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ESL writing activity that focuses on the past


  • 1. Looking Back
    • In teams of 2, look at the picture(s) selected by your teacher.
    • The picture evokes something from the past.
    • Write a short paragraph (about 100 to 150 words) explaining how you imagine life was back then. (related to your picture)
    • Observe the little details in the pictures and include them in your text if needed.
    • Remember to write your text using the past tenses. Use your grammar book and irregular verb list if needed.

2. 3. Slow Driving

  • In the 1900s carswereprobably very rare and Im sure that most peopledidnt own one . Imagine how expensive carswere ! Only the rich owned cars because it was such a new thing. On the picture, there are old glass bottles. Its probably because theydidnt haveany plastic bottles back then.
  • Cars were revolutionary and extremely modern for that time. Peoplewentfrom horses to cars, itwasa big change.

4. Housewives:In the past, women didnt work. They stayed at home and took care of the house, the children, cleaning, cooking and much more.What do you think they did in a day? 5. Log drivers:This was a very dangerous job! After cutting the trees men had to drive logs to the sawmills.Imagine a typical workday. 6. You all have computers at home now. Beforecomputerswere very bigthe first one was about as big as this classroom.Who and how do you think computers were used back then? 7. Fashion in the past.Can you imagine wearing this? Hundreds of years ago, this is how some people dressed.How do you think it was to dress like this? 8. Farming:farming is very different today. Machines took over during industrialization.How different was it? How do you think food was different? 9. Old televisions and radios.You have your mp3 players and flat screens. This is what they had in the past. How did they live with this?What did they listen to and watch? 10. Phone operators:almost everyone owns a cell phone now. Before, you had to call an operator by dialing 0 and she would connect you to the person you wanted to reach. In some places, there were more than one house for one phone number!How different was it?