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The probably most intense and effective leadership initiative to move you towards excellence. Powered by neuroscience and using cutting edge measurement technologies.



    LIFE is a breakthrough program aiming for excellence in all you do in your life. Based on multiple years of research and leveraging neuroscience, social psychology, and cutting-edge biofeedback technology. Shattering personal barriers, LIFE assists you in building better quality relationships and business outcomes.

    LIFE is a high impact experience that shapes character and boosts personal leadership effectiveness.

    Leadership is a process where, by bringing out the best in yourself, you bring out the best in others, motivating them to achieve higher levels of performance, creativity and well-being.

    LIFE is about building your character to assist you in becoming the admired friend, parent, and leader you want to be.

    LIFE is the program to get you there.

    About Executive Oxygen

    Executive Oxygen is a consortium of leading organizations in the area of neuro- and biofeedback, neuroscience and research, leadership development and multi-media. A consortium dedicated to drive real change and bringing science to the field of leadership development.

    CIMBA Leadership Labs - Italy Q595 GmbH - Germany

    Thought Technology LTD - Canada Spirit Quest World - USA

    Further information can be found

    The LIFE Framework

    A program designed by:

    Working with leading anthropologists, biologists, social psychologists, and neuroscientists taught us invaluable lessons that led to the creation of the LIFE experience:

    1. A traditional course on leadership does not make you a leader

    2. A persons barriers to leadership are typically the very same barriers they face in being the person they truly would like to be.

    3. We are wired to be social. As a consequence, we need first to build our social skills, our character, to be the person we want to be.

    Good character skills allow us to become effective followers, a necessary prerequisite to effective leadership. In building character, as humans we learn to:

    Recognize and understand our own and others emotions - self awareness and social awareness.

    Stay cool under pressure and to build resilience to emotional reactions to social stimuli - self-regulation.

    We learned that advances in transportation, communications, and information technology over the past century have placed increased emphasis on the individual, and as a consequence eroded our ability to build and develop character. In just the past decade, we realized we are at the very beginning of an important fourth era in technology development - technology as an Awareness Multiplier.

    Advances in brain-imaging technology, mobile technology, bio-sensors, and data analytics provide very realistic expectations that this era will revolutionize education and the way we interact.

    Uniquely based on that awareness technology, LIFE is about building your character to assist you in becoming the admired friend, parent, and leader you want to be.

    Performance Indicators affected by LIFE: Increased emotional intelligence

    Increased self-confidence - even under stress

    Improved ability to stay tuned and focused under stress

    Greater focus on solutions & enhanced can-do-atti-tude

    Reduced fear and anxiety when confronting change

    Improved decision-making and critical thinking

    Tools to build and maintain effective relationships

    Enhanced public speaking skills

    Improved relationships with colleagues and friends

    Enhanced optimism in the face of challenges

    Heightened appreciation for the power of a team

    Why LIFE works

    Founding Member of Executive Oxygen

    Q595 GmbHParkweg 985659 Forstern/ MunichGermany

    About Q595Bringing science, not myths, to leadership development.

    At Q595 we partner with individual leaders and their organizations to create a challenging, rewarding, and relevant setting to develop distinctive leadership presence and impact.

    We take an evidence-based approach, drawing from neuroscience and other disciplines, to ensure that our programs are robust and effective.

    What makes the difference, we believe, is:

    The passion and heart that our consultants and leadership catalysts bring to their relationship with each leader

    The commitment to creating exceptional learning experiences The innovative learning technologies thought provoking, proven,

    and practical.

    Our overarching aim is to be the leadership development resource organisations and leaders most enjoy working with.

    When it comes to inspiring, motivating, creating commitment, and leading change in teams or organisations, a leaders IQ is not necessarily the most important factor. We draw on the Q-Factors For Better Results in order to boost your leadership effectiveness. We call these the Q-Factors for better results and, significantly, they are capabilities that can be developed with focus and attention.

