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Local yet global. From a PSP perspective.


  • 1. E-businesslocal yet global, from a PSP perspective Karol Zielinski / paylane.com

2. At thebeginning 3. We took care of onlinepayments for global businesses 4. ... few yearslater 5. Global business.There is no sucha thing 6. We realized that we need to offerturn-key solutions for businessesworking on domestic markets 7. First... 8. Next... 9. Right now... 10. Right now we know whatsthe difference betweenmarkets (countries) 11. Its not only aboutthe payment methodsbut of course its extremely important to knowwhich are the preferred payment methods on specific market 12. If youre going to sell on anydomestic market...you need to prepare yourself its almost like building new company 13. Step 1dedicated offer 14. Payment methods credit cards are not so popular everywhere 15. Payment modelsrecurring paymentsone-click storing credit card details 16. CurrenciesEURUSDGBPNOKSEK ... 17. Step 2brand building 18. Languagewebsitemerchant panel customer support 19. Local entity, subsidiaryPolish/German/UK company prefers to cooperatewith Polish/German/UK company 20. Local regulationsPSD FSA/KNF other... NBP, GIODO, HMRC 21. Marketing domainsocial media, SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing, banners blogs, websites 22. Whats the biggest challenge?Whats thebiggest challenge? 23. Best partners 24. Thank you very much! Karol Zielinski, paylane.com karol.zielinski@paylane.comhttp://linkedin.com/in/karolzielinski http://facebook.com/karolzielinski


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