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GIS & Planning, Looking Back and Looking Forward. Chad Hoover, GISP Steuben County GIS Coordinator. Steuben County 1883 Map. Steuben County Current. Looking Back. Comprehensive Plan adopted 1970 Revision of Comprehensive Plan 2006 Adopted New Zoning Ordinance August 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GIS & Planning, Looking Backand Looking ForwardChad Hoover, GISPSteuben County GIS Coordinator

  • Steuben County 1883 MapSteuben County Current

  • Comprehensive Plan adopted 1970Revision of Comprehensive Plan 2006Adopted New Zoning Ordinance August 2008Adopted New Subdivision Control Ordinance August 2008

    Looking Back

  • Why did we need Change?Properties & County Changing without proper planning Properties could split up to 5-1Acre tracts in 6 years without Plan Commission Approval Many Rural Subdivisions being created without being intended and putting pressures on the local ag community.

  • How will the County look with the existing plan?Parcel PredictionsCurrent 2008 Total39,620New splits13,601 ----------Grand Total53,221

    Jan 2010 39942

    Splits By Township

    Tax DistrictAdditional CountClear Lake1279Fremont2066Jackson4711Jamestown7394Millgrove5218Otsego4243Pleasant10191Richland1648Salem5517Scott3382Steuben4930York2640

  • How has County changed since 1970?What resources do we have from that era?Scanned 1964,1973 & 1982 Aerial photographs from Surveyors OfficeAssessors Office created Landuse layer from 1973 photographs.Compared number of home sites as addresses 1973 vs. 2008

  • Historical PhotosGeoreferenced 1973 Aerials using 911 road centerlines & USPLS SectionsIntern Scanned 1964, 1973, & 1982 aerial photographs with Oce TDS 400 Scanner at 400dpiOver 250 images scanned

  • Add image to MapChanged TransparencyZoom to Sections of AerialUse Georeference Tools (Rotate, Shift, Scale)When Selecting Points Use Window MagnifierAdd Control Points


  • Rectify Image

  • 2005 foot pixel1973 Georeferenced

  • 1973 Land UseAssessors Office created land use layer for Scott Township based on Ag related criteriaType 4 Tillable LandType 5 Non Tillable Type 6 Forest

  • 1973 Land use

    Current Land use

  • Acreage

    1973TypeSummaryTillable4 570,917,825.12 13,106 Non-Tillable5 58,046,626.94 1,333 Forest6 91,882,974.11 2,109 16,548

    2008TypeTillable4 524,201,856.99 12,034 Non-Tillable5 14,734,612.49 338 Forest6107968712.0928 2,479 14,851


  • Home site Comparison1973 AerialsCurrent 911 Address PointsSelected current points from Scott TownshipRemoved from selection, points not existing in 1973

  • 1973 Addresses

  • Current Addresses212 New Homes

  • 19732008

  • Future Landuse Map

  • Ordinance FindingsMore Robust Land Division RegulationsSplits less than 20 Acre Require PlattingMore Restrictive SetbacksLimitations to Number of Dwellings per ParcelZoning Changes with Better Definitions

  • Getting Ordinance to usersAttached Zoning Ordinance to GIS, Making Information Available to Public

  • QUESTIONS?Chad Hoover, GISPSteuben County 260-668-1000 ext. 1228



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