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For a geology field trip to Utah by University of Arkansas students.


  • 1. Geology Field Trip Information Resources Kate Dougherty Geosciences & Maps Librarian January 28, 2014

2. Overview About the Libraries Finding field guides Search tips Searching for articles in GeoRef Interlibrary Loan Searching for articles in Google Scholar Article Finder 3. Mullins Library Layout & Services Service Desks: Reference desk Circulation reserve collection laptop checkout IT support Computers (biggest GACL); scannersPeriodicals Room Copying Room (Razorbuck$) KIC Scanner Study rooms & spaces 4. Search Tips Find synonyms for your terms Combine/organize your search terms by concept Catalog search: (guidebook* OR "field trip*" OR "guide book*" ) and utah and geolog* 5. Alpha orderby numberAlpha, then by numberSometimes a publication date appears at the end; by number 6. Exercise Try searching for a field guide in the library catalog 7. GeoRef Geology/Geosciences database N. American publications from 1785; worldwide from 1933 Journal articles, conference proceedings, government pubs., maps, books & more. Citations & abstracts only! 8. Refine Results By document type By subject By classification By date more 9. Exercise Try searching for a field guide in GeoRef Sign up for an ILL account 10. Google Scholar Can search across (almost) everything, but: Not-so-great interface Cant access most results 2 ways to search: Directly from Google Scholar Through the Libraries website 11. Article Finder For when you know the exact article you need. Core, D. P., Kesler, S. E., & Essene, E. J. (2006). Unusually cu-rich magmas associated with giant porphyry copper deposits; evidence from bingham, utah. Geology (Boulder), 34(1), 41-44. doi: 12. Wrap-Up Use the library catalog to find book and journal titles (NOT individual journal articles) Use databases such as GeoRef to find individual journal articles (and some field guides), when you dont know exactly what you want Use the Article Finder to locate a specific article you already have the info for 13. Questions? Were here to help!


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