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8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/look-ziip-zaap 1/23 Improving The Economics of Improving The Economics of Mainframe SOA Enablement Mainframe SOA Enablement Exploiting zIIP/zAAP Specialty Engines Through Next Generation Middleware

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  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    Improving The Economics ofImproving The Economics ofMainframe SOA EnablementMainframe SOA Enablement

    Exploiting zIIP/zAAP Specialty EnginesThrough Next Generation Middleware

  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    Who is DataDirect Technologies?Who is DataDirect Technologies?

    Established Q+E Software &Technosis, Intersolv, Merant, DataDirect

    Operating Company of Progress Software Corp. public company (PRGS) $500m turnover

    Profitable, 20+ years in business 3 product lines: Data Connectivity, Data Integration, Mainframe Integration

    3 Development centers, 2 in the US, 1 in Belgium (Duffel) Proven Multi-channel approach (OEM & Corporate)

    Focused On Reducing data connectivity and Integration Complexity Improving Interoperability & Performace Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    DataDirects Unparalled Product LineDataDirects Unparalled Product Line

    Session Outline

    Changing role of z/OS (as a full participant in SOA)Shadow Unified Architecture Impact of MIPS growth IBMs zIIP and zAAP specialty enginesShadows Exploitation of zIIP and zAAP

    Benefits and lowering TCO

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    SOA Leading To Mainframe ResurgenceSOA Leading To Mainframe Resurgence

    SOA is altering the perception and role of themainframe

    Firming up of industry standards has alloweddevelopers to use existing skills/tools

    Initially data connectivity - ODBC/JDBC

    Web Services/SOA XML, SOAP, WS -*

    Ability to re-combine and re-use within SOAmore cost/time efficient than migration

    Mainframe now more of an

    industry standard server, fullparticipant in SOA

    Wrap and reuse rather than rip

    and replace

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    Shadow Simplifies Mainframe SOA Enablement

  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP



    Publish/consume mainframe applications (BLI, SLI, Data) as Webservices


    Provides a single interface for the real-time capture and publishing

    ShadowShadow Technology ComponentsTechnology Components


    direct, SQL access to mainframe resources data and applicationsfrom industry standard ODBC, JDBC client drivers


    expose mainframe applications via Web with HTML browser or viaJ2EE, .NET and COBOL components

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    DataDirect Shadow Platform Details

    Multiple Industry Standard Interfaces Web Services (SOAP) Direct SQL Access Real Time Events Web Enablement BPEL 2.0

    Multiple Mainframe Assets Data: DB2, VSAM, IMS/DB, Adabas Applications: CICS, IMS/TM, IDMS, Natural

    Universal Shadow Studio Eclipse based window to the mainframe

    Enterprise Class Features Shadow Instrumentation Server Security Optimization & Management Workload Manager integration Industry standard BPEL for service orchestration Full XA 2PC support with RRS Multi-tasking and multi-threaded Maintains mainframe QofS performance,

    scalability, security Offload work to the zIIP

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    Tools To Simplify Development & Reuse

    Data as a Service

    From SOAP to BPELFrom SQL to SOAP

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    Maintaining Mainframe Quality of Service

    Data and transactional integrity are essential

    Fundamental to SOAare layers of


    Diagnostics challengeincreases with addition

    of legacy services

    Enterprise classmanagement neededfor integration

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    SOA and Mainframe Security Management

    Each logon (RACROUTE)consumes 6 ms

    1 million web serviceinvocations per day

    11 transactions persecond

    1.6 CPU hours savingsper ay

    50 CPU hours per month(greater than 2 days)

    Typical SOM savings >99%

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    Industrys only single, unified platform for mainframeintegration SOA Web services and Real-time events

    Data SQL and Real-time events

    Presentation enablement HTML, Components

    Multi-threaded, mainframe address space Multi-tasking and multi-threaded

    Maintains mainframe ofS erformance scalabilit securit

    ShadowShadow Core FunctionalityCore Functionality

    Manageability Instrumentation Server

    Sysplex Trace/Browse

    Auditable / Charge back

    Exploitation of sophisticated z/OS features Workload Manager

    Security Authentication (SOM)

    Coupling Facility (XCF)

    Offload work to the zIIP

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    Solving The Mainframe TCO ProblemSolving The Mainframe TCO Problem

    Hardware costs and MSU upgrades are not the main problem

    Upgrades trigger a cascade of software cost increases from

    ISVs that weigh down mainframe TCO

    Certain types of workloads could be more effectively handledoutside of General Purpose Processor (GPP) Processin Java on mainframe not MSU friendl

    The IBM Mainframe Base: Alive and Kicking

    Published: July 10, 2007

    by Timothy Prickett Morgan

    Large ERP or BI related data queries drain performance (i.e. DB2)

    Enter the new IBM specialty engines (IFL, zAAP, zIIP) Run un-measured Not speed restricted

    Workloads on specialty engines do not count against MSUsassigned to the GPP

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    Exploiting IBM InnovationExploiting IBM Innovation

    Strategic newmainframe


    IBM introduces newarchitecturalfeatures - specialtyengines -



    IFL (Linux)


    Next generation mainframe middleware thatuniquely exploits zIIP/zAAP specialty engines

    zIIP (database)

    zAAP (Java)

