macul '14 presentation: "empowering your iwizards"

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Presentation about building student K-12 tech teams. PPT version


  • 1.Empower Your iWizards Larry Baker Mercy High SchoolLogo Design by HadleyRecognized by Apple as a distinguished school for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence.

2. Larry Baker (@labcbaker) Associate Principal, Mercy High School Apple Distinguished EducatorTeaches Technology Leadership at Madonna University 3. Find All Links & Slides at Larrys Opinion Drive-thruFollow Larry @labcbaker 4. iTunes U ResourcesiTunes U Course Create a Student Tech Team at Your School! iTunes U Course Becoming a Digital School Administrator 5. Multi Touch iBook 6. iWizards Membership: Open ApplicationGives unique leadership opportunities Tap special interests of some students Presents young students with front-to-the-line activity. 7. Google Form Application 8. iWizard Formation 9. iWizard Formation 10. iWizard Formation What is your iPad superpower?Chose name? Conferenced with other groups Created a Ning Brainstormed projects 11. iWizard Team Characteristics Student Centered Project OrientedFlat Leadership Extracurricular Floating Membership 12. Social Activities iWizards 13. Initial Activities: Enrichments 14. Initial Activities: Logo/T-Shirt Development 15. Initial Activities: Open House Demonstrations 16. First Project: New Student iPad Orientation 17. Orientation Checklist 18. Orientation Topics Schoology / Dropbox Pages / Printing iAnnotate PDFiMovie / Keynote 19. Orientation Resource Creation 20. iWizard Tutorial 21. Mentor Invitation 22. Mentor CommitmentDress Rehearsal last day of schoolPresence on Orientation Day 23. August 13 iPad Orientation 24. Many Benefits to iWizards 25. Confidence 26. Empowerment 27. Collaboration 28. Leadership 29. Composure 30. Mastery 31. Presentation Skills 32. A Parents Perspective 33. Open House Demonstrations 34. 2014 Round II - New Members 35. 2014 - New Project Teams 36. 2014 Round II - New Tutorials 37. 2014 Tech Talk Exhibits 38. Web Site / App Development 39. Sharing Ideas at a Google Hangout with the Tech Sherpas of Central Maine & the Genius Squad of Minnesota 40. Future Plans - 1:1 Tutorials 41. Future Plans - I.T. InternshipsDanville, IL, Tech Team 42. Future Plans - Enrichments 43. Future Plans - Revive M-Hub 44. Find All Links & Slides at Larrys Opinion Drive-thruFollow Larry @labcbaker