    These five areas are responsible for leadership success and growth. They are interlinked, and when harnessed, fully unleash leadership potential. In addition, understanding the brain and how it influences our decision making, motivation, interactions with others, and performance is crucial to success.

    Q595 Offices & Contacts:

    Munich -

    London -

    Dubai -

    Johannisburg - South

    Washington D.C. -

  • The idea of LIFE

    Create exceptional leaders based on objective data instead of myths: Through neuroscience and cognitive sciences and by providing the opportunity for ongoing measurement and (bio-)feedback.

    With thousands of participants over nearly a decade, the program has proven to assist people and their organizations in overcoming their immunity to change. It provides a foundation for developing effective leaders, defined by the following principal characteristics:

    1. Leaders belong to a group2. Leaders establish influential relationships 3. Leaders achieve the groups shared goals

    Participants are placed in an experiential environment, in a group of between 15 and up to 48 people, with all meals, sessions and exercises undertaken together. Under the direction of experienced trainers and facilitators, the group is challenged continuously from the morning to the late evening by processes specifically engineered to emulate social environments. As in any such effective social environment, the participants come to realize that giving 100% of themselves toward group success is key to embracing the competency being examined, and in passing the task or exercise.

    LIFE runs over 3 days, starting at 11am on Day 1 and finishing at 4pm on Day 3. The program ends with an application examination and a Certificate of Leadership Breakthrough for successful participants.

    Program Components

    LIFE places practice along side theory - and the theory is cutting edge. In between processes, the Professor provides the science and the rationale to assist participants in making sense of the experiences they encounter throughout the program. The curriculum includes the latest insights from neuroscience, explaining what makes us tick, why some reactions to social stimuli are more effective than others, and what we can do going forward to improve.

    The key questions to which leaders are getting answers:

    How can I make a difference as leader in both my own life and in lives of others?

    How can I develop a compelling vision?

    How can I drive engagement and commitment by setting others up for success?

    How can I enable others to perform, encourage them to challenge the status quo, and keep them in the flow?

    How do I motivate and acknowledge others effectively?

    What does it take for me take action? To take effective action even under stress? How can I stay on track, stay focused? How can I best identify and overcome my fears?

    FINDING YOUR VOICE dig deep and project your vi-sion with empathy and compassion.

    BREAKTHROUGH cut through your barriers and fears.

    THE INNER POWER find and leverage the inner source of power to achieve the impossible.

    YOUR INNER VOICE learning mindfulness techniques to improve your mental capacity and ability to regulate stress.

    FOCUS how to sustain the individuals focus on the desired goals.

    The Technology

    The use of biometric data makes this program REAL. Special Forces, first responders and top athletes use these technologies to generate peak performance results. In LIFE, we use this technology to help boost your performance as a leader in various scenarios. Our technology measures how deeply you are emotionally engaged and how your leadership performance impacts and affects others. Our Mobile Neurolab makes leaders get real!

    LIFE is intense and highly impactful: It is a three-day, full immersion program exploring and bringing out the best in participants. By changing thinking based on objective data, it awakens the leader within. LIFE enables leaders to better understand the affect they have on other people, and stimulates personal insights to move you from good to great.

    LIFE is experiential and based on science: Participants practice behaviors that result in sustainable personal development and growth. As opposed to being told in a traditional lecture or classroom format, participants actually feel and experience the qualities of leadership excellence. Through the use of Executive Oxygens unique Mobile NeuroLab, participants receive objective data and feedback on their physiology in a variety of situations, building the essential self-awareness foundation necessary for personal intentional change.

    LIFE generates tangible outcomes: As a participant, you leave the program with strongly anchored goals and requisite behavior modification tools, allowing you to move beyond the personal barriers that have kept you from your potential, from the person you know you can be. You leave the program armed with a personal development action plan and, more importantly, with the motivation and conviction to move forward and make it happen.