    Significant performance enhancements for SOA

    Dramatic improvement in mainframe TCO

    New innovation

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    IBM Exploitation of zIIP Specialty EngineIBM Exploitation of zIIP Specialty Engine

    High Utilization ofGeneral Purpose

    IBMs original focus for the zIIP was related to DB2and support for ERP/CRM/BI data intensive workloads

    Better performance and TCO associated with DB2



    Utilization ofGeneral Purpose


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    Exploiting zIIP for Enhanced SOA PerformanceExploiting zIIP for Enhanced SOA Performance


    MiddlewareRequest Offload

    Next generation middleware exploits zIIP for SOArelated workloads

    Dramatic improvement in SOA performance and TCO

    Utilization ofGPP

    Utilization ofGPP

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    Not All Middleware Is Created EqualNot All Middleware Is Created Equal

    Mainframe middlewaredeployments vary distributed runtime mainframe based server

    Most mainframemiddleware is TCB based,incapable of accessingzIIP specialty engine

    Middleware exploitationof specialty enginesrequires geneticalteration to threads

    Ability to run in SRB/TCBmode essential

    Licensed technology

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    Which Shadow Features Exploit zIIP?Which Shadow Features Exploit zIIP?

    Shadow Foundation

    Shadow Networking & TCP/IP Communications layer

    Shadow Instrumentation Server (Logging & Tracing)

    SOAP and XML Processing/Parsing Shadow Internal Messaging Shadow XA support

    Shadows Scripting Language

    Security Optimization & Mgmt. (SOM)

    Shadows ODBC & JDBC processing

    Shadow Event Facility (SEF)

    Shadows SQL Engine

    Metadata Mapping

    HTX Processing


    50-98% middleware


  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    Exploiting zAAP for Optimizing BPMExploiting zAAP for Optimizing BPM

    zAAP exploitation enables the mainframe toeffectively handle Java workloads and participate inBPM initiatives Java is primary platform for running industry-standard BPEL

    2.0 (Business Process Execution Language)

    BPEL can provide top-down, process orientedapproach for orchestrating mainframe Web services

    Processing intensive BPEL runs within zAAP Lower TCO - not counted against GPP Improved performance - not speed restricted

    Run BPEL workflows composed of platformindependent, heterogeneous Web services, withbetter performance and lower cost

  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    BPEL Tools for Orchestrating Web Services withBPEL

    Industry Standard BPELWorkflow

    Drag & Drop WSDLfor Orchestration

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    Benefits: zIIP/zAAP ExploitationBenefits: zIIP/zAAP Exploitation

    Improved performance

    SRBs are lighter weight dispatchable units (DUs) than TCBs

    zIIPs and zAAPs are not speed restricted

    50-90% reduction in middleware GPP MSU consumption Faster XML/SOAP processing

    Faster ODBC/JDBC processing

    Lower TCO Workloads running on zIIP or zAAP not counted against GPP

    MSU consumption of middleware will be lower Lowers total software cost based on MSU consumption

    Total Mainframe MSU usage will be lower Lowers total software cost based on MSU consumption

  • 8/13/2019 look zIIP-zAAP


    Lowering Mainframe TCO with ShadowLowering Mainframe TCO with Shadow zIIP Savings v. Upgrade DeferralzIIP Savings v. Upgrade Deferral




    Utilization Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

    80.0% 96.0% 115.2% 138.3% 165.9% 199.1%

    14% 68.6% 82.3% 98.8% 118.5% 142.2% 170.7%

    30% 55.9% 67.0% 80.5% 96.5% 115.9% 139.0%

    40% 47.9% 57.5% 69.0% 82.8% 99.3% 119.2%

    For large data-centric workloads

    30% savings with Shadow & 50% workload saves 15% total MSU consumption

    For small Web services workloads

    90% savings with Shadow & 20% workload saves 18% total MSU consumption

    For large Web services workloads 90% savings with Shadow & 40% workload saves 36% total MSU consumption

    20 % ACGR in MSU Consumption (sited by IBM as average rate)

    51% 39.0% 46.8% 56.2% 67.4% 80.9% 97.1%

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    Questions and Answers

    United StatesMorrisville NC 27560USATel: 919-461-4200Toll-free: 800-876-3101Fax: 919-461-4526

    FranceToll-free: 0800 911 454

    Germany, Austria, and SwitzerlandCorporate Sales Toll-free: 0800 181 78 76OEM Sales Toll-free: 0800 181 78 72Tel: +49 62 22 388 101

    United Kingdom210 Bath RoadSlough, BerkshireSL1 3XE EnglandToll-free: 0800 169 1907Tel: +44 (0) 1753-218 930Fax: +44 (0) 1753-218 950

    JapanLune Yotsuya Building2-4-1 YotsuyaShinjuku-KuTokyoJapan 160-0004Toll-free: 0120.20.9613

    Tel: +81 3 5367 8280Fax: +81 3 5367 8279

    BeNeLuxA. Stocletlaan 202BB-2570 Duffel, BelgiumToll-free: (French) 0800 12 045Toll-free: (Dutch) 0800 12 046Toll-free: (Netherlands) 0800 022 0524Tel: +32 15 30 77 00

    Fax: +32 15 32 12 60

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    Shadows zIIP ExploitationShadows zIIP Exploitation