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Textual Analysis of Magazine Adverts

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  1. 1. Textual AnalysisofMagazine Adverts
  2. 2. This is the magazine advert for Gwen Stefani for the album Love.Angel. Music. Baby. Debut solo album by the artist released inNovember 12, 2004, sold 8million copies world wide. The themeof the advert is obviously royalty as there is a crown and sceptrehowever the crown is not on her head showing she has attitudeand power, a slanted slouched pose whilst sitting on the throneimplies she is not concerned by others and believes she is aboveall, a broach on the left hand side . The colour themefurthermore represents a royal theme, the gold and red instantlyconnote royalty as well as the typography which is inShakespearian in a yellow gold, this colour theme is seen againwith her hair and lips, red lips which are insinuated withseductiveness . Love. Angel. Music. Baby. The title of the albumhas connotations meaning music is as precious as an angel andas pure however the vibe the audience gets from thepromotional image of the cd cover itself at the bottom in whichwe can see the remainder of the album cover which iscontradictory to the royal theme at the top half of the cover. Themain image and the additional crown and sceptre are howeverthe background is blurred emphasising the readers attention onGwen Stefani more. The framing of the advert is just to show thesubtle side to the picture without the rebellious bottom half.From merely the picture we can tell the genre is dance-pop. Amedian long shot has been used with the rest faded out tobecome a white background for the text written, the white beingused makes the readers attraction directly go to the top half asthe colours are very vibrant.
  3. 3. This magazine advert of Rihannas albumRated R was released in November 20, 2009, thisadvert is likely to have been published aroundOctober-early November. The first thing the reader isdrawn to is the medium close up of Rihanna herselfwith one eye covered yet the other is keeping eyecontact with the reader, by her merely covering up theeye the readers are interesting in what is she hiding ifanything? The hand jewellery presumably dustersare a sign of danger and violence, this theme is carriedout throughout the advert as the deep black eyelinerand lipstick furthermore emphasis the deep secretiveand dangerous side of Rihanna, additionally thetypography of the text is very blocky and in thebackground it seems as if the R is engraved into thewall. The colour scheme of white, black and redemphasises the danger with majority black. The twomajor songs of the album are also written which dontsound subtle by their names, Russian Roulette andHard. As Rihanna is a well established artist we knowher main genres are R&B and POP, however the covermay imply more punk. With no specific backgroundcolour and additional images the main focus is onRihanna herself.
  4. 4. This magazine advert is of The Chemical Brothers albumWe Are The Night was released on the 27th of June2007, the album won a Grammy Award for BestElectronic/Dance Album more than once. The title of thealbum is linked to the background of a dark navy blueconnoting it is night time as well as faint stars in thebackground, the overall theme is rather surreal and thehands which could be of the Chemical Brotherssupplementary to the eyes within the hands which alsowould be assumed to be the brothers eyes. The joining ofthe certain stars with the hands may be to imply Orionsconstellation. The overview of this magazine advertincludes institutional information and promotionalinformation adding to the distribution of the album. Thehands look as of they are floating in mid air with what lookslike the moon at the bottom of them to emphasis the nightand outer space. The typography isnt typically usedtherefore it is instantly recognised as the Chemical brothersthemselves. The use of the hands could also implyastronomy and palm readings. The background colour tiesthe theme of the night in well with the stars and possiblymoon. I believe this would appeal to more of a smalleraudience who are into techno songs, funk, jazz and somepop songs. The rocky bottom and the framing of the imagelets the audiences imaginations do the thinking, to some itmay be a tip of a mountain or a moon etc. the use ofastronomy may simply represent The Chemical Brothers assuperstitious Medium long shot has been used with thehands in the middle attention is given to them first.