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Slides from a workshop on blogging and personal branding I gave to first year journalism and PR students at University of Sunderland on 04/03/2010.


  • 1. Students, blogging and the personal brand MAC114, University of Sunderland March 2010 @joshhalliday
  • 2. Myth #1: Prospective employers wont Google me @joshhalliday
  • 3. Act: Get your CV to the top of the pile... Step #1 Step #2
  • 4. Myth #1: Prospective employers wont Google me /status/6107201244 /statuses/6118763715
  • 5. Myth #2: Measuring return on investment is impossible @joshhalliday
  • 6. Myth #3: Youve never engaged in personal branding - AKA... Im not posting that on Facebook because...! @joshhalliday
  • 7. Why? More students in media-related courses than there are jobs in the whole of UK media according to Andrew Edwards, BBC Radio Leeds Stand out on this new platform. Let your work PRECEDE you. INITIATIVE > CONTENT > NETWORKING @joshhalliday
  • 8. Vlogging? (video blogging) @joshhalliday
  • 9. Vlogging? (video blogging) @joshhalliday /01/honouring-embargoes/
  • 10. Vlogging? Step #1 Copy embed code @joshhalliday
  • 11. Vlogging? Step #2 Click the HTML tab. @joshhalliday
  • 12. Vlogging? Step #3 Paste copied code into post body. Et voil. @joshhalliday
  • 13. Bibliography How? part-ii-network-like-mad/ Why? Common sense, plus: @joshhalliday