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EIFL General Assembly 2014 presentation by Rima Kupryte. The General Assembly (GA) is EIFLs annual knowledge sharing and networking event for library professionals in developing and transition countries. Each year EIFL brings together national coordinators from over 40 countries to debate the latest developments in electronic content delivery, to discover emerging issues of significance to libraries, and to share achievements from library consortia over the last year. To learn more go to http://www.eifl.net/


  • 1. EIFL IS BORNJanuary 1, 1999EIFL (originally called eIFL.net) is created as an initiative of the Open SocietyInstitute (OSI), now Open Society Foundations (OSF), a private grantmaking foundation that is part of the Soros Foundation.

2. WORKS WITH LIBRARIES IN CENTRAL ANDEASTERN EUROPEJanuary 1, 1999Begins working withlibraries in Central andEastern Europe and theformer Soviet Union. 3. NEGOTIATES FIRST LICENCEOctober 25, 1999Negotiates first licence to provideaccess to e-journals. An agreementwas signed with EBSCO Publishingto provide access to five databasesthat contained more than 3,500 full-textjournals . 4. BEGINS BUILDING LIBRARY CONSORTIAJanuary 1, 2000Begins building a network oflibrary consortia. Libraryconsortia are groups of librariesthat share common goals. Aconsortium is able to speak withone voice to stakeholders,policymakers and funders. 5. EXPANDS TO SOUTHERN AFRICAJanuary 1, 2001Begins working withlibraries in southernAfrica. 6. SIGNS THE BUDAPEST OPEN ACCESSDECLARATIONFebruary 14, 2002EIFL was one of the original signatories for the Budapest Open AccessInitiative, which first coined the term "Open Access". 7. EXPANDS TO WEST AFRICAJuly 9, 2002Begins working with libraries in west Africa. Nigeria was the firstcountry where EIFL organized a library consortium building event. 8. HOSTS FIRST GENERAL ASSEMBLYNovember 29, 2002First annual knowledge-sharing event is held in St.Petersburg, Russia. 9. GAINS NOT-FOR-PROFIT STATUSJanuary 29, 2003Registers as a not-for-profit organisation (Stichting eIFL.net) in theNetherlands with its operational seat in Rome, Italy. 10. OPEN ACCESS PROGRAMME IS ESTABLISHEDMay 1, 2003The programme removes barriers to knowledge sharing by advocatingfor the adoption of open access (OA) policies and mandates, and bybuilding the capacity to launch and sustain OA repositories andjournals. 11. EXPANDS TO SOUTHEAST AND EAST ASIAAugust 13, 2003Begins working with libraries in southeast and east Asia. The firstevent was organized in Cambodia, followed by Laos and China. 12. EXPANDS TO NORTH AFRICANovember 3, 2003Begins working with libraries in north Africa. Sudan wasthe first country in the region to join the EIFL network. 13. FIRST OPEN ACCESS EVENTJuly 1, 2004First open accessevent is held (SouthAfrica). The conferencewas a one-dayprogramme tointroduce the OA modelin South Africa andwas hosted by SASLIand EIFL/OSI. 14. COPYRIGHT AND LIBRARIESPROGRAMME IS ESTABLISHEDJanuary 1, 2005The programme advocates for national and international copyrightlaw reform, and supports librarians to become advocates for a faircopyright system. The first regional meeting took place in Uganda. 15. FIRST LIBRARIAN FROM AFRICAPARTICIPATES AT WIPODick Kawooya, first librarian from Africa participates in copyrightnegotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 16. EXPANDS TO THE MIDDLE EASTJuly 10, 2005Begins working with libraries in the Middle East. The first workshopswere held in the Palestinian territories (Gaza and West Bank) andJordan. 17. OBSERVER STATUSAT WIPOSeptember 26, 2005Gains permanent observerstatus at the WorldIntellectual PropertyOrganization, a specializedagency of the UnitedNations. Observers areinvited to attend formalmeetings of member states. 18. FIRST OPEN ACCESS INSTITUTIONALREPOSITORY LAUNCHEDNovember 1, 2005First open accessinstitutional repository (IR)is launched through EIFLssupport in an EIFL-partnercountry (University ofZimbabwe). 19. FREE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWAREPROGRAMME IS ESTABLISHEDOctober 29, 2006The programme improveslibrary technology byencouraging the use of freeand open sourcesoftware (FOSS) in librariesand fostering a networkof FOSS champions in ourpartner countries. Experts inFOSS came together for thekick off meeting in Italy. 20. EXPANDS TO EAST AFRICAJanuary 1, 2008Begins working with libraries in east Africa.Kenya was the first country to join theEIFL network. 21. EXPANDS TO SOUTH ASIAMarch 1, 2008Begins work with libraries in south Asia. Nepal was the first country to jointhe EIFL network in the region. 22. RECEIVES OFFICIAL PARTNERSTATUS AT UNESCOJanuary 8, 2009Official partnership status isgranted to EIFL in cooperation withthe The United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO). It consists in a mutualengagement to cooperate and worktogether in the Organizations fieldsof competence. 23. PUBLIC LIBRARY INNOVATIONPROGRAMME IS ESTABLISHEDSeptember 2, 2009The programme advances community developmentby enabling public libraries to implement innovativeideas that use technology to improve peoples lives andlivelihoods. 24. FOUNDING MEMBER OF CONFEDERATION OFOPEN ACCESS REPOSITORIESOctober 21, 2009Joins other organisations infounding COAR(Confederation of OpenAccess Repositories). COARaims to enable every citizen inthe world to get access to and be able to benefit from knowledge produced frompublicly-funded research. 25. 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARYNovember 18, 2009Celebrates ten years at the General Assembly, which washosted by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. 26. EXPANDS TO OCEANIAMay 13, 2013Begins working with libraries in Oceania. Fiji was thefirst country in the region to join the EIFL network. 27. 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARYNovember 10, 2014Today we mark 15 years at the General Assembly in Istanbul. 28. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!