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Comic Strips and Pop Art Presentation


  • 1.Whose Roy Lichenstein? Pop Artist Popular imagery and culture Logos, Commercials, etc. Created comic strips as an art form Loved cartoons and watched them for ideas! Created his art with color and dots

2. Comic Strips? They could have a hero, villain, problem, solution, or just a basic story! Most of all, comics have ACTION! 3. Action Happens! Comic book artists, like Lichenstein used words or thought bubbles. This would add action or help show conversation between characters. 4. Full Example of Bubbles! 5. So We are creating comics! But, you said with dots? YES! Just like one of the fathers of fine art comic strips, Roy Lichtenstein. We will dot in color with markers and outline in black! 6. Examples of Roy Lichensteins Art 7. Directional Movement: The visual flow of the art piece. Emotion: How the art piece feels or expresses! Terms to Identify: 8. Your Turn! Think of the comic story you want to create! Think about DIRECTION and EMOTION! What colors will you use? What bubbles will you use? Action bubbles? Will you be the hero?