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Technical Specification for Interior Decoration & Furnishing


<ul><li><p>ONGC TRIPURA POWER COMPANY LIMITED</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR</p><p>INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS</p><p>2 X 363.3 MW</p><p>GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT,</p><p>PALATANA, UDAIPUR, TRIPURA</p><p>(This document is meant for the exclusive purpose of bidding against this specification and shall not betransferred, reproduced or otherwise used for purposes other than that for which it is specifically issued).</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANTTECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS</p><p>TABLE OF CONTENT</p><p>Clause No. Description Page No.A. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR INTERIOR WORKS CIVIL1.0 SPECIFICATIONS FOR INTERIOR WORKS 062.0 HARDWARE 103.0 METAL WORK 114.0 MIRROR 125.0 P O P PUNNING 136.0 GLASS AND GLAZING 147.0 PAINTING, WHITE WASHING, COLOUR WASHING &amp; DISTEMPERING 168.0 BLINDS 179.0 STANDARD WORKMANSHIP 1710.0 MATERIAL ORDER STATUS / RECEIPTS AT SITE 1711.0 MODE OF MEASUREMENT OF WORKS 1812.0 DESCRIPTION OF WORK: HOW MEASURED MULTIPLYING FACTOR 18B. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR INTERIOR WORKS ELECTRICAL1.0 GENERAL TERMS 212.0 REGULATION &amp; STANDARDS 213.0 SCOPE OF WORK 224.0 POINT WIRING 235.0 MEASUREMENTS OF POINT WIRING 246.0 CIRCUIT WIRING, SUB-MAIN WIRING AND ITS MEASUREMENT 257.0 6 &amp; 16 AMP SWITCH SOCKET OUTLET MODULAR RANGE 258.0 LIGHTING FIXTURE AND FANS 269.0 LAMP HOLDERS, CEILING ROSES &amp; BALLASTS 2610.0 TESTING &amp; INSTALLATION 2711.0 WIRING SPECIFICATION 2812.0 SWITCH-OUTLET BOXES AND JUNCTION BOXES 3213.0 CONDUCTORS 3314.0 EARTHING 3515.0 TESTING 3816.0 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS 3917.0 FIRE DETECTION AND ALARM SYSTEM 40C. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR FURNITURE1.0 SPECIFICATIONS FOR FURNITURE / INTERIOR WORKS 452.0 WOODEN STORAGES 473.0 STORAGES IN CONFERENCE ROOM 474.0 METAL STORAGES 475.0 CHAIR WITHOUT HEADREST 486.0 CHAIR WITH HEADREST 487.0 CHAIR WITH FIXED ARM 498.0 CHAIR WITH ADJUSTABLE ARM 509.0 READING CHAIR 5110.0 CHAIR FOR CAFETARIA 5111.0 3 SEATER SOFA IN OFFICE ROOM 5112.0 CHAIR WITH CHROME BASE 5113.0 CHAIR MESH TYPE WITH FIXED BASE 5214.0 CHIARS 53</p></li><li><p>15.0 STOOL FOR PATIENT 5316.0 SOFA 5317.0 MANAGER TABLE LAMINATED 5418.0 MANAGER TABLE PRE-LAMINATED BOARD WITH SIDE STORAGE METAL</p><p>MODESTY55</p><p>19.0 MAIN TABLE 5620.0 CHAIRMAN TABLE IN VENEER FINISH 5721.0 CENTER TABLE AND CORNER TABLE IN MANAGERS CABIN 5822.0 CENTER TABLE AND CORNER TABLE 5823.0 DISCUSSION TABLE 5824.0 LAB WORKING PLATFORM 5925.0 LOCKERS LAB 5926.0 BENCHES IN LOCKER ROOM 6027.0 DISPLAY BACK 6028.0 TABLE FOR PLANT SCALE 6029.0 READERS TABLE 6130.0 WOODEN LIBRARY RACKS 6131.0 TABLES (MAIN TABLE) WITH PEDESTAL, KETBOAD TREY &amp; CPU TROLLEY 6232.0 SINGLE BED IN HOSTEL 6333.0 DOUBLE BED IN HOSTEL 6334.0 BED FOR PATIENT 6335.0 SEMINAR HALLL AREA 6436.0 RECEPTION TABLE 6437.0 MODEL AND CHART TABLE 6438.0 CAFETARIA TABLE 6539.0 METAL RACK 6540.0 LECTURE ROOM TABLE 66D. GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR CEILING &amp; PARTITION1.0 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 682.0 STANDARD WORKMANSHIP 693.0 CEILING WORK 694.0 POST CAP METAL CEILING SYSTEM 705.0 CANOPY METAL CEILING SYSTEM 726.0 CORRIDOR METAL CEILING SYSTEM 747.0 CLIP IN METAL CEILING SYSTEM 768.0 METAL BAFFLE CEILING SYSTEM 789.0 SINGLE GLAZING FULL HEIGHT PARTITION SYSTEM 7910.0 SINGLE GLAZING FULL HEIGHT PARTITION SYSTEM (WITH METAL PANEL) 8111.0 TIMBER WALL CLADDING 8212.0 DOUBLE GLAZING FULL HEIGHT PARTITION SYSTEM 8313.0 DOUBLE LAYER WOODEN PANEL PARTITION SYSTEM 84E. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR SYSTEM INTEGRATION WORK1.0 DISPLAY SYSTEM 882.0 SOURCE EQUIPMENTS 883.0 AUDIO RE-INFORCEMENT SYSTEM 884.0 CONTROL SYSTEM 895.0 CABLES AND CONNECTORS 896.0 OTHER MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS 897.0 AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEM FOR 100 SEATER AUDITORIUM 908.0 DISPLAY SYSTEM FOR LECTURE HALL SOLUTION 949.0 AUDIO RE-INFORCEMENT SYSTEM FOR EXECUTIVE TRAINING ROOM 9410.0 BACKGROUND MUSIC SYSTEM FOR CANTEEN 95</p><p>Annexture-I LIST OF INDIAN STANDARDS 96Annexure-II LIST OF APPROVED MAKES OF MATERIAL INTERIOR &amp; CIVIL WORKS 99</p></li><li><p>LIST OF APPROVED MAKES OF MATERIAL ELECTRICAL WORKS 101LIST OF APPROVED MAKES OF MATERIAL CEILING 102LIST OF APPROVED MAKES OF MATERIAL FURNITURES 102LIST OF APPROVED MAKES OF MATERIAL SYSTEM INTEGRATION WORKS 103</p><p>Annexure-III TENDER DRAWINGS 117</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS Page | 5</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR INTERIOR WORK - CIVIL</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS Page | 6</p><p>1. SPECIFICATIONS FOR INTERIOR WORKS1.1. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.1.1.1. The section of the specification shall be read in conjunction with the Drawings,</p><p>other Contract Documents and other sections of these specifications which shallbe deemed to be complementary to one another. The Contractor carrying ourthis work shall be responsible for providing all plant, tools, materials and allthings necessary for the proper execution, completion and maintenance of theseworks.</p><p>1.2. DIMENSIONS1.2.1. Figured dimensions shall be taken in preference to scaled dimensions in all</p><p>cases. Before commencing any work the Contractor shall verify all requirementson the Site.</p><p>1.3. SAMPLES1.3.1. A Sample of every item of furniture / paneling / cladding / flooring /false ceiling</p><p>all other components, including their parts shall be submitted for approval beforean order is placed or manufacture commences. Approved samples shall be usedas standards of finish and workmanship.</p><p>1.4. JOINTS AND ADHESIVES1.4.1. All joints shall be standard Mortise and tennon / dowel / dovetail / cross-halved /</p><p>mitred / tongue &amp; groove / rebated. Nailed butt joints will not be permittedexcept where shown in the drawings. Where mortise and tennon joints areshown in the drawings, tennon shall fit the mortises exactly. Adhesives shall beresin based for all carpentry work and as per approval of the Project Manager /Architect. Lap joints with glue shall be permitted in wood skirting.</p><p>1.5. FASTENINGS1.5.1. Screws, nails etc, shall be of standard iron / wire unless otherwise shown on</p><p>drawings. Screws and nails for outdoor furniture shall be of brass or other non-corrosive metal. Exposed fastenings shall match the finish of hardware. Wherescrews show on a finished surface, they shall, unless otherwise detailed, be sunkand the hole plugged with wood plug of the same wood and grain of the finishedsurface. Nails on finished surfaces shall be neatly punched and the hole filledwith wood filter to match. Filling putty over screw or nail holes shall not bepermitted.</p><p>1.6. HARDWARE1.6.1. Hinges, locks, latches, door tracks, nail hides etc shall be as specified or an</p><p>approved substitute equal to or better than the specified.1.7. METAL1.7.1. Where metal legs, frames and the like are used, these shall be welded, brazed,</p><p>bolted or as required, and on finished surfaces, welding, brazing, and rivetingshall be ground so that no evidence of this is apparent on the final finish of the</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS Page | 7</p><p>metal. All legs of case or cabinet furniture whether of wood or metal, shall beequipped with nylon glides or castors unless otherwise shown on the drawings.