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IMCW 2013 Conference Presentation on LoCloud by B. Ylmaz, . Klc, Y. nal & T. akmak, Hacettepe University, Turkey 4-6 September 2013 Limerick, Ireland.


<ul><li> 1. local content in a Europeana cloud B. Ylmaz, . Klc, Y. nal &amp; T. akmak Department of Information Management Hacettepe University {byilmaz, kulcu, yurdagul, tcakmak}@hacettepe.edu.tr </li> <li> 2. LoCloud Project aims: to enhance the Europeana content base by aggregating cultural heritage content, complementing collections already accessible through Europeana, representing the diversity and richness of Europe's cultural heritage. Aims </li> <li> 3. Build on success of Europeana Local and CARARE Best Practice Networks (30% of content in Europeana). 4 million + new items. Make it easier for small/medium institutions to make good quality metadata and content available to Europeana Bring together local history and heritage resources which are currently unevenly represented in the Europeana ecosystem More coherent views of content relating to a given locality Main goals </li> <li> 4. - 32 partners from 28 different countries European Union Member States represented (excluding Finland, Luxembourg and Malta) plus Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. Consortium etc </li> <li> 5. Scientific coordinator (National Archive, Norway) and a project manager (MDR, United Kingdom) Strong group of technical partners, already important contributors to development of Europeana, including AIT, Athena RC, AVINET, IPCHS, NTUA and PSNC. National and regional aggregation services or content providers who will act as pilot implementers of the cloud services; coordinate and disseminate at national level. Partners with specific expertise in key aspects such as vocabularies. Consortium etc </li> <li> 6. Agility API Reduced cost Device and location independence Virtualisation Reliability Scalability and elasticity Performance Security Maintenance Benefits claimed for cloud computing </li> <li> 7. Explore and test the potential of cloud computing for aggregation, enrichment and re-use, with a special focus on geographic location. Default aggregation infrastructure in the cloud for smaller content holders Build on MINT-MORE combination used in CARARE (EDM) Lightweight digital library Experiment with alternative ingestion methods Hospitable to new content providers House museums, private content holders Establish guidance, training and support facilities, built around the LoCloud aggregation service. LoCloud: IaaS </li> <li> 8. Metadata editing (possibly collection-wide) Preservation services Rights management Enrichment services Spatial Thematic Digital resources management (creation, cataloguing, etc.) Enhanced aggregator services </li> <li> 9. Provide cloud-based software services to enable more discoverable and interoperable content; geolocation enrichment tools metadata enrichment (NLP English + Spanish) multilingual vocabularies for local history historic place-names gazetteer Wikimedia and crowdsourcing Cloud-based testlab: content provider involvement LoCloud: SaaS </li> <li> 10. Workpackage structure Briefing, action planning in each country; state of the art in relevant cloud infrastructures; content and metadata analysis; requirements analysis WP 1 Planning, preparation and requirements Specify, modify, test, implement core infrastructure components: MINT, MoRe, Lightweight digital library all build on existing work WP 2 Design and implementation of aggregation infrastructure </li> <li> 11. Workpackages Collaborative cloud-based testlab, involving partners and users; develop and implement a suite of SaaS: geolocation enrichment; metadata enrichment; multilingual vocabularies; historic place-names; Wikimedia and crowdsourcing WP 3 Micro services for small and medium institutions Regional training workshops, video, online course; documentation and help desk; support portal centre of expertise; service sustainability planning with Europeana WP 4 Enabling and supporting small and medium institutions </li> <li> 12. Workpackages Group of inter-related evaluation activities: infrastructure, metadata and content; impact on institutions and end users; Recommendations WP 5 Evaluation and impact assessment Website and social media; national and international conferences and events; competition among Europes regions; sustainability planning; work with aggregators WP 6 Dissemination and exploitation Coordination with Europeana Cloud developments WP 7 Management and coordination </li> <li> 13. Move to cloud based architecture Scalability, high availability etc API through which to access the underlying metadata &amp; data Build services Allow content providers to create and catalogue their digital resources on the aggregator A step toward distributed digital curation? Future directions </li> <li> 14. As the partner of the LoCloud Project, Team Turkey are participating all 7 workpackages actively. Planning, preparation and requirements Design and implementation of aggregation infrastructure Micro services for small and medium institutions Enabling and supporting small and medium institutions Evaluation and impact assessment Dissemination and exploitation Management and coordination Turkey </li> <li> 15. Coordination of content provision, dissemination from Turkey and engagement of small and medium-sized institution are among the main tasks of Team Turkey. Team Turkey will use previous experiences as content provision to the Europeana and aggregator of Turkey in AccessIT Project </li> <li> 16. At the end of the Project, Team Turkey will be complete the metadata mapping and content sharing processes of the 820 postcards/photos and 120 maps and plans from VEKAM (Vehbi Ko Ankara Research Center) Archive Turkey </li> <li> 17. Hacettepe University is the owner of the activities of Team Turkey in LoCloud Project. As the personal profile, Prof. Dr. Blent Ylmaz is the coordinator of Team Turkey; Assoc.Prof. zgr Klc, Asst Prof. Yurdagl nal, Res. Asst. Tolga akmak attained as the researchers in the Project. Turkey </li> <li> 18. local content in a Europeana cloud B. Ylmaz, . Klc, Y. nal &amp; T. akmak Department of Information Management Hacettepe University {byilmaz, kulcu, yurdagul, tcakmak}@hacettepe.edu.tr </li> </ul>