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This is the Power Point of the 51st Annul Meeting of the Mass Chapter AMTA. Please visit us at


  • 1. Mass Chapter AMTA51st Annual MeetingMay 1, 2011Sunday, May 1, 2011

2. Welcome and Call to Orderwww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 3. Introduction of the Board New Business Approval of Agenda (onyour tables)www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 4. Presidents Addresswww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 5. Committee Reports On your tables www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 6. Committee ReportsUPCOMING EDUCATIONSeptember 18, 2011Build a $100,000 a Year Massage Business in Just 1 Hour a Day 7 CEs NERC 2012 March15-18 The Hotel HamptonNorthampton, MADecember 3-4, 2011Massage in Eldercare and Hospice: What it Takes to Serve This Special Population andGet Paid For It. 12 CEsThe Cape Codder Hyannis, MAMay 5, 2012 Hot Stone Massage Boston Area (TBD) May 6, 2012Annual Meeting with Ethics Class Boston Area (TBD) September 9, 2012Social Media Master Class: Growing Your Business Without Wasting Your Time Western Mass (TBD) www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 7. Committee Reports Mass Legislative Day for National Massage Therapy Awareness WeekThursday October 27, 2011Sign up at the 1% table!!www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 8. Nominations and Elections Elections for Board OfcersAll Running unopposedAll Certied through Commission onCandidacy: 1st Vice President Sr. Pat Dowler (2 year term) 3rd Vice President Kelly Dalbec (2 year term) Treasurer Farris Ajalat (2 year term) www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 9. House of Delegates1. Approves AMTA position statements as perpolicy;2.! Makes recommendations to the NationalBoard of Directors, as per policy, regarding: ! a. AMTA bylaws; b.! AMTAs mission and goals; c.! Matters internal to the HOD; d.! Business of the Association in generalwww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 10. House of Delegates-National A delegate attends all meetings as directed by their chapter, and reports to themembers and the Chapter Board of Directors (BOD), at those meetings. A delegate maintains a working knowledge of materials provided prior to the HODmeeting at National Convention. A delegate is responsible to ensure their chapter is processing recommendationsaccording to policy. A delegate is responsible for submitting position statementssubmitted by a member according to policy. A delegate attends and participates in the HOD preliminary meeting and HODbusiness meeting and casts informed votes. It is recommended that a delegate get involved at the chapter level and attend chaptermeetings. This will provide the delegate with the opportunity to understand AMTAspolicies and procedures, observe parliamentary procedures and become comfortable inmaking motions or speaking on behalf of their chapter. www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 11. House of Delegates-MA People elected to serve as delegate must serve on a committee duringtheir entire term of service as a delegate in addition to their otherduties. Other duties will include having one or more representatives attendeach chapter meeting to communicate the recommendations to themembership, Each delegate must attend at least one of the chapter meetings, and thedelegate team must communicate with the members via newsletter,eblast, website or social media. Every delegate is responsible to write a summary of their House ofDelegates experience to be submitted to the Board for possiblepublication in the newsletter. www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 12. Nominations and Elections Delegates Mass Chapter has ve (5) Delegates. ! There were no elections last year 2010 This year we will elect ve (5) total ! Three (3) delegates serve a two year term Two (2) delegates serve a one year termFrom 2011 on we will hold elections each year and will always haveoverlapping delegates. The rst three delegates elected will ll the 2-year term, The next two delegates elected will ll the 1-year term.All other candidates ll the roles of alternates in order based on most votesreceived www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 13. Call for Nominations www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 14. Delegates-Choose 5 Arthur Brodie ! Kelly A. Dalbec! !! ! ! Sr. Pat Dowler! ! ! ! ! Allissa Haines! ! ! ! ! Greg Hurd! !! ! ! Lisa Parenteau! ! ! ! ! Merrill Preqeant! ! ! ! Cat Stolz Sue Lane Gina Welchwww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 15. Delegates Elected: !Sr. Pat Dowler! ! ! ! ! Allissa Haines!! ! ! ! Greg Hurd! ! ! ! ! Lisa Parenteau! !! ! Arthur Brodie www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 16. SpeakersChapter Attorney Scott DunlapLobbyist Mark Molloywww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 17. Installation of new Ofcers and Delegates www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 18. AwardsMassachusetts 2011 AwardsOutstanding Volunteer :Allissa Haines and Greg Hurd www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 19. AwardsMassachusetts 2011AwardsDistinguished Service: Angie Patrick www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 20. AwardsMassachusetts 2011 AwardsOutgoing Board Member: Matthew Oldswww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 21. AwardsMassachusetts 2011 AwardsChapter Meritorious:Jennie Pelletier www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 22. AwardsMassachusetts 2011AwardsPresidents Award:Richard Wedegartnerwww.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 23. 1% SolutionMass Chapter is challenging its Current Committee Opportunities:Membershipmembers to reach a goal ofEducationrecruiting at least 1% itsWebsiteNewslettermembership as new volunteersAwardsin 2011.Law and LegislativeNMTAWFuture:Will You Be Part of the 1%Community ServiceSolution?www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011 24. AdjournSee you next year! SAVE THE DATE! May 6, 2012 www.massamta.orgSunday, May 1, 2011