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On 4 June, the Hunter Institute of Mental Health held a community forum in Newcastle on Living Well. The speakers included Craig Hamilton and Wayne Bennett. These are the slides frome the introduction.


  • 1. Join the conversation on Twitter #LivingWell You can follow the Hunter Institute of Mental Health on Twitter @HInstMH

2. TIP 1: Get enough sleep and rest Sleep affects our physical and mental health. Go to bed at a regular time each day and practice good habits to get better sleep. Also allow yourself time to rest throughout the day. 3. TIP 2: Take time out for things you enjoy Balance in life is important for maintaining emotional health and wellbeing. Set aside time for activities, hobbies and things you enjoy. 4. TIP 3: Be active and eat well Our physical and mental health is closely linked. Eating well and getting some exercise everyday can make a real difference to the way we feel. 5. TIP 4: Nurture relationships and connect with others Our connection to others is what builds us up and keeps us strong. Having people sit beside us when times are good and when times are bad can make all the difference. 6. TIP 5: Learn to manage stress There are many things that we can do during times of stress to help ensure we bounce back. Try relaxation, yoga or meditation. Writing your feelings down or talking them through can also help. 7. TIP 6: Get involved and join in Being part of a group of people with a common interest provides a sense of belonging and is good for your mental health. Volunteering can also make you feel good. 8. TIP 7: Build your confidence Learning improves your mental fitness. Striving to meet your own goals builds skills and confidence, and gives you a sense of achievement. 9. TIP 8: Feel comfortable in your own skin Everyone is different. Get to know who you are, what makes you really happy. As a society we need to speak out about things that impact on the ability of people to feel accepted for who they are. 10. TIP 9: Set realistic goals and deal with tasks one at a time. Juggling work, family, friends and hobbies can be a challenge. Deal with tasks one at a time and break goals you have set for yourself down into small, achievable steps. 11. TIP 10: Reach out for help when you need it. Everyone needs help and support from time to time. Talking to someone can be the first step to getting the help and support you need. 12. Find out about our local youth arts programs 13. Find out about our programs for families and communities 14. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters


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