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  • TBWA NY LEARNINGS FROM SXSWi 2011Monday, January 30, 12 RUNDOWN
  • SXSWi had its biggest year ever, but the irony of it is that you dont have to physically be in Austin to take away the trends and platforms that will shape our digital future. We have the technology to experience the conference and buzz surrounding it remotely. But the true magic of SXSWi cant be found on the internet - it lies in the individual conversations, the networking opportunities, and what happens when thought leaders have the chance to collaborate in person. 19K OFFICIAL 40% GROWTH 1,307 LICENSED ATTENDEES FROM 2010 FOOD TRUCKSFlickr: laughingsquidMonday, January 30, 12
  • Instead, I focus on what I do remember: the engaged conversations. The one on one discussions of what someone is working on. Helping a friend design a book cover or solve a thorny entrepreneurial problem. Sneaking out to go to a taco stand for lunch with a very cool CEO... - Seth GodinPhoto: xgray, FlickrMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCH SXSW often serves as the test drive of the biggest technology platforms out there today: think Foursquare and Twitter. This years players continued the social commerce trend sparked by Groupon. Others seemed to be only relevant to the geek set - conference platforms that may only be of use when hundreds of early adopters are within close quarters of each other. Either way, it was also incredible to see how little people used Facebook to socialize - they instead communicated through group texting and check-ins. GROUP MESSAGING SOCIAL COMMERCE The most tweeted about app,at SXSW, GroupMe allows users to A location-based mobile maintain SMS relationships in A mobile startup looking to add a game clusters as well as one-to-one service that just launched a layer to the world we already live in. communications. A cross-platform messaging rewards program - saw a 30% increase in check-ins at SXSW. app recently bought by Facebook that allows simple PHOTO SHARING and intuitive group conversations. Google confirmed the existence Photo sharing app Instagram of Google Offers, and the plan to tweak its model to turn users to repeat customers. Winner of the SXSWi Text continues to shine. It shows the users innate desire to capture and share beautiful images. Peoples Choice Award.Flickr: Elliott SmithMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCH The self-proclaimed future of location-based apps. A mobile startup looking WHAT IS IT? to add a game to the world we already live in. Players discover cool new places, participate in challenges, share their activity with friends and even earn virtual (and sometimes real-world) rewards. 22 year old Boston ninja Seth Priebatsch, who believes that WHOS BEHIND IT? smartly engineered game mechanics could improve not just consumer loyalty, but also major world issues like climate change and education through locally organized action. SCVNGR could be the solution for repeat business with a larger audience. The current game world is built for customer acquisition, not loyalty, which is the root issue that most brands are trying to solve. WHY DO WE Groupons expire, and FourSquare offers rewards that are too generic. "The problem with the Mayorship paradigm is that it rewards a select few," Scvngrs SVP Chris Mahl told Fast Company. "We think that NEED TO WATCH? alienates the broader consumer base." SCVNGR is partnering with businesses to empower users to change the rules and create their own CHANGING challenges at their most frequented locations, giving an unprecedented amount of attention and activation that rewards regulars by giving them a status that distinguishes them from everyone else. THE RULES SCVNGRS latest app, LevelUp, offers users a ladder of rewards and discounts for brand or small- business loyalty, similar to how players can accrue power in video games. Source: Fast Company, TechCrunchMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCH One of the veteran report-your-location-to-your-friends mobile services, with over 5 million users who share their location on a handy social map, write bite- WHAT IS IT? sized reviews on their favorite spots, and provide real-time community answers (How long is the line?) and reap rewards from local businesses. Stanford University computer science geek alum Sam Altman, who in his SXSW panel, coined the term the Life Graph: a data set of all the places that you go, WHOS BEHIND IT? that serves as a powerful, unique model of who you are. The Life Graph serves as the insight backend of Loopt, helping to provide contextually relevant tools that Altman