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Looking back, looking ahead,looking toward the Cloud. ICS Washington DC 10 Oct 2012Adil SOUSSI NACHIT. Agenda. Belgium, FPS, FPS Finance, How we used to work ? After modernization, E-Services, Tax-On-web, The Cloud opportunities, The Cloud challenges, OASIS PACR TC. 2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Looking back, looking ahead,looking toward the CloudICS Washington DC10 Oct 2012Adil SOUSSI NACHIT1AgendaBelgium,FPS,FPS Finance,How we used to work ?After modernization,E-Services,Tax-On-web,The Cloud opportunities,The Cloud challenges,OASIS PACR TC22Belgium : a federal state

Head of state : King Albert II, Capital : Brussels, Population : 10M Language : Dutch, French, German

3FPS : Federal Public Services = Federal Ministry

4FPS FINANCE : who are we ?Collects and manages some 70 billion EUR in taxation every year,

Covers the majority of public spending,

The FPS aspires to the greatest possible fiscal equality,

Responds to a series of collective needs,For example, it carries out audits on products and makes sure that property transactions are conducted in a legally sound manner.

5How we used to work ?

years ago !

6After modernization: Integrated Systems


Companies and professionel users

Civil servantICT FundamentenCCFFIntegrated Systems

Uniek DossierSITRANTransversale signaletiek



ISFiscal Administration


ISCollection & Recovry

7e-Services via

8e-Services: MyminfinMyMinfin is the unique folder who gives access to the citizen to his entire electronic fiscal file,Secured :Personal login and authentication for citizen either with :Electronic Identity Card = eID

Or Username, Password and Token (personal code card)

9e-Services: MyminfinMakes easier contacts and improves relationship between users and administration by helping users in their administrative requests,Provides an electronic file as complete as possible for the citizen,User friendly, well structured and informative fiscal environment,More transparency from the FPS Finance towards taxpayers,Offers information and several e-services, for example :

10In 2011, more than 50% of the declarations were sent via Tax-on-Web

Tax-On-Web11looking toward the Cloud.12The Cloud opportunities,Scalability : A consumer provisions computing resources as needed automatically.

Elasticity: Capabilities can be elastically provisioned, to quickly scale out and rapidly scale in.

Broad network access: Capabilities are accessed over the network.

Cost reduction.

13The Cloud challenges,Legislative conformance,

Degree of control by or on behalf of the responsible public administration,

Data privacy,

Portability of data functions across multiple systems and clouds operating in concert,

Cloud solution design,

Skills needs.14OASIS PACR TC:OASIS Public Administration Cloud Requirements Technical Committee

Some work has been done in creating typologies of cloud computing service function levels, and towards models of services; and several recently-formed coalitions have proposed requirements lists at one or another level of cloud activity. However, there is little help available to governments to integrate those lists into common, readily-understood rules that inform tests or acquisition criteria; and little or no openly available, vendor-neutral information mapping such requirements to the rather large but loosely-organized body of existing ICT standards.

Join the TC and be part of the discussion

15Thank you for your attention !Adil SOUSSI NACHITAccount MangerFPS FINANCEBELGIUMe-mail : adil.soussinachit@minfin.fed.be16CLOUD