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<ul><li><p>FUTURELLLLUUUUTTTTHHHHEEEERRRRRRRRR CCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLEEGGEEEEE HHHHHHHHIIIGGGGGGGHHHHHHH SSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL</p><p>R E G I N A C A N A D A</p></li><li><p>TOP 5 REASONS TO JOIN</p><p>LUTHER:Academic Excellence</p><p>Liberal Arts EducationChristian Context</p><p>Global PerspectiveProud Traditions</p></li><li><p>ACADEMICEXCELLENCE</p><p>Luther College High School is aplace where students can beproud of academic success.</p><p>The academic programemphasizes traditional coresubjects while incorporatinginnovative approaches andmodern programs. Luther CollegeHigh School exceeds thecurriculum established by theGovernment of Saskatchewan. Inaddition to the required courses,Luther students must take moremath in Grade 9, a second Englishclass in Grade 11 and a course inChristian Ethics for each year ofenrollment.</p><p>The Luther school year is made upof two semesters. Students areallowed to take a maximum of sixcourses per semester. At everygrade level, there are certaincompulsory courses students mustpass. Students may also chooseoptional courses to fulfill therequirements for theirSaskatchewan Grade 12 diploma.</p><p>A dedicated teaching stachallenges students to excel anddiscover their gifts. Our well-educated faculty only teaches intheir major or minor disciplines,and most possess qualificationsthat far exceed standardrequirements.</p><p>the CoLLege ConSiStS of a highSChooL CaMpuS and a poSt-SeCondary CaMpuS federated withthe univerSity of regina. </p><p>over 96 perCent of LutherCoLLege high SChooL graduateSpurSue poSt-SeCondaryeduCationS.</p><p>Luther CoLLege high SChooL iSreCognized aS one of the beStuniverSity preparatory SChooLS in weStern Canada.graduateS have gone on toharvard, yaLe, univerSity oftoronto, pennSyLvania State,oxford, MCgiLL, QueenS, and other exCeLLent eduCationaL inStitutionS. </p></li><li><p>Luther College high School is located inregina, Saskatchewan, Canada. </p><p>Luther College was founded in 1913 and today is a historic independent high schooloering exceptional secondary education</p><p>in grades 9 to 12. </p></li><li><p>NOTABLE ALUMNI</p><p>Luther College alumni receive international recognition. In 1983, in honour of his work in the study ofmechanisms of electron transfer reactions in metal complexes, Dr. Henry Taube (HS'32, HSU'33) was awardedthe Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Three Luther College High School graduates have been recipients of RhodesScholarships: Greg Brandt (1955), Robert Condon McKenzie (1966) and Jonathan Pedde (2010). </p><p>LUTHER ALUMNI HAVE BECOME: </p><p>A LieutenantGovernor ofSaskatchewan</p><p>An Olympian</p><p>Rhodesscholars</p><p>Seniorpoliticians</p><p>Judges and lawyers</p><p>Journalists</p><p>An Order ofCanadarecipient</p><p>Professional athletes</p><p>Nobel Prizewinners</p><p>Doctors </p><p>Film makers</p><p>Entrepreneurs and CEOs</p></li><li><p>INTERNATIONALBACCALAUREATE (IB)</p><p>The IB diploma program seeks toeducate the whole person intellectually, personally, emotionally,and socially. It also strives to promoteinternational understanding andpeace. Diploma students participatein community service, and takeleadership roles in cultural and athleticendeavours.</p><p>The IB program provides an enrichedcurriculum that both covers andextends beyond regular Saskatchewancurricula in its depth and detail.Students develop the organizational,time management, and study skillsnecessary for their success atuniversity. Students also can gainpost-secondary credits for completingIB courses.</p><p>The program serves students who are: curious, reflective, independently</p><p>motivated inquirers who activelyenjoy learning;</p><p> principled, open-minded, balancedrisk-takers who seek both tounderstand other individuals andcommunities, and to defend andarticulate their own views bravely;</p><p> responsible, caring, sociallyconcerned citizens of theircommunity who seek to make theworld a better, more peaceful place;and </p><p> academically skilled thinkers andcommunicators who areknowledgeable in many subjectareas.</p><p>Luther CoLLege waS the firSt highSChooL in SaSkatChewan to offerthe aCCLaiMed internationaLbaCCaLaureate prograM,featuring enhanCed SubjeCtMatter and aCCeLerated CLaSSeS.CapabLe, enthuSiaStiC StudentS ingradeS eLeven and tweLve havethe opportunity to purSue the ibdipLoMa prograM of StudieS.</p><p>the ib iS reCognizedinternationaLLy aS the pre-eMinent QuaLifiCation for univerSity StudieS. </p><p>fuLL ib dipLoMa StudentS areaCtiveLy Sought by Many topMajor north aMeriCanuniverSitieS. </p></li><li><p>LIBERAL ARTSEDUCATION</p><p>Luther College students completehigh school well-prepared for thechallenges of university because theyreceive an education grounded in theliberal arts tradition. A liberal artseducation includes core subjects suchas English, history, math and science,as well as electives such as music,drama, film, other languages andphysical education.</p><p>WHAT CAN A LIBERAL ARTSEDUCATION DO FOR ME?</p><p>1. You will develop critical thinking,speaking and writing skills;</p><p>2. You will be educated as a wholeperson - intellectually, spiritually,physically, psychologically andemotionally;</p><p>3. You will develop not only contentknowledge, but also skills;</p><p>4. It will provide you with a widerange of post-secondary choices.The most eective university prepschool is one with solid groundingin many disciplines;</p><p>5. You will become a fully engagedcitizen. The liberal arts fostersindividual agency and socialresponsibility, an appreciation fortraditions and the need to imagineand create a better future, as wellas a healthy skepticism and astrong sense of hope and purpose.</p><p>[w]hat iS the goaL of LiberaLeduCation if not the ongoingSearCh for truth? if eduCationCannot heLp to Separate truthfroM faLSehood, beauty froMvuLgarity, right froM wrong, then what Can it teaCh uS? DINESH DSOUZA, ILLIBERALEDUCATION, (1991).</p><p>Luther StudentS reCeive a StrongLiberaL artS eduCation thatenCourageS CritiCaL thinking andCreativity in SubjeCt areaSaCroSS aLL diSCipLineS, eQuippingtheM for poSt-SeCondarySuCCeSS.</p></li><li><p>a liberal arts education provides students with a well-rounded, balanced</p><p>foundation of knowledge and experienceupon which to draw. Students learn how to</p><p>analyze information, think critically, solve problems, make decisions and</p><p>communicate eectively. </p></li><li><p>CHRISTIANCONTEXT</p><p>Luther College provides a Christiancontext in which students learn andgrow. We welcome students from allfaith backgrounds and encouragethem to explore the meaning of faithin their own lives. </p><p>A unique and strong tradition at Lutheris daily chapel, which forms thefoundation upon which Luthers strongcommunity of support and respect isbuilt. Chapel encourages students toexplore social and personal morals,values, and ethical systems, as well asdemonstrate compassion, care,generosity, acceptance and purpose. </p><p>Christian Ethics classes are a placewhere students explore issues andquestions involving religious faith,social ethics, the existence of God, andreligions of the world.</p><p>Luther College is aliated with theprogressive Evangelical LutheranChurch in Canada (ELCIC). The ELCIC isCanadas largest Lutherandenomination with over 607congregations.</p><p>StudentS adMitted to LutherCoLLege are not reQuired to beLutheran or ChriStian. byweLCoMing StudentS of aLLfaithS and reLigiouSbaCkgroundS, Luther CoLLegeenjoyS a riChLy diverSe Studentbody.</p><p>at Luther, we beLieve thatinteLLeCtuaL and SpirituaLgrowth ShouLd happen together.StudentS take CourSeS inChriStian ethiCS and attend daiLyChapeL ServiCeS.</p></li><li><p>daily chapel time fostersLuther's sense of community. </p><p>the whole school gathers each morning to worship, laugh, listen, and learn together. Chapel can include devotions led by students,faculty, or clergy; motivational guest speakers;</p><p>fun community-building activities; and music.</p></li><li><p>GLOBALPERSPECTIVE</p><p>LIVING AT LUTHER </p><p>Luther students have the opportunityto be part of a tightly wovencommunity of students, parents,teachers, and sta. </p><p>Although most Luther students comefrom Regina and Saskatchewan, manystudents from around the world callLuther College High School home.Over 50 international studentsparticipate in the school community.</p><p>Luther College High School arms thesignificance of respecting andembracing the cultures of otherpeople. We believe that the culturaldiversity in our international studentbody is a rich and vital experience forall our students. Students are able toshare ideas and experiences withpeople from a variety of backgrounds. </p><p>These opportunities broaden studentsperception of the world, preparingthem to take their place in the "globalvillage" of tomorrow.</p><p>Luther College dormitory studentsbenefit from being part of a small and close-knit residence community.Safety and adult supervision are thekey considerations for Luther sta. A dean of men, a dean of women and several assistant deans guide and supervise dorm students. At leastone dean of men and one dean ofwomen are always on duty. Deansserve as positive role models, ruleenforcers and confidantes. A schoolnurse is also available to students onweekday mornings. </p><p>Resident students have access to adorm lounge and high speed wirelessinternet. Meals and snacks are providedin the Luther College cafeteria.</p><p>Luther CoLLege high SChooL haSon-CaMpuS dorMitorieS withrooM for 50 boyS and 50 girLS. rooMS are doubLe oCCupanCy andCoMe furniShed with bedS, deSkS,and buiLt-in CLoSetS. SeniorStudentS May be aLLowed to havetheir own rooMS, depending onavaiLabiLity. </p><p>Luther CoLLege high SChooLattraCtS StudentS froM aLL overthe worLd beCauSe it iS dediCatedto offering an unSurpaSSedQuaLity of eduCation thatenriCheS StudentS LiveS.</p></li><li><p>dorm life isnt just aboutschool work. the dorm program oers</p><p>a variety of social activities in which studentscan participate including movie nights, karaoke</p><p>nights, time in the gymnasium, outdoorcamping programs and even a ski trip to</p><p>the rocky Mountains.</p></li><li><p>ABOUT REGINA</p><p> Luther College High School islocated at 1500 Royal Street,minutes from the Royal CanadianMounted Police (RCMP) Depot andHeritage Centre and historicGovernment House. Regina is hometo the training depot for cadets ofthe RCMP.</p><p> Regina has one of North Americaslargest urban parks even biggerthan Central Park in New York!Wascana Centre, at the heart of thecity, is home to the SaskatchewanLegislative Building which sits in thepark on the southern shore ofWascana Lake.</p><p> Regina has a resource-basedeconomy tied to oil and gas, potashand agricultural production.</p><p> There is an international airportwith direct flights to cities such asToronto, Calgary, Vancouver, andMinneapolis. The airport is a five-minute taxi ride from Luther.</p><p> Students can easily get around thecity by accessing publictransportation and private taxiservices. Regina Transit operates thecity bus service.</p><p>Regina</p><p>VancouverToronto</p><p>Luther iS LoCated in regina, the CapitaL of the provinCe ofSaSkatChewan. regina iSgrowing, with a CurrentpopuLation of 205,000 andgrowth expeCted to reaCh apopuLation of 300,000 by 2040. </p><p>regina iS the SunnieStprovinCiaL CapitaL in Canada.reginaS CLiMate iS diStinguiShedby four diStinCt SeaSonS: SpringiS warMer and SoMetiMeS rainy;SuMMer iS hot and uSuaLLy dry;faLL iS Moderate and typiCaLLydry; winter iS CoLd with Snow. </p><p>(Source: City of Regina,</p></li><li><p>regina oers manycultural and sporting opportunities</p><p>including art galleries, theatre, museums,a science centre, musical concerts,</p><p>Saskatchewan roughriders football games,cross-country skiing and skating in the</p><p>winter, and biking, golfing andcanoeing in the summer. </p></li><li><p>PROUDTRADITIONS</p><p>ATHLETICS AND ARTS &amp; CULTURE </p><p>Luther has a rich history of dynamicathletics, fine arts, and other co-curricular activities. Students canparticipate in activities as diverse astheir individual interests. Typically, over80 percent of the Luther student bodyparticipates in co-curricular activitieseach year.