</p><p>1.8. FINISH1.8.1. Finishes shall be fully in accordance with the drawings and schedules. Where</p><p>timber is in natural finish, pieces shall be matched for colour and grain beforeassembly. Where timber is stained the stain shall be matched throughout.Backs of wall-hung case of cabinet furniture shall be treated with an approvedbrand of wood preservative.</p><p>1.9. CUSHION VENTS1.9.1. Cushion vents shall be made in the back or underside of all seat cushions in</p><p>sufficient number to allow air to escape easily and prevent torn seams.1.10. MOISTURE CONTENT OF CARPENTRY1.10.1. The moisture content of timber during manufacture, delivery to the Site,</p><p>Storage, Site Working, Assembly and Installation shall have moisture content of12% nominal.</p><p>1.11. SUPERIOR QUALITY TEAK/PADAUK1.11.1. It shall be of good quality and well-seasoned. It shall have uniform colour,</p><p>reasonably straight grains and shall be free from large, loose, dead knots,cracks, warps, twists, bends, borer holes, shakes, sapwood or defects or anykind. No individual hard and sound knot shall be more than 1 cm. In diameterand aggregate area of all knots shall not exceed % of the area of the piece. Itshall be close grained and there shall not be less than six growth rings per 2.5cm. width.</p><p>1.12. WOOD WORK1.12.1. Timber used shall confirm to specifications described under materials, shall be in</p><p>accordance with the Architects drawing in every details and all joiners work shallaccurately set out, framed and finished in a proper workmanlike manner. Framesof partitions and opening, etc., shall be of accurately planned smooth andrebates, roundings and mouldings shall be made as shown on the drawings.Patching or plugging of any kind shall not be allowed. Joints shall be simple,neat and strong.</p><p>1.12.2. Framed joints shall be coated with suitable adhesive like glue or synthetic resinbefore the frames put together. All mortice and tenon joints shall fit in fully andaccurately without wedging or filling. The joints shall be pinned with hardwoodor bamboo pins of 10mm to 12mm dia, or rust resisting star shaped metal pintsof 8mm dia, after the frames are put together and pressed in position by meansof a press. The frames shall be protected during the progress of work byproviding suitable boxing. All portions of timber abutting against or embedded inmasonry or concrete shall be treated against termites by giving a coat of anyapproved wood preservative. All T.W. work should be painted with a cost ofapproved wood primer.</p><p>1.12.3. No extra measurements will be given for the shape, joints of the partitionscounter, tables work etc.</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS Page | 8</p><p>1.12.4. All work shall be measured net as fixed. No extra measurement will be given forshape, joints, played meeting styles of doors and windows and shall bemeasured in unit of square feet.</p><p>1.12.5. Areas over one face inclusive of exposed frame thickness (excluding width ofcover mould) shall be measure in case of T.W. Doors, windows, and ventilators,Louvers, Portions in masonry or flooring shall not be measured.</p><p>1.12.6. Frames and shutters shall not be painted or erected before being approved bythe Client/Architects.</p><p>1.13. Upholstery1.13.1. Where the upholstery fabric is patterned no upholstery fabrication is to</p><p>commence until the Contractor has received clear instructions concerning thedirection of the pattern and the method of its joining. Upholstery will be of firstclass workmanship with webbing, no-sag springs, coiled springs, padding andfilling as specified. Covering fabrics will be sewn, tufted and corded as shown onthe drawings or schedules.