are you doing? Were trying to watch a movie.

    SHELDONA movie? How can you watch a movie at a time like this? We have to get ready for the tenants meeting.

    LEONARDWhat tenants meeting?

    SHELDONAs president, I am responsible for hosting the tenants meeting. Its all in the Presidents Handbook. Watch out Pasadena. President Cooper is back.

    Sheldon stands back and a smile comes over his face. Leonard and Penny try to hold back laughter as they watch him.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 3.


  • SHELDON (CONTD)Oh I just gave myself chills. It feels good to say that again.



    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 4.

  • ACT I

    FADE IN:


    Leonard, RAJ, and HOWARD are sitting at the table eating lunch.

    HOWARDSo I had a pretty interesting evening with Bernadette last night.

    RAJOh, really? What happened?

    HOWARDIt was amazing. We did some role play. I was me and she was Starbuck.

    RAJI didnt know Bernadette was into that kind of stuff.

    HOWARDNeither did I, but shes been showing an unusual amount of interest in sci-fi and comic books lately. The other night we were up all night watching the entire first season of Star Trek.

    RAJYou know, I tried to get Lucy to dress up in a costume once, but my Wonder Woman costume was too big for her.

    Howard glances at Leonard. Leonard is sitting silently moving his food around with his fork.

    HOWARDIs something wrong, Leonard? You havent said a thing all lunch.

    LEONARDI dont know. Have you noticed how odd Sheldon has been acting lately?

    HOWARDWhat do you mean? Sheldon is always acting odd.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 5.

  • LEONARDI mean odd for Sheldon. Ever since the elevator was fixed, he hasnt been acting like himself.

    HOWARDYou know, now that you mention it, Sheldons been really nice. Today he came to visit me in the lab and told me I was doing amazing work and he was glad to have me as a friend.

    RAJYoure right. This morning I mentioned that Cinnamon was acting funny and he volunteered to take Cinnamon to the vet this weekend.

    HOWARDWell, whatever it is, I kind of like the new Sheldon. Its nice not to be talked down to for once. If only my mother could change too.

    Sheldon enters the cafeteria with BARRY KRIPKE. Sheldon and Kripke are laughing as though they are in mid-conversation. Sheldon sits down and Kripke is about to walk away.

    SHELDONWait. Dont you want to join us for lunch?

    Kripke looks confused. The rest of the group looks at Sheldon oddly. Kripke sits down cautiously.

    KRIPKEYou want me to have lunch with you? Are we competing for a research grant?

    SHELDONOf course not. Im done with petty rivalries and competitions. That was the old Sheldon. If theres anything Ive learned its to enjoy the company of others. In fact, Im having a party tonight and I would like it very much if you would be there. I dont want to give away too much, but I will be doing karaoke.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 6.

  • KRIPKESure, I guess I can stop by.

    SHELDONOh, good. Youre just going to love meeting Mrs. Fernandezs granddaughter. She plays the accordion. Dont worry Raj, she has a granddaughter for you too.


    Penny comes from the kitchen area with a bottle of wine. AMY and BERNADETTE are sitting on the couch.

    PENNYSo how has our plan been working? Yesterday, Leonard spent the entire night rehearsing lines with me for a play Im auditioning for.

    BERNADETTEReally good. Ive been getting Howie to do all kinds of things lately. Who knew all it took for him to spend the weekend with my parents was watching some TV and wearing some costumes.

    AMYIm not really sure if its been working on Sheldon. It could just be the elevator being fixed, but he held my hand through an entire episode of Game of Thrones last night. I know that doesnt seem like much, but for Sheldon thats like getting to second base.

    BERNADETTEDo you think theyre gonna catch on? Eventually theyre gonna figure out what were up to.

    PENNYNah. They might be geniuses, but when it comes to relationships theyre just as clueless as every guy out there. Besides, I think they kind of like it.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 7.

  • AMYOh, before I forget. Sheldon wanted me to invite you all to his party tonight. He made these invitations.

    Amy hands each of them an invitation. The girls look them over and are amazed at how nice they are.

    BERNADETTEWow, these are really good.

    PENNYOf course Ill be there. I cant wait to see how much Sheldon has changed. I havent seen him much the past few days. Hes hardly ever at home. Who would have thought Sheldon would have a more active social life than I do?

    AMYSometimes I imagine Sheldon as a secret agent out on the town and getting into danger. Then he tells me to blow on his soup because it is too hot and I snap back to reality.


    Howard and Bernadette exit the elevator and hear music coming from Sheldon and Leonards apartment. They look at each other and shrug. They knock on the door. Sheldon opens the door wearing a suit.

    SHELDONOh, good. Youre just in time. Welcome to my humble abode. Were just about to start karaoke.


    Howard and Bernadette enter the apartment. The room is full of people talking, eating, and drinking. They watch in surprise as Sheldon leads an older woman to his spot on the couch.

    HOWARDWow, Ive never seen Sheldon willingly let anyone sit in his spot before.

    THE BIG BANG THEORY "The Coexistence Equation" 8.

  • BERNADETTEI tried to once and I got a lecture on why its his spot.

    HOWARDWe all have, Bernie. We all have.

    Leonard and Penny walk over to them and they watch as Sheldon has a conversation with a group of people.

    PENNYSo these are our neighbors?

    LEONARDI guess so. I cant really tell, I think I saw that man quickly ducking into his apartment as I came up the stair with Sheldon once. Youd never think an eighty year old man could move so fast.

    PENNYI need a drink.

    HOWARDI think we all do.

    They move toward the kitchen. STUART is standing in the kitchen dressed


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