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Research Into Magazine Adverts

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  • 1. Research Into Magazine Adverts

2. THE AIDA MODEL 3. This magazine advert is for Kasabians new album. The genre isrock and the advert is for their fans and other music lovers whowould be interested in purchasing their new album.Companies advertise because from looking at the aida model,they need to communicate with their audience as well askeeping a brand image.The poster has an attractive look about it, modern and unique.The typography is the typical KASABIAN writing and is big andbold and stands out. The black against the white backgroundand colourful picture works well because the band namestands out on the page so we know exactly what the advert isadvertising.The image is very unique and a bit creepy but stands out. Thelayout works effectively with the band name central and thenthe release date below. There are also album reviews with starratings which lets the audience know how good the album issupposed to be.Release date: 28th AugustRecord Label: ColumiaWebsite: 4. This magazine advert is for the You Me at Six new albumcalled Hold Me Down. The genre is indie rock.The advert is advertising the new album to the bands fansand also music lovers. The company is advertising so thatpeople are aware of the new album and therefore will knowto purchase it.The typography is strong and bold in capital letters and thecolour black makes it stand out. The name of the album isright below the band name in a different font. Then, belowthat the typography is effective as the writing is white on ablack background and the OUT 11TH JAN is in bright yellowwriting which stands out.The images are very effective on the page. I like the idea ofthe pattern. The image is almost like outer space but there isa mix of pictures e.g. flowers, leaves bird wings. As well asthe bright fiery colours, this looks effective.Release date: 11th JanuaryRecord label: VirginWebsite: 5. This magazine advert is for Jessie Js album Who You Are. Thegenre of music is pop and is being advertised not only to her fansbut people who share a love of pop music or perhaps have heardher in the charts.The new album is being advertised well and a message beingsent out by the look of the advert is that Jessie J is very wackywith her appearance and with the words who you are expressesthat shes not afraid to be how she is. This is a good message tobe sent out to her fans.The typography is the font she uses for her name. It is verypowerful on the page and in gold looks expensive and stands outon the black behind. The image is very powerful of her face andshe is directly looking at the camera and so almostcommunicating with the reader. The typography below alsostands out well in capital letters and the gold and white writingworks effectively on the black background.Release date: This is one problem, there is no release datevisible.Record label: Universal RepublicWebsite: 6. This is a magazine advert for Bombay Bicycle Club. It is for theirdebut album. The company would have to advertise well seeingas it is their debut album and they may not have had a loyal fanbase by then yet.The typography is effective because the blue stands out on thedull background. However, as a debut album advert I think theimage could have been bolder and more unique rather than adull background. The band logo is good thought and the capitalletters works well.Release date: OUT NOWRecord Label: Island RecordsWebsite: 7. This advert is for Taylor Swifts album Speak You. Hergenre is country pop.I dont like this advert as much as the others. I think theimage is very strong and pretty but the typographydoesnt stand out as a new album advert. There is toomuch information and it should be bolder and more tothe point.The album is being advertised because she is a worldwide artist with a huge amount of fans who want to beupdate with her music. The advert is mainly targetingteenage girls because her music is suitably aimed at girlsand their boy problems! The colours used such as red andwhite work well together.Release date: Doesnt sayRecord label: Big Machine RecordsWebsite: 8. This magazine advert is for Kings Of Leon. It is advertisingtheir new album release.Kings of Leon are a rock band and are known worldwide. Ilike this advert because it is such a calm image and incomparison to their sound, its quite contrasting!The graphology is yellow or just outlined which does lookgood against the image as it doesnt overpower thepeaceful background. There is the necessary informationon the advert such as when the album release is and thename of the album.Release date: October 18thWebsite: