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1. Lumitys30th Anniversary 2. 1984 The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale. Sony makes the first 3 inch computer disk. IT professionals and the Chicago CommunityTrust recognize the need for technology supportin nonprofits and form the IT Resource Center(ITRC). The Donors Forum created the NonprofitFinancial Center to help organizations manageand track their resources. 3. 1995 JavaScript is first introduced anddeployed.Windows 95 sells 1 million copies inthe first four days of its release.The ITRC launches to serveas a nonprofit job board. 4. 1998ITRC started working withCommunity Technology Centersto provide access to computers,the internet and digital literacyskills in underserved communities. 5. 2007Apple introduces the iPhone.ITRC and the Nonprofit FinanceCenter join to become Lumity, aone-stop shop for nonprofitconsulting and resources. 6. 2012Lumity begins expanding theirwork at Community TechnologyCenters and Chicago PublicSchools and develops a college& career readiness program. 7. 2014Lumity celebrates 30 yearsof making Chicagoland abetter place to work and live. 8. 2014 Staff