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  • April 2015 Page 1

    Kiwanis Club of Moorabbin K06652

    April 2015

    Special points of


     Anzac Day

     District


     Poppy Park

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    Report 3

    Anzac Day 4

    Anzac Day 5

    Convention 6

    Poppy Park

    Penrith 6

    Registration Form 7

    Gala Dinner 8

    Eliminate 9

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    Lest We Forget

    Last edition, I had planned to compare the

    celebration of 100 years of Kiwanis to 100

    years of the Anzac tradition, but instead, the

    March edition served to recognise the

    achievements of Len Winnell, and to ensure

    that his legacy remains with us.

    This month on pages 4& 5, is a summary of

    the history of Anzac Day.

    In the editorial of *’Mufti’ on 1st May 1939

    there was the following quote:

    In the 24 years that have elapsed since the

    “Landing”, the “Day” has increased in

    significance into Australia’s National Day.

    Australia emerged to the full stature of

    Nationhood on 25th April 1915.

    On commenting on that full editorial, the

    current President of the Victorian RSL David

    McLachlan states that the reference to the

    present generation of 1939 becoming “firmly

    established as the repository of a priceless

    tradition” resonates even more strongly


    I would therefore ask that on 25th April, that

    you think not of how many sausages we can

    sell at Bunnings, but of the sacrifice made by

    so many of our fellow Australians and New

    Zealanders, in all military engagements

    undertaken by our two countries. Perhaps

    attend the Melbourne or your local Dawn


    There is no question, that the support and

    participation in Anzac Day has increased

    since it’s low point in the late 60’s, despite

    the fact that there are no longer any ww1

    vetrans living. This is mostly due to the fact

    that children of vetrans are now able to march

    in their place, and that the long deserved

    recognition of the indigenous Australians who

    served and died for us has swelled those


    It’s worth remembering our own special

    returned serviceman Ralph Doddrell, who

    served as a Flight Lieutenant in the RAAF,

    and returned to be one of the founders of

    Kiwanis Australia, and the Charter President

    of Moorabbin Club.

    On Friday 24th April, we will again be

    assisting the residents at Warrawee

    Community Village to celebrate Anzac Day.

    Please make sure you are available if

    possible. A few days ago, I received a

    facebook post from my sister in Penrith NSW.

    This was to show me the way that Penrith

    recognised soldiers who died in World War 1

    and all campaigns up to Afghanistan. They

    planted 102,000 red poppies, each labelled

    with the name of a fallen soldier.

    More details on page 6.


    * ‘Mufti’ The official Journal of the Victorian

    Branch of the RSL.

  • April 2015 Page 2

    The Club meets at The Buckingham Motor Inn

    1130 Nepean Highway Highett (Melway 77 F9)

    1st and 3rd Monday Each Month.

    Fellowship 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm.

    OFFICE BEARERS 2014 - 2015.

    President Q3 Tim Vine

    President elect. Allan Lord

    Imm Past Pres. Geoff Hergt

    Secretary Bryan Williams

    Treasurer Bryan Williams

    Peter Pahl


    Directors. Ian Howison

    Allan Lord


    Fundraising Bryan Williams (C)

    Community Service Ian Howison (C)

    Membership and Growth Janet Arnfield (C)

    Peter Pahl

    Publicity Tim Vine

    House & Reception Peter Pahl

    Web Master Tim Vine

    Bulletin Tim Vine.


    Our President 2014-2015 (Q3)

    Our Secretary


  • April 2015 Page 3

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    our Friends.

    Thanks Gus.

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    From The GrapeVine

    Welcome to quarter 3 of this Kiwanis Year. With the passing of Len last month, we lost a friend and colleague, and a willing pair of hands who helped us achieve our goals of community service, and support for the children of the world. This brings our membership down to 9, and with only 9 sets of subs, and 9 workers for any service jobs, the task has escalated dramatically in difficulty. Should we be panicking yet? Well perhaps we should, as history shows that we can only successfully recruit new

    members through our existing members. We cannot wait for other members to do it, so it has to be us, and it has to be soon. Do it for Len!

    Talk about Kiwanis to everyone who will listen, and talk as though you are proud to be a Kiwanian. We have new club brochures (OK flyers) available, and I can assure you that stored in a box in a member’s garage will not help you interest anyone in joining us. Hand them out!

    You also have a great story to tell, namely Eliminate. I’ve yet to find anyone who thinks it’s a dumb idea to eliminate a completely treatable disease from our planet. Talk to parents (you know the ones with children). They are guaranteed to be interested in this story, and perhaps may even want to help.

    In August this year, the Australia District Convention will be held in Melbourne.

    What a great opportunity to attend a local Convention in our Centenary year. Your invite appears on page 6, and if you wish, there is an early bird registration form available on our website (front page link), or you can download it from this link here.Early Bird Registration.

    Note. This Early Bird registration does not provide a financial benefit as has been the case in previous years, it simply secures your registration.

    Also note that we have an invite from Brighton and Melbourne Clubs to attend their

    Gala fundraising Dinner on 15th May (see page 8). Lets help them!

    Yours in service,

    Tim Vine

    President Q3 2014 - 2015

    Are you ready for Kiwanis One Day on April 11?

    Kiwanis One Day will be here very soon! This is a great

    opportunity to share the Kiwanis story and to inform your

    community about your Kiwanis club, your activities and

    the ways you support your city or town. Kiwanis One

    Day is Saturday, April 11, a day when Kiwanians around

    the world will gather to help their communities.

    This year clubs are being encouraged to make a video of

    their Kiwanis One Day project—not specifically to be

    shared with the media but to be shown at our convention in Indianapolis. However, your

    club can post the video on your club’s Facebook Page, or push it out via Twitter. Watch the

    Kiwanis One Day contest video and read the contest guidelines.

    http://members.optusnet.com.au/~timvine2/images/EARLY%20BIRD%20REGISTRATION%202015%20(1).pdf http://echo4.bluehornet.com/ct/58835002:29670156049:m:1:1929098973:962BEF51B71487F469DAEA26D88B3E4D:r

  • April 2015 Page 4

    Anzac Day Saturday 25 April 2015 Anzac Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day on which

    we remember Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

    The spirit of Anzac, with its human qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice, continues to have

    meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity

    Why is this day special to Australians?

    When war broke out in 1914, Australia had been a federal commonwealth for only 13 years. The

    new national government was eager to establish its reputation among the nations of the world. In

    1915 Australian and New Zealand soldiers formed part of the allied expedition that set out to

    capture the Gallipoli peninsula in order to open the Dardanelles to the allied navies. The ultimate

    objective was to capture Constantinople (now Istanbul in Turkey), the capital of the Ottoman

    Empire, an ally of Germany.

    The Australian and New Zealand forces landed on Gallipoli on 25 April, meeting fierce resistance

    from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. What had been planned as a bold stroke to knock Turkey out

    of the war quickly became a stalemate, and the campaign dragged on for eight months. At the end

    of 1915 the allied forces were evacuated, after both sides had suffered heavy casualties and

    endured great hardships. Over 8,000 Australian soldiers had been killed. News of the landing on

    Gallipoli had made a profound impact on Australians at home, and 25 April soon became the day

    on which Australians remembered the sacrifice of those who had died in the war.

    Although the Gallipoli campaign failed in its military objectives, the Australia