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  • Lighting IN Hotels s

    Dr. Bhavya Khamesra

  • Introduction

    Creates right atmosphere, add character to room Decorative & functional Not appear dull/ flat..,not cause glare Balance direct/ indirect, direct / diffused Amount of light depends on function of area &

    colours used in furnishings/floors Strong lights in kitchen , wash areas, staff rooms Decorative lights // functional lights

  • Hanging lights

  • Types of lights

    direct indirect

    diffused Semi indirect

  • Direct Light thrown on surface belowOver bright, shadows, glare

    indirect Fittings are concealed, light thrown on wall/ ceiling, reflected, no glare/shadow

    Diffused Pass through glass/plastic filamentFittings completely enclosed/ concealed

    Semi indirect

    Some light diffused, some reflected from ceiling

  • LED exterior lighting

  • Royal dcor lighting

  • FILAMENT/ incandescentVacuum filled/inert gasesFine filament heated Higher temperature & glareLife- 1000/ 2000 hoursDamaged by vibration, voltage fluctuationLow in cost, different sizes for all types of fittingsGives clear/ diffused Can produce highlights & sparkle

    FLOURECENT LAMPSVacuum coated with fluorescent powderUV rays fall on powder give lightAide choice of coloursSome tubes have reflectors insideHot Cathode lamps low starting voltageHot cathode lamps high starting voltage ,instant start

  • incandescent fluroscent

  • Give warm light, with distortion of colour Generates considerable heatWill darken wall / ceilingAre easily replacedSuitable for pendent lights,Wall brackets, table & floors standards, spot lightsPoor efficiency

    Running cost lower, saves electricityGives 3 times light as fill. Of same wattageGives diffused light with flat appearanceOperating temperature 1/5 lower then filament Good overall light , no shadowUsed with plastic/ glass coverings

  • LED

  • Wall lamp shades Ceiling /hanging shades

  • Ordinary bulbs- incandescent CFL compact Fluorescent light are replacing

    ordinary bulbs LED light emitting diodes Bulbs - 10 watt to 150 watts Reflector type incandescent lamps-feature & decorative lights , silver/ aluminium inner reflectors High power outdoor floodlights- tungsten iodine


  • Fittings & shades

    Adds to decoration Affects efficiency of lighting system Appropriate shade ,variety of shapes, sizes, & material are available Standard lamps- firm base & shade correct proportion to height of lamp Flex/ wire avoid across floor, over furniture, under

    carpets , may lead to accidents/ falls , fire

  • Light shades

  • Shades plastic, glass, fabric, metal Materials discolour/ fade/ ruined by heat Become dirty looks untidy, affects efficiency of

    light Shade should be pleasing lit/ unlit Shades dusted / suction cleaned Lamp base metal - polished

  • Light fittings should be

    Well positioned Emit light in direction & quantity required Pleasant to look weather lit / unlit Well made , durable, mechanically sound electrically safe not give shock Not prone to overheating Easily cleaned Lamps can be replaced without difficulty

  • Amount of light in different areas

  • Uses of light

    Lighting is used in interior decoration to Reveal Features of construction Conceal space by areas in shadow Create impression of space Create suitable atmosphere in room Act as focal point, accentuate colour & texture highlight pictures, statues, floral decorations Introduce accent of colour by fittings & shades

  • staircases

  • Party light

  • Highlight paintings

  • Garden lights

  • Strong shadows may be avoided by using multi light fittings of equal wattage instead of one single light

    Lighted walls1. Give a background to furnishings2. Give added perspective & feeling of space3. Can dramatize colours & textures

  • Entrance hall

    Look inviting, give character, space Large area- chandelier , wall bracket, pelmets Cornice light- light reflected to ceiling False ceiling- glass panels/ recessed downlight Mirrors impression of height/ reflections Bright lights on reception desk lounge Atmosphere- comfort, restfullness

  • Recessed down light / wall light gives illumination/ brightness

    Wall light only perimeter of room , unless pillars Portable fittings- sockets all over

  • restaurant

    Subdued lights more usual Light can affect the colour of food Table lamps/ candles Banquets/ conferences- higher lighting Cafeteria/ fast food- high illumination

  • Restaurant

  • Restaurant

  • Corridors

    Subdued lights, avoid gloom/ glare Room numbers visible Stairs well lit- in stairs, along hand rails During night left on Emergency light exit signs

  • Bedroom

    Adequate lights in different parts Bedside light, dressing table, study table, Two way switches Twin beds 2 lights Dressing- light on face Table lamp study table Bathroom- face lit adequately, switches outside/ on side should

    not get wet by water of shower

  • Bedroom

  • bedroom

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

  • Halogen

  • Lobby