believes could revolutionize the personalization of mobile services. In the past two months, Loopt has released some game-changing innovations. Loopt Rewards debuted at SXSW, seamlessly integrating location, deals, and WHY DO WE mobile apps together. You will get a message: Microsoft is giving away a Kinect at this street corner and you will SXSW attendees racing across the city NEED TO WATCH? to get there first, Loopt founder Sam Altman told Wired.com. In April, Loopt Qs launched to allow users to get useful information about a place in real time. Think of it as Quora meets location-based networking meets Yelp. Flickr: xgray Source:Wired, Mashable, All Things DigitalMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCH GroupMe is a free service that hosts group WHAT IS IT? texting, and allows users to maintain relationships in clusters as well as one-to- one communications. It was the most used group messaging app at SXSW. Co-Founders Steve Martocci and Jared WHOS Hechts longtime love for Phish sparked the need for a way to communicate with their BEHIND IT? group of friends at shows. Before launching GroupMe, the duo put their time in at GiltGroup and Tumblr. WHY DO GroupMe is aiming to push its utility beyond the nerd sector to families, friends, WE NEED pointed out that brands who want to reach businesses, and brands. Fast Company TO WATCH? conversation shared in the public could set out to VIP customers and dont want the up a priva t e GroupMe to enable interaction among fans. Expect innovation fthat takesadvantageof the photo sharing space and micro-blogging space.Flickr: LaughingSquid Source: Fast Company, TNW AppsMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCHWHAT IS IT? A group messaging app, recently acquired by Facebook, that allows you and other iPhone users to create pods share messages, locations, and photos with each other. WHY DO WE NEED TO WATCH? Beluga has mastered mass compatibility; even non-Beluga users can receive messages and respond to the group seamlessly. Its like the mobile chat room of the future, but with less a/s/l? The notification mute feature made the platform a favorite among techies. The Facebook acquisition may bring Beluga to the mainstream. The platform has already implemented a Facebook Single Sign-On Features that help users engage in social experiences will be a critical advantage as digital usage continues to shift toward mobile. Flickr: kk+ Source: Wired, TechCrunchMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSWi PLATFORMS TO WATCHWHAT IS IT? The top mobile photo-sharing platform, with almost 3 million users. Snap photos to show the world whats going on in your life and follow your friends photo updates as they move through the world. Apply filters that transform regular photos into vintage-inspired works of art. ATTENDING IN STYLE Just in time for SXSW, Instagram revamped its feed, splitting it into Following and You for a seamless commenting experience, allowed a looser location naming system, and added a Tilt-Shift filter to the mix. Instagram continued its hashtag-enabled high-profile brand partnership program with PepsiCos Brisk. WHY DO WE NEED TO WATCH? Instagram has empowered the users innate desire to capture and share beautiful images. Entrepreneurs are already building on Instagrams photo eco-system. Products like Keepsy, Postagram, and Hatchcraft bring Instagram back into the physical world for more permanent social memories, and brands digging deeper into the platform to bring their storytelling to life in more poignant, personal ways. Flickr: Simon Collison Source: MashableMonday, January 30, 12
  • THE AD WORLD INVADES AUSTINAgency presence continues to rise at SXSW with more panels debating how to the traditional model needsto take on a more hybrid role. As the industry becomes more reliant on digital, thought leaders discuss howwe improve our content, operations, and culture to shift one-off campaigns to valuable and meaningfulplatforms and communities. Dont always delegate to the digital guy. Fix mistakes in wild. Every agency should speak tech. Let the tech experts educate colleagues about new startups and tools. Have technical leads on every project: responsible for prototypes, working examples, proof-of-concepts, and technical Like software companies, try killing things oversight. This way, a technical strategy can come through in everything from GUIDING PRINCIPLES that arent working--dont always polish it. platforms to campaigns. FOR THE NEW HYBRID AGENCY Inltrate your process with prototyping as a means to get rid of the archaic Be honest about what you have to learn. pre-production phase.It gives you more time to fail sooner and more time to enhance and iterate the idea. Use social media to ask consumers what they want. Dont force ideas through channels. Like software companies, try killing things Its time to let the channel dictate that arent working--dont always polish it. content specic to it. KEY PANELS: #COMCOM #AGILE AGENCY #MGM LAUNCH #SELL IDEASMonday, January 30, 12
