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This slide deck is part of the tools needed for running the "Let's Fly to Russia" prioritization game for agile project management and is available for download at http://bit.ly/1bPYCTu. For Instructions on Playing "Let's Fly to Russia" watch the following video: You can also view and download the game cards for this workshop here: http://www.slideshare.net/kckrupp/lets-fly-to-russia-workshop-game-cards


<ul><li> 1. LETS FLY TO RUSSIA! A GAME FOR IMPROVING PRIORITIZATION SKILLS</li></ul> <p> 2. WHY ARE WE HERE TODAY? 3. HOW TO PLAY THE GAME 4. MUSTCOULDSHOULDWONT 5. MUSTCOULDSHOULDWONT 6. MoSCoW 7. M orS C orW 8. MUST HAVE orS C orW 9. MUST HAVE orSHOULD HAVE C orW 10. MUST HAVE orSHOULD HAVE COULD HAVE orW 11. MUST HAVE orSHOULD HAVE COULD HAVE orWONT HAVE 12. MUST HAVE orSHOULD HAVE COULD HAVE orWONT HAVE (RIGHT NOW) 13. MUSTSHOULDCOULDWONT 14. MUSTSHOULDCOULDWONT 15. MUSTSHOULD15COULDWONT 16. MUSTSHOULDCOULDWONT3 17. MUSTCOULDSHOULDWONT 18. MUSTCOULDSHOULDWONT 19. MUSTCOULDSHOULDWONTVACATION 20. AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 21. THE TEAM 22. DARTH VADERTHE TEAM 23. DARTH VADERTHE TEAM 24. MSCWMSCWMSCWMSC 25. MSCWMSCWMSCWMSC 26. {60%M M M SMSMSMSCCMSCC 27. M MDAILYM SMSMSMSCCMSCC2-3 WEEKS 28. M MDAILYM SMSMSMSCCMSCC2-3 WEEKS 29. M MDAILYM SMSMSMSCCMSCC2-3 WEEKS 30. DAILY2-3 WEEKSMMSMSCMSCSMMMCSC 31. DAILYMM2-3 WEEKSM MSMMCSCMSMSCMMSCS 32. LETS BREAK INTO GROUPS 33. WAS TODAY HELPFUL? 34. PHOTO CREDITS 1. Saint Basils by Katie Brady 2. Priority by Robert Donovan 3. Spinner by Paul Fisher 4. 176 by Brian Bozzuto 5. Kleans dag om SCRUM by Klean Denmark 6. Suggestion Box in Volta Regional Library by Beyond Access Initiative 35. Lets Fly to Russia and all related game / workshop materials created by K.C. Krupp and are freely available for use under the Creative Commons attribution license. All images seen in this presentation are the property of their original creators and have been used under the Creative Commons license.If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like your work removed from this document, please contact K.C. Krupp at www.kckrupp.com. Thank you! </p>