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Commercial Real Estate and Office Space for Lease in Toronto Ontario - September 2012


  • 1. LENNARD LISTINGS | SEPTEMBER 2012LENNARD | PERFORMANCELennard shatters its Year to Date Record, posting 15% more deals than its 6year record!
  • 2. LENNARD LISTINGS | LENNARD CONTACTS Downtown Toronto Office 150 York Street, Suite 1900 Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3S5 Phone: 416.366.3183 Fax: 416. 366.3186 Web: http://www.lennard.com Downtown Toronto Office Contact Extension Email Shawn Abramovitz, B.A., Vice President 271 shawn@lennard.com Andrew Baker, Broker of Record, Principal 229 abaker@lennard.com Jane Baldwin, Sales Representative, Senior Vice President Retail Leasing & Investment Sales 262 jbaldwin@lennard.com Robert Cernobori, Broker 251 rcernobori@lennard.com Paul Cheevers, Broker, Vice President 228 pcheevers@lennard.com Chelsea Conway, Sales Representative 223 cconway@lennard.com Julia De Guerre, Sales Representative 237 julia@lennard.com William J Dempsey, Broker, Vice President 263 wdempsey@lennard.com Jeff Friedman, Sales Representative, Vice President 236 jfriedman@lennard.com Andrew Gallifent, Sales Representative 232 agallifent@lennard.com Tim Grant, Sales Representative 282 tgrant@lennard.com Jane Highton, Sales Representative 247 jhighton@lennard.com Dan Hunt, Broker, Principal 230 dhunt@lennard.com Shafin Jadavji, C.A., CBV, Vice President, Client Advisory Services 270 shafin@lennard.com Andrea Kraus, Sales Representative, Senior Vice President 245 akraus@lennard.com Carolyn Laidley Arn, Sales Representative, Vice President 246 claidleyarn@lennard.com Monica Lightman, Administrative Assistant 272 mlightman@lennard.com Dean Macaskill, Sales Representative, Senior Vice President 266 dmacaskill@lennard.com Holly Malyk, Director of Operations/Marketing 234 hmalyk@lennard.com Chris Marit, Sales Representative, Vice President 239 cmarit@lennard.com Tom McLeod, Broker 233 tmcleod@lennard.com Bob Miron, Senior Vice President 281 bmiron@lennard.com Brian Murphy, Sales Representative, Vice President 222 bmurphy@lennard.com Conrad Rodrigo, Sales Representative 260 crodrigo@lennard.com Jim Russell, Broker, Principal 227 jrussell@lennard.com Daniel Shlagbaum, Sales Representative, Vice President 280 dshlag@lennard.com Arthur Stern, FCA, Sales Representative, Vice President 277 astern@lennard.com Richard Turner, Broker, Principal 231 rturner@lennard.com Peter Whyte, Sales Representative, Vice President 238 pwhyte@lennard.com Becky Wiltshire, Administrative Assistant 224 bwiltshire@lennard.com Dalia Zahereddine, Administrative Assistant 221 dalia@lennard.com Note Statements and information contained are based on the information furnished by principals and sources which we deem reliable but for which we can assume no responsibility. Page 2
  • 3. LENNARD LISTINGS | LENNARD CONTACTS Mississauga Office 350 Burnhamthorpe Road West Suite 602 Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3J1 Phone: 905.625.5020 Fax: 905.625.5024 Web: http://www.lennard.com Mississauga Office Contact Extension Email Joni Blanshard, Sales Representative, Vice President 231 jblanshard@lennard.com Joe Cianfarani, Sales Representative, Senior Vice President 261 jcianfarani@lennard.com Brian Lynett, Partner, Sales Representative 222 blynett@lennard.com Janice OReilly, Sales Representative 240 jmoreilly@lennard.com Jim OReilly, Partner, Sales Representative 230 joreilly@lennard.com Sharon Munslow, Sales Representative 242 smunslow@lennard.com Simon MacDonald, Sales Representative 272 smacdonald@lennard.com Adrian Ransome, Sales Representative, Vice President 237 aransome@lennard.com Alex Varvakis, Sales Representative 234 avarvakis@lennard.com Heather Vierkotten, Office Manager 224 hvierkotten@lennard.com WORK TO LIVE Will Dempsey giving a pep talk at the Dundee Softball Tournament August 16th, 2012NoteStatements and information contained are based on the information furnished by principals and sources which we deem reliable but for which we can assume no responsibility. Page 3
  • 4. LENNARD LISTINGS | SEPTEMBER 2012 Downtown Toronto Office Address Page Headlease 90 Adelaide Street East 7 218 Adelaide Street West 7 220 Adelaide Street West 7 1543 Bloor Street West (2333 Dundas St., W) 7 40 Carl Hall Road (Downsview Park) 8 19 Duncan Street 8 30-34 Duncan Street 8 160 Eglinton Avenue East 8 144-146 Front Street West 9 112 Merton Street 9 133 Richmond Street West 9 174 Spadina Avenue NEW SPACE ADDED! 9 69 Yonge Street 10 129 Yorkville Avenue 10 Sublease 161 Bay Street 11 1200 Bay Street 11 2 Bloor Street East 11 150 Bloor Street West 11 160 Bloor Street East 12 3 Concord Gate SUBLEASED! 12 12 Concord Gate NEW! 12 210 Duffield Drive 12 18 King Street


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