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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>FY17 BUDGET REVIEW</p> <p>August 21, 20151Learn, Engage, ChangeLearn, Engage, ChangeUAS Mission, Themes, Values &amp; Vision2Learn, Engage, ChangeLearn, Engage, ChangeUAS MissionStudent learning enhanced by faculty scholarship, undergraduate research and creative activities community engagement, and the cultures and environment of Southeast Alaska.3Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS Core ThemesStudent SuccessTeaching and LearningCommunity EngagementResearch &amp; Creative Expression</p> <p>4Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS ValuesExcellenceDiversityAccessCollaborationSustainabilityStewardship5Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS VisionThe University of Alaska Southeast is recognized as a destination of choice for students seeking excellent academic programs and engaging learning opportunities that integrate the environment and cultures of Southeast Alaska.6Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS Mission FulfillmentDegree/credential attainment: 91% increase since 2009Student retention/FTFT: 12% increase since 2009Graduate net satisfaction: leads UA with 90% satisfied/very satisfiedIntegration of three campuses in one SE regional universityWorkforce partnerships: maritime/fisheries, health, mining, legislative, business, public administrationAlaska Native/AI faculty and staff: highest proportion in UAHighest proportion of online/hybrid degrees in UA systemAlumni giving: UAS alumni give beyond UA &amp; national averages</p> <p>7Learn, Engage, ChangeLooking ahead:UAS focusing on: Place-based education: cultures, environment, economies of Southeast Alaska Exceptional, personalized service Interdisciplinarity as a cornerstone A leader in technology-enhanced learning High impact learning opportunities Impactful research &amp; workforce development8Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS Budget: FY14-FY169Learn, Engage, ChangeLearn, Engage, ChangeBudget Planning &amp; Communication:SPBACStrategic Planning &amp; Budgeting Advisory Committee:</p> <p>Actively including all members of UAS community in budget discussionsAdvises on budget principles, priorities, and allocationReviews and presents input about annual budget requestsPromote transparency and accountability in our planning and budget processesPromote meaningful participation by appropriate university governance groups10Learn, Engage, ChangeFY 14: Cost Savings &amp; EfficienciesFacilities cost savingsCost avoidance of $290.0 in FY14 energy costs due to energy efficiencies Space consolidation for efficiency and improved campus navigationGreat efficiency and improved food services through contractual changeShared library catalog system with UAABookstore business operations in Juneau reorganized to eliminate physical bookstore11Learn, Engage, ChangeFY15: First Round ofBudget ReductionsStaff and Faculty Salary Savings Salary reductions/elimination: $611KStaff and faculty salary savings: retirements, attrition, decrease in overall labor pool, reconfigurations of positions.Travel ReductionReduced travel expenses by over $300K 12Learn, Engage, ChangeFY16: Deep Cuts&amp; Hard ChoicesPersonnel actions:27 positions eliminated (21 + 6 reserve PCNs)Additional savings through contract and FTE reductions.Non-Personnel actions: 5% non-personnel reductions in administrative areasAdditional travel budget reductionsTargeted reductions in service contractsNew Revenues: Projected $778K increase in tuition receiptsProjected $105K increase in fees13Learn, Engage, ChangeFY16 Impacts:Eliminations and ReductionsReduced:Summer library capacityBreadth of library collectionsCustodial serviceCampus A/V supportSummer IT HelpdeskTravel14Eliminated:MBA: Masters in Business AdministrationCertificatesPre-EngineeringResidential Bldg ScienceAutomotive Suspension: BA ArtsBroadcast course deliveryMost campus video production</p> <p>GOAL: MINIMIZE IMPACT ON INSTRUCTIONAL MISSIONLearn, Engage, Change14FY16 Impacts:Strategic EnhancementsTITLE IX: Increased compliance resourcesACADEMIC ENHANCEMENTS Northwest Coast Arts partnerships (Sealaska)Maritime and Multi-skilled Worker (Vigor)Medical Assisting (UAA and employers)Marine Biology &amp; Fisheries (TVEP)Financial Institutions (Northrim Bank/First National)Mine training portal assessment (TVEP)FACILITIES REINVESTMENTJuneau Campus reinvestmentKetchikan Campus: Maritime career centerCampus Life investments/Juneau: Food services15Learn, Engage, ChangeFY17 and BeyondChallenges, Strategies and Priorities16Learn, Engage, ChangeLearn, Engage, ChangeFY17 ChallengesEstimated Gap: $2M to $2.75MGF Reduction:$1.2M of a $15 million UA reduction$1.9M of a $25 million UA reductionSalary &amp; benefit increases: $855.017Learn, Engage, ChangeFY17 StrategiesAcademic excellenceStrategic marketingAcademic/admin reviewsDebt-service reductionIndustry partnershipsFacility efficiencySpace consolidationPersonnel reductionsNew federal fundingNew revenue generation18Learn, Engage, ChangeFY17 Tuition StrategiesScenario 1:Lower div: +6%UD/Graduate: +10%Projected: $802K19UAS supports different rate increases for lower-division and upper division/graduate courses:Scenario 2:Lower div: +5%UD/Graduate: +9%Projected: $700KLearn, Engage, ChangeHigh-Priority InitiativesBS Marine Biology &amp; FisheriesTeacher Education pathwaysMine TrainingShared Title IX Request with UAA/UAF20Learn, Engage, ChangeUAS FY17 Capital Priorities21ProjectProject Type2017RequestFuture Request#1 UAS Student CommonsNC$10M (GF)$10M (NGF) #2 UAS Center for Mine Training PortalNC$1.5M (GF)#3 Lakeside Access ImprovementsR&amp;R$250K (GF) $750KLearn, Engage, Change21Capital Priority #1: Student CommonsIncluded in approved UAS Master PlanStrategically located between library, classrooms and freshman housingExpanded dining options for both new freshman housing and commuter studentsEnhancing student retention, campus life, and community engagement22</p> <p>Learn, Engage, Change22Capital Priority #2: UAS Mine Training PortalEnhances full-scale mine training opportunities for SE Alaska residentsExpands industry partnershipsSupports:Entry-level mine trainingMine Mechanic ProgramIntroduction to Mining Occupations (statewide)</p> <p>23</p> <p>Learn, Engage, Change23Capital Priority #3: Lakeside Access ImprovementsEnhances Juneau Campus environment through expanded access to Auke LakeImproves opportunities for instructional use of lakeside facilities Linkage to Tlingit history of Aakw Kwaan peoplePedestrian connection to campus trailsCreates winter season social space to support lakeside educational venues and recreational opportunities24Learn, Engage, Change25Learn, Engage, ChangeLearn, Engage, Change</p>


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