  • U NDBI TES ENCY SO AG ! ! !Monday, January 30, 12
  • BEST IN CLASS BRANDS Pepsi shared its commitment to try vitrually every new social platform that comes along, and learn from startups KEY LEARNING: Maybe fail fast is a bit of to import their techniques and a myth. It gives us the the option to cop out. process for quicker brand actions. IDEO teamed up with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy to re-brand birth control. The result was a lesson in honesty. By cutting through medical and public health jargon and talking about sex the way real people do, the nal product - a program called BEDsider - was able to strike a strong cord with the target demographic.Flickr:: Brennan Moore Source:: Edward BochesMonday, January 30, 12
  • UN DBI TES NCY SO AGE Flickr: Brennan MooreMonday, January 30, 12
  • SXSW 4 JAPAN Social inuence and technology for good were top of mind at SXSW this year - and when tragedy struck abroad - voicesfromjapan.tumblr.com connected attendees took action fast. SXSW4Japan the festival (and the world) to what the was a tangible demonstration of people of Japan are seeing, hearing, technologys capability to mobilize and feeling. people for good From the panel stage, via Twitter and his iPhone, Architecture for Humanitys Cameron Sinclair announced a $75,000 commitment from donors to New York Times editor Bill Keller re b u i l d i n g f ro m t h e J a p a n e s e cancelled his appearance due to the earthquake. Architecture for Humanity tragedy, but the festival held a town hall- also helped spread the #honyaquake style SXSW for Japan event instead, with hashtag to coordinate volunteer updates, a call-in from Keller and the translation efforts for foreign nationals latest news and information on how to on Twitter who needed to get good ! help and flex the power of the SXSW information amidst the panic on the community. ground in Japan. The misguided companies that tried to capitalize on the tragedy saw little support. Bings attempt to garner retweets by offering to donate $1 to the Red Cross, and was quickly called out for its http://sxsw4japan.org/ was self-promotional nature. Upon criticism created in Samsung Lounge Bing stopped the campaign and donated after hearing the news. It raised all the maximum amount on offer. over $100k during the festival Source: ContagiousMagazine, Fast Company,, ZDNetMonday, January 30, 12
  • Weve had the largest oil spill in the history of humanity, and two nuclear power plants are on fire. Whats it going to take to get you to do something? - Bruce Sterling Sci-fi futurist, Father of CyberPunk and SXSW vet Bruce Sterling closed the Interactive festival with a challenge to the younger attendees to take action and solve world problems caused by older generations with t e chnolo gy. St erling called on more passionate virtuosity - a love for innovation and a dedication to true capability. He reminded SXSW that the world needs more than ideas - it needs implementable solutions. Flickr: xgray Sources: BDW, SXSWMonday, January 30, 12
  • THE FUTURE OF NON-PROFITS IN THE DIGITAL AGE PROBLEM Engagement in nonprofits is down due to the lack of awareness concerning fundraising opportunities in the digital space - not the current economic environment. SOLUTIONS Donating can be made fun and rewarding with social gaming. Nonprofits need to move more quickly (with limited resources) like tech startups, and mimic creative agency processes in order to hire and retain the talent necessary for innovation.Flickr: Gordon McGregor Sources:SXSW, BDWMonday, January 30, 12
  • WHAT MAKES A CAUSEBUILDING GAMING FOR GOOD GAME ENGAGING? #GAMESFTW TOP 5 SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES OF 2010 5 ! Macon Money is a non-digital community-based game designed to send bonds to different parts of the Macon, Georgia area. Recipients from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds have to creatively collaborate to find the opposite piece of their bond and cash it in as a team. Once redeemed, players can use their money at local shops, thus uniting the community and growing their local economy. Flickr: xgray Resources: Games for Change, #GAMESFTW, Causebuilding #GAMESFTWMonday, January 30, 12
