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¿Qué imágenes negativas de Dios existen en la actualidad?

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Magazine Advert Development

This image was used as the main image for my magazine advert. When editing this image, I made it black and white to make the audience concentrate more on the emotion of the artist, rather than the colours in the images. I also blended an image of branches from a tree, which I did on my digipak, to make them link together.

This is how I make my images black and white. The sliders change how dark or light the image will be depending on the colours that are being replaced.

To create a vignette, I opened a new layer and made it black. I then selected a shape from the middle of the image and used the Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur tool to diffuse the edges and

The fonts that I used on my magazine advert are called Satisfactory and Firenze. The Satisfactory font is used in the artists original logo, therefore I used this font for my artists name and album title and to keep the link to my digipak. I used the Firenze font for the reviews and social media links on the magazine advert.