LoCloud: Local content in the Europeana cloud overview, Kate Fernie

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Overview of the LoCloud project and the support offered to local cultural institutions in getting their content online and making it available via Europeana. Given by Kate Fernie at the LoCloud workshop at ICOMOS 2014 in Florence. http://www.locloud.eu


  • 1. local content in a Europeana cloudKate Fernie,2Culture Associates, Project ManagerLoCloud is funded by theEuropean Commission's ICT Policy Support Programme

2. Introduction Europeana The LoCloud Project Involving local cultural institutions 3. What is Europeana? A huge online database of information about culturalcontent held by European cultural heritage institutions A network of organisations and expertise A catalyst for new services Source of exhibitionshttp://www.europeana.eu 4. Europeana: overview More than 32.000.000 digital records under CreativeCommons 0 license (free re-use) More than 2.300 European libraries, museums,archives and galleries 28 EU countries + 7 other 31 languages 5. 19m images 12m texts 485,000 sounds 465,000 videos 16,000 3D objectsEuropeana content Books, newspapers,journals, letters,diaries, archival papers Paintings, maps,drawings, photographs Music, spoken word,radio broadcasts Film, newsreels,television 6. LoCloudBest practice network funded by the EUunder the CIP ICT PSP programme 7. Huge numbers oflocal museums,libraries, archives andaudio visualcollections with anenormous amount ofinteresting contentSwedish Heritage Board 8. Main goals To add over 4 million digital resources from smalland medium-sized cultural institutions to Europeana To make it easier for small/medium institutions tomake good quality content available Increase theamount of local history and heritage resourcesavailable to Europeana users Enable more views of content relating to localitiesfor education, tourism, creativity and more 9. Local institutionsWiltshire Heritage Museum director DavidDawson and assistant curator Kerry Nickels 10. Going onlineDigitisation projectsare enabling localinstitutions topublish contentonline 11. http://www.locloud.eu 12. in Europeana 13. in Europeana 14. Europeana mission:We transform the world with culture 15. Access is key 16. Creates potential for new servicesNational Heritage Institute,Czech Republic 17. for tourism 18. for education 19. And for creativityEuropeana Creative Design Challenge 20. Workshop agenda Demonstration of LoCloud services Demonstration of Locloud Collections Geographic location and maps: services for localcultural institutions Apps for cultural tourism Conclusions and discussion 21. Thank youkfernie27@gmail.comLoCloud is funded by the European Commission'sICT Policy Support ProgrammeThe views and opinions expressed in thispresentation are the sole responsibility of theauthors and do not necessarily reflect the views ofthe European Commission.