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Marketing and PR Presentation

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  • 1. Marketing and PR Presentation

2. Objectives What are the objectives for this project? To gain popularity within the music scene and move away from supporting gigs and shows. Also to get signed to a small record label and eventually headline our own gig. Who do you want to target? Young people aged 18- 24 How many records do you want to sell? 1500What would make this a successful exercise? Promoting on social networks and any gig that they play2 3. Band Profile Name: State Leaders Age: 21-25 Previous releases: Small band, just starting out so this is their first release/e.p Genre: Post punk revival, garage rock, alternative. Style: British post punk but more modern with a hint of raw punk like The Sex Pistols. Contemporaries: Babyshambles, Kasabian, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Damned.3 4. Think SMART Specific: We have said we want to sell at least 1500 records and E.Ps to fans and people who are interested after hearing the material. We have said we wanted to play headline shows after gaining a bigger popularity and get signed to a small record label. Measureable: How many records will be sold at gigs and online, like iTunes. How many listens and likes we have on social media. How much interest we have heard from record labels.Achievable: Depending on how many gigs we play- around the country rather than a specific place and get a good crowd I think these are objectives we can achieve. The music we play isnt targeted towards a niche market which means we could get a lot of crowds. However, there will be a lot of competition so we will have to make sure we have something different Realistic: With the use of social media I think this is a realistic objective. Time-related: Just take fans and sales as they come. They want to be more successful and complete their aims within is a space of 3 years. 4 5. Audience Who is the audience for this band? Young people into the specific genre of post-punk and garage rock. These people will be mainly 18-26 but they will have smaller audiences of 15-18 and 26-35. The main audience are the audience that are more likely to go to gigs and buy albums. What do they look like? Casual dress, with an indie or post punk style and casual, styled hair. Normally seen wearing items such as skinny jeans, t-shirts, boots such as Aldens and leather jackets or parkas. Why do they like this band? Its music that they recognise and is quite interactive. It brings a crowd together who know the words to original or cover material. Its not a heavy metal type of rock and is easy listening but its also not overplayed, popular music that they hear most places. They also bring a little nostalgia to a possible older audience with sounds similar to punk bands from the 70s and 80s. Who else do they like? Bands like the Arctic Monkeys, The libertines, The killers and they also like less modern bands like The Smiths and Joy Division. As well as The Buzzcocks, Ramones and Black Flag.5 6. Media What media will you use and why? Social media is important to the band as the main audience will use this a lot. For example, Facebook to promote the name, album and gigs and sites like Soundcloud to promote the actual music. Facebook will be able to reach out to a large audience it can also promote the music which is featured on Soundcloud. Magazines like NME may show them in their radar section once they have been signed. This will be good as it will be shown to NMEs fan base who are interested in this type of genre. This may build a fan base. BBC radio one may also promote them on their introducing line which is normally broadcasted late at night.6 7. Merchandise What merchandise would you use to promote this band? T-shirts- Normally sold at gigs rather than online and quite cheap which would advertise their name and logo. Sew on patches Stickers Badges Wristbands C.ds Small posters7 8. Manage the message What is the message you want to communicate about this band? They are a cool, hip band ready to take on the rock world with their unique take on the classic post-punk sound. What is the main selling point of the band and the album? The main selling point is that it has all the characteristics of post-punk and garage rock but also ties in some of the old, classic punk from the 70s. The album has the classic British rock beats and vocals but some tracks have the rawness of the punk like The Damned and Sex Pistols.8 9. Hyperbole Ear-bursting Nothing short of a miracle Intoxicating Best e.p ever This E.P shines It will blow your mind Its massive Full throttle of awesomeness This band is climbing up the wall of garage rock Fuel injected9 10. Events What events would you put on as part of the promotion of this band and album? Gigs in small venues and pubs as well as small local events like festivals e.g. culture shock and beer festivalsWould they play small secret gigs? They may play to a more niche market and the gigs that they start off playing will be small. Would they appear for a signing in a flagship record store? No theyre not this big yet so signing would not be needed as they are still building their fanbase. Would they play on TV chat shows? No they dont have enough publicity or popularity to gain enough viewers however they may get asked to play on small niche productions Would they go on a huge arena tour? Not yet as they are not evening assuming they will get to be that successful. Completing the aim of selling 1500 E.P, gaining a large fan base and getting signed to a small label is just on the cards for now. What other events and happenings could you create to raise the public profile of the band? Charity events and competitions will be a good way for a small band to get easy publicity and possibly gain more fans.10 11. Internal motivation What is the motivation behind this project? To have fun with a close group of friends playing what they love. They also would like to go on a world tour eventually after travelling the UK and getting a large fan base.What is it an important project for you? To market myself and learn about gaining publicity and get a message to a lot of people.Why is it an important project for the band? There is a possible career and to make sure all the time and practise that they have put into the band doesnt get wasted.11 12. Motivation of media Why would the media be interested in this project? Charity events would be interested in having a new band play a small event as they would not expect to be paid and they would appreciate the experience in playing to a crowd. Small niche magazines or local newspapers maybe interested in this project as it is a young, local band trying to make it big. Smaller magazines that are normally handed out in towns and cities may use the band to let them know of gigs and promote events. The band may appreciate this as they will let the public know of the bands name and any gigs that they are playing and this will bring in a crowd and hopefully build their fan base. Small local radio stations may be interested in letting the public know of a small band who are local who are playing gigs. This would bring in publicity for the band and maybe listeners for the radio station if the audience like the band. The audience may assume that the station will then let them know of more interesting artists.12 13. SMART Specific: It is clear that the band are only looking to build a fan base and sell their e.ps at the minute. Getting more successful could be on the cards but the smaller achievements is just the aim for now. Measureable: Over the course of playing gigs and events and also promoting a lot on Facebook it will be easy to measure how popular the band are and how many e.ps are being sold everyday/gig. Achievable: This is achievable as they sticking to the smaller aims, things that can be done without needing any help and is reasonably cheap. Realistic: Many bands start off small and only play to a reasonable crowd and dont sell a lot of e.ps. Time-related: They are going to try and achieve this over the course of 3 years. Enough time to build a fan base and play plenty of gigs etc. However they dont want to stay small forever so they hope to have moved up in the scene after the three years. 13 14. 14