</p><p>1.14. PROTECTION, DELIVERY AND STORAGE1.14.1. While remaining in proper wrappers the timber shall be protected from extremes</p><p>of temperatures and direct sunlight.1.14.2. Internal joinery and joinery timber shall be kept in its original wrappers before</p><p>working, fixing and installing on Site.1.14.3. All joinery to be painted shall be approximately sealed with the specified primer</p><p>to all faces before leaving its place of manufacture. All joinery to be varnished /spirit polished shall be sealed with at least one coat of specified varnish polish atall faces before leaving its place of manufacture. All joinery and joinery timbershall be wrapped in proper cover before and during transport and delivery toSite.</p><p>1.14.4. Proper warping to external joinery and timber shall be removed on delivery toSite or as previously specified.</p><p>1.14.5. All timber used shall be kiln seasoned. Fire Retardant paint shall be used on allhidden timber wherever indicated / specified anywhere in the drawings,specifications and the various parts of this Document. All woodwork exposed orunexposed done by the Contractor shall be coated in a colourless fire retardingpaint of brand approved by CBRI and Fire authorities. The painting work shallbe done by soft brushes, and by pencil brushes in corners etc. The rate wouldinclude providing all material brushes etc. No extra payment would be made forthe same.</p><p>1.15. BUILDERS HARDWARE</p><p>1.15.1. All hardware fittings and fixtures shall be made with structural properties tosustain safety and withstand strains and stresses to which they are normallysubjected to such as opening and closing, wind pressure etc. The fittings shallgenerally conform to relevant specifications.</p></li><li><p>PLANT: 2X363.3 MW GAS BASED COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT</p><p>TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSFOR INTERIOR DECORATION &amp; FURNISHING OF PLANT BUILDINGS Page | 9</p><p>1.15.2. They shall be made true, clear straight with sharply defined profiles and unlessotherwise shown or specified with true smooth surfaces and edges, free fromdefects. Screw holes shall be counter sunk to suit the head of wood screws.</p><p>1.16. MELAMINE FINISH - GLOSSY/ NATURAL : TECHNICAL DATA</p><p>1.16.1. Thinner recommended : Brushing Thinner 1061.16.2. Spraying Thinner 1241.16.3. Mixing ratio : Base to hardener in 10:1 by volume1.16.4. Drying Time : 8 Hours1.16.5. Surface dry-less than 30 minutes1.16.6. Hard Dry 16-20 hours1.16.7. Re-coating period-overnight1.16.8. Finish : 25 microns film thickness smooth and glossy1.16.9. Flash point: Above 14 degree C (57 degree F) Sand the surface along the grains</p><p>with Emery paper No: 180 or with a suitable grade sand paper. Brush thesurface free of loose dust. Fill the wood using wood filler. Remove excess fillerimmediately after applications. Allow 2-3 hours of drying before sanding withEmery paper no: 240-280. If desired, apply Apcolite wood stains by raggingafter filling step or mix it in Natural Wood Finish upto 20% by volume and applyby spraying after Sealer Coat. In application by ragging allow a drying time of 5-10 minutes in between coats and 30-60 minutes before over coating with finishcoats. Apply a coat of Natural Wood finish Clear Sealer. After overnight drying,smooth sand with Emery Paper No: 320 and wipe the surface free of loose dust.Apply Apcolite Natural Wood Finish Clear Glossy as follows. Ensure that thesurface to be coated is free from loose matter. Natural Wood Finish clear Glossyis a two component system consisting of base and hardener. These should bemixed in a glass, plastic or enameled container. Allow the mixture to stand for30 minutes and then apply by brushing or spraying using the recommendedthinner for consistency adjustment. The mixture of base and hardener should beused within 8 hours. To enhance gloss and decorative value Natural Wood FinishClear Glossy can be buffed using suitable buffing mops but only after 48 hoursof application.</p><p>1.17. KAILWOOD / MARANDI1.17.1. Wherever kailwood is specified it...</p></li></ul>