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Expo Stars is a global tradeshow staffing and performance agency that helps Exhibitors at tradeshows to increase their qualified sales leads, raise brand awareness, and measure their exhibition results.


  • 1. Making Tradeshows Profitable Expo Stars Interactive Ltd

2. About Us Established in 2007, Expo Stars is the leading global tradeshow performance agency, helping Exhibitors to make their tradeshows profitable through our unique Tradeshow Profits Programme which offers: Tradeshow Consulting and Strategic Planning Tradeshow Sales Training Premium Promotion Staffing (Booth Hosts/ Hostesses, Interpreters/ Translators, Models, Product Demonstrators, Presenters, Professional Speakers, Emcees, Brand Ambassadors, Narrators, Sales Staff, Crowd Gatherers, etc.) Pro-active Lead Generation and Measurement Tools 3. Tradeshow Consulting & Strategic Planning 65% of exhibitors dont have a proactive engagement strategy. They literally show up at an event and hope its enough. Needless to say, its not. In order to create an efficient and effective event, you need a strategic plan about how to communicate your messages, stand out from the competition, increase your brand awareness, educate people about what you do and much more. Expo Stars will work with you to create a Tradeshow Strategy that will drastically increase your chances of successfully raising your brand awareness and help you build a business pipeline with qualified prospects. Consulting Strategy Return on Investment 4. Expo Stars will ensure your stand is staffed with trained, highly qualified, and attractive professionals who can prequalify leads and attract the right people. They will work seamlessly with your team, so that delegates cant even tell the difference. Youll walk away with a list of hot leads who are much more likely to convert into sales and become satisfied customers than the time wasters who just want a picture with a pretty girl. Not to mention, you will look more professional and communicate your brand message in a much bigger way. Premium Promotion Staffing - Worldwide Booth Hostesses Brand Ambassadors Crowd Gatherers Promotion Models Lead Generators Presenters Product Demonstrators Interpreters 5. Only 26% of exhibitors provide training to their tradeshow staff. They dont realise there are literally dozens of techniques and skills that are specific and unique to the tradeshow forum. Without them, your are literally throwing your money away. You can have the most beautiful booth in the world, but it will mean nothing without a staff that knows how to attract, engage and convert the right people. We will train you and your staff on the key elements and skills you need to win over the crowd. Tradeshow Staff Sales Training Objectives Strategy Training Engagement Conversion 6. You cant base your results on gut feelings. In order to truly know if your event was a success and make necessary improvements for the future, you need to measure and analyse your results and qualified sales leads generated. At Expo Stars, we are so confident that we will get you positive results that we actually want you to measure everything we do so you can see just how good we really are! Proactive Lead Generation & Measurement 94% of exhibitors do not know what results, ROI, or objectives they achieved or lost at their events. 7. Expo Stars covers all the major exhibition cities worldwide from Los Angeles to Sydney. Request a Quotation Coverage 8. Email: Web: Tel: +44 (0)161 665 0201 Connect with us Expo Stars Interactive Ltd 2014 To see how we can make your next Tradeshow Exhibition profitable contact us today: