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  • Making/Using comic strips

    Gag-a-day Comic Format: the kind of comic strip that is still common in newspapers – 3-4 panels

    Most gag-a-days are made up of three panels:

    • Introduction

    • Build-Up (set-up)

    • Punchline (pay-off)

    Script a strip about the best moment… (on my holiday/at school..)

  • Graphic novels and graphic storytelling

  • Page from Art Speigelman’s material for ”Maus”

    • Fill in the speech bubbles: scripting

    Link for Maus educational material (best link for materials for teachers) (bibliograpåhical notes for Spiegelman’s story)

  • Links for comics and cartoons

    Resources: huge project page with many comic strip models introduction to many comic strips + daily comic strips Great blog with step-by-step instruction for use with children Much more Art education than language – this is only if you want to go crazy on the topic with an art teacher

    Create your own comic strip: (freeware)

    Pixton (good for strips) (all in ‘skoletube’)


    GoAnimate (30 day free trial)