  • WHAT MAKES A CAUSEBUILDING GAMING FOR GOOD GAME ENGAGING? #GAMESFTW TOP 5 SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES OF 2010 4 ! People Power is a one-player game that was created in association with the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. The game puts you in a the position of a change agent in a small community: you have to recruit people to your cause, seek funds and take a series of actions that raise awareness in various districts. People Power brings to life the fact that non- violent movement takes careful planning and recruiting of dedicated team members. Flickr: xgray Resources: Games for Change, #GAMESFTW, Causebuilding #GAMESFTWMonday, January 30, 12
  • WHAT MAKES A CAUSEBUILDING GAMING FOR GOOD GAME ENGAGING? #GAMESFTW TOP 5 SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES OF 2010 3 ! Participatory Chinatown is designed to integrate community involvement into the urban planning and development of Bostons Chinatown. You can play as 15 different characters of varying classes and backgrounds and explore the privileges and challenges they face. Flickr: xgray Resources: Games for Change, #GAMESFTW, Causebuilding #GAMESFTWMonday, January 30, 12
  • WHAT MAKES A CAUSEBUILDING GAMING FOR GOOD GAME ENGAGING? #GAMESFTW TOP 5 SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES OF 2010 2 Interrobang is league-based game for grad school honor students. Funded by the ! Microsoft Partners in Learning Program, Interrobang sends players to complete missions that focus on exploring their local environment, helping their community or creating and sharing art. Interrobang crowdsources its team-oriented missions, and encourages players to document the process via blog posts, photo galleries or videos; and are rewarded points for suggesting missions and connecting with the Interrobang community. Flickr: xgray Resources: Games for Change, #GAMESFTW, Causebuilding #GAMESFTWMonday, January 30, 12
  • WHAT MAKES A CAUSEBUILDING GAMING FOR GOOD GAME ENGAGING? #GAMESFTW TOP 5 SOCIAL IMPACT GAMES OF 2010 1 Supported by the World Bank, this 10 week-long game promoted real-world action and broke the boundaries of digital ! last spring. Evoke urged players all over the globe to solve real-world challenges with a focus on helping communities in Africa. Through a comic book style narrative, players met weekly challenges to combat world hunger, use renewable energy, empower women and create better access to clean water. To accomplish their goals, players could use super powers such as collaboration, creativity, resourcefulness and entrepreneurialism. Flickr: xgray Resources: Games for Change, #GAMESFTW, Causebuilding #GAMESFTWMonday, January 30, 12
  • GAMING FOR GOOD Game designer (Evoke), researcher and author Jane McGonigal spoke about the positive effects of gaming. Humans actually love to play games, and as philosopher Bernard Suits put it, games unnecessary obstacles we volunteer to tackle: perfect grounds for education, behavioral change, and real world action. Games are fun in nature, and evoke eustress, a positive kind of stress that gives us a sense of ambition, achievement, and makes us more likely to succeed. McGonigal argues that in order for games to have true social impact, they must meet the PERMA criteria:POSITIVE Does it make you feel good?EMOTION Is it cathartic? SXSWRELATIONSHIP Does it form a stronger bond with the people around you?MEANING Does it give some meaning to your life?ACCOMPLISHMENT Does it give you a sense of accomplishment? Source: The Telegraph, MadeByManyMonday, January 30, 12
  • GAMING FOR GOOD McGonical shared a number of statistics to prove that gaming (up to 21 hours a week) signicantly helps people prepare for real life: In a survey of 7000 music gamers Research by the US Army has found (think Guitar Hero), 67% of players were that 3 to 4 hours of video gaming motivated to pick up an instrument for the per day reduces the effects of post- traumatic stress disorder. rst time and 73% who were already musicians started playing more as a result. Gamers have fewer nightmares than non-gamers and are more likely to Children who play cooperative games for have lucid dreams that they can control just 25 minutes per week are more likely What you feel on a day-to-day basis to cooperate with and help others in real life spreads to 250 people around you directly and indirectly, so if playing a Just 90 seconds of playing a video game game can give you positive feelings, with an avatar that you consider sexy will youre going to impact 250 people in a boost your condence for the rest of the day good way which is clearly a good thing. Source: The Telegraph, MadeByManyMonday, January 30, 12