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  • 1. I decided to use Adobe Photoshop instead of Adobe Indesign to edit the photos as I have had more practice with thesoftware as I have used it through media GCSE and AS. The photo we chose to use for the magazine advert is a midshot showing the back of the artist. Throughout recording and planning I always had this layout in my head so I had thephotographer to take this specific angled photo. I first started editing the photo by again removing any unnecessarybits and pieces such as the spots.

2. The most useful tool to me on Photoshop has got to be the spot healing brush tool. Ihave used it in both AS and A2 media and has helped all my media products have a moreprofessional look. As you can see above it works amazingly well, as it removes the spotand also does not leave behind any blemishes or discolouring. 3. At first I wasnt too sure about applying the black & white effect on the photo, but after completing theDVD cover and seeing how effective it is and how it merges well I decide to apply it to this photo. This alsoshows a link between the DVD cover and the magazine advertisement. As again, this photo did not requireany work as myself and team believe that it already has the professional appearance. 4. I also decided to use the same font as the DVD cover as it again shows a link between the two. I thenplaced the photo and text in layout that is shown in my planning. I did experiment with the colour of theno regrets but orange seemed to be the most effective and provided a more professional look. 5. I then added the front cover off the DVD cover but decided to cut off the lower half as it gives it moreroom. I also had to but an orange border around the DVD cover as the both backgrounds mergedtogether as they are the same colour so I thought it would help separate them but it also gives of acreative look. 6. After adding a few little extras such as the page number, magazine logo and ratings & quotes from famousmusic industries, it finally looks complete. By looking at the photo above I believe that the use of orange oncertain pieces of the advertisement helps it stand out and gives a vibrant effect.