    LIFE builds leadership character: LIFE provides an experiential introduction to both the importance of character and the technology that can be used to build it.

    LIFE is evidence-based: Throughout the program, the Mobile NeuroLab is collecting both biometric data to assess stress response (including heart rate variability, breathing rates, and cortisol levels) and psychometric data to assess affects on cognition. The data provide a key ingredient in shaping your personal development strategy for becoming more effective at work and beyond, particularly in conjunction with after-LIFE coaching. This collection and analysis of data is unique to Executive Oxygens LIFE program.

    LIFE shows strategies for positive change: The hard science and data behind LIFE provide an empirical basis for the tools and techniques to assist you in developing your self- and social awareness abilities, as well as your ability to self- regulate stress and emotions, particularly staying cool under pressure and being more resilient to challenging emotional stimuli. These three components are key brain-based pillars for character, and are the essence of leadership success.

    LIFE drives sustainable change: Participants have access to a comprehensive online-dashboard where they can see their biometric data from the program and where they can track their progress over the next couple of months. The online-dashboard provides a comprehensive pool of data for their personal development and for documenting their personal success stories.

    At Executive Oxygen, character means those abilities for critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving, and behavior, particularly in getting along with others. From leadership to our friendships to our other social groups, character lapses in the form of poor decisions and judgment, distractions, inattention and lack of focus, misinterpreting anothers actions, and the inability to manage emotions can make us less of a person than the one we want to be.

    In 1946, Professor Peter Drucker, the eminent leadership scholar, quoted Alfred Sloan, CEO of General Motors, as saying:

    The chief executive must be . . . absolutely tolerant and pay no attention to how a man does his work, let alone whether he likes a man or not. The only criteria must be performance and character.

    Seven decades after Sloan, the twin criteria of performance and character remain just as essential in determining whether or not a person adds value to an organization, from front-line employees to the CEO.

    Yet despite this reality, what people are continuously measured and rewarded for is performance, not character. Why? Until now, it was considered too difficult to measure.

    Now with todays technology we can measure it. Thanks to advanced biometric and neuro-biometric feedback, we are able to measure aspects of character and build leadership skills like never before.

    Overview LIFEIntroducing the LIFE program LIFE Performance Testimonials and Outcomes


    The LIFE program was outstanding in many ways. It brings about the best knowledge in neuroscience applied to leadership and it does it in a way that is certainly different. The opportunity to receive objective biofeedback tied to the different activities opens up a new realm of possibilities that go well above and beyond traditional leadership seminars and courses I have participated in the past. LIFE is a unique and lasting experience. Marcelo Montero - SVP Fortune 500, USA

    LIFE is not just another leadership course. It is a workshop of a special kind and design, an unknown journey at the start with a memorable climax at the end. It brought me an enormous amount of self-awareness and confidence (...), which resulted in motivated colleagues. A true breakthrough experience, for all aspects of my life.Martine Joosten - Manager Business Development

    LIFE is one of the most intense and impactful programs. It is tackling the most prominent barrier of change: Being real and doing the things we all know we should do. LIFE allows you to dig deeper and cut through the chase. My team could feel the difference in me immediately.Dr. Tobias Kiefer - Head of Global L&D, Professional Services Firm, Germany

    Outcomes of LIFE

    Know the foundation of social skills - followership skills - that are shared by our most effective and admired leaders

    Be self-aware of the people and situations that elicit an unproductive or unhealthy emotional response from you and how to better manage them

    Understand the science behind brain functioning, particularly in demanding social situations such as in conflict, negotiations, and feedback

    Read and intrepret social signals and cues, and their particular importance in periods of social transition

    Look for potential in others and how to stimulate their most productive and creative thinking

    Leverage emotion regulation and the importance of staying cool under pressure

    Take on stress to overcome stress in building resilience Understand the neuroscience of decision making to

    enhance team performance Understand the rel...


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