</p><p>Participation in artistic, athletic andsocial activities is an essentialcomponent of a well-roundededucation that seeks to develop thewhole person.</p><p>Students can gain valuable experience, develop sportsmanship,leadership and organizational skills,practice public speaking andperformances, give back to thecommunity through service work, orbecome social activists, all whilehelping to build school spirit.</p><p>AthleticsLuthers teams and individual athletesdemonstrate passion anddetermination. Student involvement inathletics promotes not only physicalhealth, but cooperation,communication, sportsmanship, andeective time management.</p><p>Luther oers a recently built state-of-the-art gymnasium and athletictraining facilities, including new fitnessand training rooms. The modernSemple gymnasium is the largest highschool gym in Regina. </p><p>Cultural OpportunitiesStudents have access to a widespectrum of fine arts courses andactivities. Luthers choirs, band andhandbell programs are known for theirexcellence. Every year the schoolproduces a Broadway musical, makingLuther a centre of musical theatre artsexpertise. Student musicians have anew band room for rehearsals andprivate practice.</p><p>the high SChooL reCentLyCoMpLeted a $17.3 MiLLion doLLarexpanSion whiCh inCLudeS a newperforManCe Stage, three newCLaSSrooMS (two of whiCh aredediCated to fine artS), a newgyMnaSiuM and fitneSS trainingCentre, and a Student CoMMonSarea. the SChooL aLSo haSrenovated SCienCe LabS andupgraded on-CaMpuS dorMS. </p><p>LUTHER INVITATIONALTOURNAMENT (LIT)</p><p>the Luther invitationaLtournaMent haS been one of MoStpreStigiouS boyS baSketbaLLtournaMentS SinCe 1953. Lit iS theLongeSt running boyS highSChooL tournaMent in Canada.</p></li><li><p>as Luther Lions, we 'pride' ourselves on traditions </p><p>that make our school unique. Many have beencarried forward from generation to generation of </p><p>Luther students. all of our traditions help build our community and create</p><p>lasting memories.</p></li><li><p>In addition to drama and creativewriting groups, Luther also has acutting-edge art studio in whichstudents can explore multiple visualmedia. The fine arts classroom wingboasts a new Film Studies classroomand editing suites, as well as state-of-the-art audio-visual technology.Luthers annual fine arts nightshowcases students artisticachievements.</p><p>Many of Luthers arts and culturalperformances are hosted in theupgraded Merlis Belsher HeritageCentre, complete with a new stage andgreen room. CANDLELIGHT SERVICES</p><p>the CandLeLight ServiCeS are aMuSiCaL CeLebration of adventCoMpoSed of LeSSonS and CaroLSpreSented by the ChoriSterS andinStruMentaLiStS of Luther. thetradition beCaMe an annuaLevent in 1926.</p><p>ALL COLLEGE BANQUET</p><p>beginning in 1927, Separate yearend banQuetS were heLd forboyS and girLS. in 1958, the twowere CoMbined and the 'aLLCoLLege banQuet' beCaMe atradition heLd every year inSpring.</p><p>ATHLETICS</p><p> Badminton (boys and girls) Basketball (boys and girls) Crosscountry running (boys and girls) Curling (boys and girls) Football (boys) Golf (boys and girls) Hockey (co-ed) Pom team (co-ed) Soccer (boys and girls) Track and field (boys and girls) Ultimate frisbee Volleyball (girls) Wrestling</p><p>CULTURAL </p><p> Advanced VocalEnsemble (AVE)</p><p> Art club Barbershop Broadway musical Christmas Candlelight</p><p>Services Fine Arts night Girls choir...</p></li></ul>