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Stratton Sales offers a wide variety ofbakery suppliesandbakery equipmentat wholesale prices.


  • 1. Stratton Sales .Servicing the Baking Industry

2. Who We Are Stratton Sales focuses exclusively on baking equipments. We have gained knowledge and experience in working with retail bakers, supermarket bakeries, food service bakeries, and wholesale production plants. 3. Bakery Tools Professional grade Baking Supplies and world-class Pastry Ingredients. You never knew baking could be so easy with our baking tools for Pastries, Cookies and Breads. 4. Artisan Supplies We are trained to the highest ability to mix, ferment, shape and bake a hand crafted loaf of bread.We are skilled in making Proofing Basket & Board, Baguette Board, Artisan Deck Oven Broom etc. 5. Basting Spoons Basting Spoons are available with either 13 or 15 long handles and feature a stainless steel. 6. Cake Decorating Supplies We are the one-stop shop solution for all your cake decorating supplies. With a huge selection of cake decorations, cake making equipment, boxes and pastry bags, you should be able to find everything you need. 7. Donut Supplies Stratton Sales offers you a huge range of Donut Supplies to complement your baking and cooking needs. Covering all the major baking donut tools. 8. Dough Scrapers A necessity for any bakery, these dough scrapers are perfect. With its high quality stainless steel scraper blade, it is great for cleaning dough off the production tables, and cutting large amounts of dough into more manageable pieces. Features a wood handle too!! 9. Ingredient Storage Known throughout the industry as a durable, top-ofthe-line product, Baxters stainless steel ingredient bins storage are used for storing any kind of dry ingredient used for bakingflour, sugar, salt or baking powder. 10. Knives The cooks knife has more uses than any other one knife in the kitchen. The blade is wide at the handle and tapers to a point. Features a rosewood handle. 11. Measuring Tools A good set of measuring cups and spoons are essential. We've rounded up of our favorites and rated how each measures up. 12. Mixer Accessories These kitchen appliances feature a powerful motor that turns the whisks. A variety of sizes to fit Hobart Mixers. 13. Mixing Paddles Mixing paddles for mortar including mud beaters and spiral mixers. 48" mixing paddle with wood and stainless steel construction. 14. Rolling Pins All of our hand turned rolling pins are made with select, solid hardwoods and Aluminum. 15. Rounder Plates Rounder Plates or Molding Plates for all the makes and models of Rounder Divider Machines. 36 part moulding plate for the Erika divider/rounder. 16. Scoops We offer a variety of aluminum scoop sizes to accommodate your needs. Available in 12, 24, 38, 57, or 85 oz. 17. Slicer Blades & Tools Factory original Oliver bread slicer blades are made from high carbon chrome vanadium tempered steel. Patented burr free design. Oliver bread slicer blades - set of 32 blades. Order Now!! 18. Spatulas Flexible Flat Edge Plastic Blade. We want to be your home or restaurant kitchen store. 19. Thermometers Shows the exact temperature of your oven throughout the entire cooking process. Liquid refrigerator/freezer thermometer features a range of -40 to 80 F, neatly hangs from shelf or door for easy access to refrigerator/freezer temperature. 20. Wire Whips The wire whisk/whip is a tool designed to blend ingredients smoothly or incorporate air into the mixture. Whisks have many different shaped loops for all your needs. 21. Casters & Wheels Stratton Sales offers a wide variety of wheels and casters to accommodate every need. From light-duty to high-temp casters, we've got what you need to get rolling. Contact us for more information. 22. .Stratton Sales & Service Inc. 1215 South Swaner Road Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Tel: 801-973-4041 Fax: 801-973-6858 Toll Free: 800-896-3706 Email: info@strattonsales.com